Jul 13, 2010 MadDog commented on Oh Yeah, the National League Won the MLB All-Star Game for the First Time Since 1996.
Its fucking depressing watching people with competitive teams talk about baseball. Guess Ill just wait for Ichiro to hit 200 hits again and pray Lopez gets traded for something slightly better than a ham sandwich.
Jun 25, 2010 MadDog commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father: Gulf Coast Oil Spill Edition.
I like how Goo Gone will be a regular beach item to include with your sunscreen, plastic shovel, towel etc...
Jun 24, 2010 MadDog commented on American League is just superior.
Ha Ha Ha! The fucking Cubs make the Mariners look good! HAFUCKINGHADEHAHA!!!!! Lee is nasty, just wish we could keep him...
Nov 24, 2009 MadDog commented on How Many Songs From Pitchfork's Top 500 Songs of the 2000s Do You Know?.
Sigur Ros sounds like dying cats mashed up with my grandma being raped...You are not missing out...
Nov 17, 2009 MadDog commented on The New SuttonBeresCuller: A Review.
Hey Terry, I'm one of the artists, @12 is not one of us. We make it a habit to not comment on these things. Oh wait, shit...
Aug 4, 2009 MadDog commented on Today The Stranger Suggests.
Shows down...
Aug 1, 2009 MadDog commented on Reading Today.
Hey Warren, never give up on hiring a new graphic designer. What the fuck!?
Jul 31, 2009 MadDog commented on The Seadawgs.
PLEASE let him come here! PLEASE GOD!
Jul 31, 2009 MadDog commented on They'll Leave the Light on For You.
I heard that it was in Nellie Cornish's will and wishes that Kerry Hall would always remain in Cornish's care and that they cant sell it. Can anyone verify that?
Jun 29, 2009 MadDog commented on Today in Lovely Reissues.
Props to using Robert Gober's image too!