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Apr 16, 2013 amazonmidwife commented on Ohio Teacher Reportedly Fired from Catholic School for Mentioning Her Partner in an Obituary.
From an alum: "To show a little faith in my alma mater and the people charged with continuing the great tradition, I hesitate to automatically condemn the principle and administration for the alleged dismissal of an educator. Keep in mind that the administration has known and worked with this educator for a very long time with no such previous actions. They were aware of her living situation and or orientation and had accepted her as a peer and a person, we saw no evidence to the contrary. My understanding is a parent was uncomfortable with her orientation and made a complaint to the diocese, who in turn made the decision to request a resignation from the individual. This shows an obvious disconnect from what we learned in school, to love, accept and respect others, to learn from and appreciate their differences and to do our best to act as Christ did and to love one another. If we abide by the assumption that the diocese, and not the school or school administration, made this judgement then we know who to appeal to: the schools superintendent and the Bishop. Believe it or not, these individuals will not see your tweets or mine, nor this post. However, they have email addresses and phone numbers. Ms. Lucia McQuaide, the superintendent, can be reached tomorrow at 614-221-5829. I intend to call to inquire about the situation, and I encourage others concerned with the situation to call and ask why the the golden rule has been violated and what Ms. McQuaide's office is doing to correct it."
Apr 5, 2012 amazonmidwife commented on Slog Poll: Breastfeeding in Public, Yay or Nay?.
@26, Women who pump don't make as much milk. Babies' mouths + the hormonal connection between mother and baby is best. Also, stress reduces milk production, so making moms feel uncomfortable inhibits their ability to *feed their child*, so anyone with issues should keep them to themselves.
Oct 14, 2011 amazonmidwife commented on The Hotel I'm Staying In This Week Is Ugly.
Occupy Columbus is also going to be right down the street at the Statehouse tomorrow at 11A.
Oct 14, 2011 amazonmidwife commented on The Hotel I'm Staying In This Week Is Ugly.
I agree. (And I live here.) Move to the Renaissance; it's closer to the good downtown bars.
May 5, 2011 amazonmidwife commented on The Morning News.
I just celebrate International Midwives' Day instead.
Mar 24, 2011 amazonmidwife commented on The King's Speech: Now With Even Fewer Interesting Parts!.
Glad I took the kids to see it already.
Mar 9, 2011 amazonmidwife commented on Today The Stranger Suggests.
The tween & teenager liked it, though.
Jan 8, 2011 amazonmidwife commented on Make Me a Woman.
FWIW, from my 13 yr. old daughter, a huge HG fan: "That's the best review about the Hunger Games I've ever read. He really gets Katniss."
Dec 16, 2010 amazonmidwife commented on Five Dolls No One Wants for Xmas. No One..
And I want #3 or at least to find out if the baby actually fits inside the mama doll. (Call if professional curiosity.) Where on earth did you find that picture?
Dec 16, 2010 amazonmidwife commented on The Car of Life.
@ 11, or maybe she could have had an assisted *planned* homebirth with midwives instead:)