Jan 28, 2013 dacoach commented on I Was at the Shooting at Twilight Exit.
this really points to the danger of ushaped bars with no rear exit. they should be banned.

kidding aside, pretty awesome to get out of there, thoughts are with the victims and with the bar. i love that space and hope folks will head back when it opens for solidarity.
Apr 28, 2011 dacoach commented on Ode to Manny's.
@23 is spot on. Manny's is overrated. The Lucille, Nine Pound, and Rogers is better. I drink Manny's only under duress. Solid marketing, tho
Apr 28, 2011 dacoach commented on Ode to Manny's.
for the record, Manny's is the 4th best beer georgetown makes. it's an avg pale ale for the pac NW.
Feb 17, 2011 dacoach commented on The Spirit of the Independent.
been several times and really like it. it's affordable, the wine by the glass is great, and they have some of the newer breweries on tap, which is great.

i haven't been since the summer, but now i want to go this weekend.
Apr 1, 2010 dacoach commented on Ten Great Things About Thai Curry Simple.
just moved offices from a block from this place to redmond and am bummed. that place sounds great. going this weekend
Jan 17, 2010 dacoach commented on Hometown Heroes on Iron Chef.
i thought the food was "meh". highly overrated.
Nov 20, 2009 dacoach commented on Gov. Gregoire's Budget Speech.
fuck chris gregoire.

everybody with an honest bone in their body knows we need an income tax and she's shown 0 leadership in talking about this as the true long-term fix to our fiscal issues (+ it neutralizes the year to year ballot initiatives).

fuck her. she's the most uninspiring gov we could possibly have. placeholder.
Oct 27, 2009 dacoach commented on Craig Finn to Adapt a Klosterman Book for Film.
as I waited in line for last week's show, some woman, maybe you, was talking about how "craig and chuck" are friends
Oct 23, 2009 dacoach commented on Last Night the Hold Steady and I Starred in a Liquor Commercial.
i thought he said, "this song is inspired by zz top"? maybe i was wrong.

good show anytime the Hold Steady play, but the whole thing was pretty annoying (i will say i didn't think that pizza was for everybody, but it was neverending. DAMN!). i did see one dude push a woman, tho!! That was rad.

I kept saying, "fuck, i'd pay for a ticket for this to be a the showbox and for me to be able to move and buy any drink from the bar i choose."

thank god i like soco and grapefruit (try it...just once...trust me) and got like 6 drink tickets.
Oct 22, 2009 dacoach commented on Remain Silent.
Tienney has a nickname at meetings, one she doesn't know about. It's called Tienney Brain.

dumb as a rock