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Mar 22, 2013 _db_ commented on Let Jeremy Griffin Buy Back His Foreclosed House.
Some people will find any reason to protest. Dude can just walk away, rent an apartment for while while he saves money, and then put down a sizable down payment on a house which he should have done in the first place. Fuck man, borrowed money and could not pay it back, he has nothing to complain about.
Feb 25, 2013 _db_ commented on Gun Nuts and Product Recalls.
@8 Do not doubt the effectiveness of safety warnings. Seriously though for those who want to ban guns, why not also ban alcohol? Or better yet a background check to buy alcohol. If you have ever done something illegal while drunk you should lose the privilege to ever drink again.
Feb 23, 2013 _db_ commented on Let's Put an Assault-Weapons Ban on the Ballot.
Best idea ever. Gun control, an issue that divides Democrats while uniting Republicans.
Feb 22, 2013 _db_ commented on Morning News: Barbie Bandits, Bail for Pistorius, and Holy Gay Vatican Sex.
While I cannot offer a pro tip, I sure can offer just the tip...
Feb 20, 2013 _db_ commented on He's Mormon and He's Gay and He's Coming Out.
Mormons are so slogs Ninners! I hated them (Mormons) growing up as a gentile in Utah, then I moved to Seattle and (after many years) realized that Seattle liberals are exactly like Mormons in Utah! At the end of the day all I can do is have love and understanding for both groups......
Feb 20, 2013 _db_ commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Real Or Fake?.
Russians hate the Stranger after the whole riot girl thing...
Feb 20, 2013 _db_ commented on The Science Behind Addictive Junkfood.
@7 You are slog right now......
Feb 18, 2013 _db_ commented on His Life Had Purpose.
Another example of why Alcohol should be illegal!
Feb 14, 2013 _db_ commented on So, I Finally Got Around to Watching Flight Last Night.
Slog readers would hate this movie, it's about humility.
Feb 14, 2013 _db_ commented on See How Blade Runner Ends.
@1WTF??? Are you his lawyer?