Nov 21, 2012 Mary28 commented on Savage Love.
Dan, c'mon, you have a very naive-sounding 23-year-old woman here who does not know when she is being used sexually. Tell her to get away from this guy, not to engage with him further! Who knows what he'll do next! And it DOES put his wife at risk and potentially takes food out of his children's mouths if they end up divorcing over this. WKBFM should have nothing to do with this!!!!
Oct 18, 2012 Mary28 commented on Savage Love.
@Erica, Well okay, I should have said "in a less offensive way." I'm sure Dan will always offend certain people and I'm fine with that. But it's hard to offend me and this phrasing did just that and I feel it also detracts from his message.
Oct 18, 2012 Mary28 commented on Savage Love.
Dan, could you please stop saying things like "I would only fuck her if..."? Really. I like and respect you and your work--I heard you speak about It Gets Better at a local college and brought my 13-year-old daughter and she adores you and your cause there--but I think speaking this way about sex is just degrading and demeaning whether it's in reference to men or women, straights or gays. We could liken this switch in you to the change in Oprah (okay, not a great analogy but bear with me). When she was new to her talk show she used to be very sensationalistic and bring on all sorts of strange guests just to get ratings. Later on she did less of that and got more serious in the way she addressed topics. What I'm saying is that I think you similarly have increased credibility and could get your message across more effectively if you toned it down a bit. Call me old school, but I'd love to see you put forth your amazing ideas in a way that need not offend anyone.
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