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Original Monique is avoiding responsibility.
Nov 14, 2014 Original Monique commented on The Worst People in the World Are Pretty Much Already Running for President.
I would relish in a Rand Paul nomination. Put the crazy on display, GOP...doooo it. Worked really well for Palin.
Sep 24, 2014 Original Monique commented on I Am Leaving The Stranger, Everybody!.
Best Wishes on your new adventure Dom. You are so amazingly talented and we will miss you around here. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. Cheers.
Sep 11, 2014 Original Monique commented on RIP, Slogger Rhett Oracle.
RIP Fred! You were such a wonderful man and I enjoyed our times chatting about all sorts of things. You will be missed very much.
Jun 6, 2014 Original Monique commented on Not One More.
I can't even give a shit about this anymore. I am done caring. America has chosen and there is fuck-all we will do to change anything. People want their guns. People won't increase access to healthcare. People won't pay more to end poverty. Look at the bullshit debate we are even having about $15 an hour for workers IN SEATTLE. People are just dumbfounded about the idea that 30k is SO MUCH MONEY OMG. I mean, seriously. I just don't see anything being done at all and it's a waste of my time to discuss it or sign a petition or whatever. I'm done.

I will live in this shit-hole country until my parents are gone or I can take them with me to Europe. Either way, I don't give 2 shits trying to argue with half of the country that still thinks the bible is a history book and guns are the solution to our problems.
May 29, 2014 Original Monique commented on Steve Ballmer Is On Track to Buy the Clippers.
Here's what you do: Say you won't move the team, repeat it for like a year or something while at the same time doing back-door deals with the NBA commissioner then move the team to Seattle in 2 years. Let LA hate you but everyone else will shrug.

I mean, it worked for the Thunder, right?
Apr 22, 2014 Original Monique commented on It's Been A Couple of Days—How Are You Feeling About That Game of Thrones Rape Scene?.
I will also say that show-watchers (as us book-readers like to call them) are upset because they start with hating Jamie, for obvious reasons, then grow to understand him and even LIKE him. Then he rapes Cersei and they are like "OMG,I thought he was a good guy!"

but ***spoiler alert*** no one in this world is a "good guy". They all have their darkness/evil, some more than others (haha get it? Others?) and many characters cycle between bad guy and redemption over and over (Jamie, The Hound, Theon, Arya). The entire damn point of the books is the see the grey area in everything/everyone. It is to focus on the complexity of people, politics, and upheaval.

It dismisses tropes of good/evil....there is no knight/Lady in shining armor that is going to "SAVE THE DAY". In fact, you generally aren't really sure WHO to root for in this series and that is the damn point. Yes, it is a brutal scene. The books are totally, unabashedly brutal to all characters. It is a brutal, cruel, weird, evil little world. I mean, one of the houses uses the Flayed Man as their flag. Come on. If that bothers you, then don't watch the show or read the books. I totally respect and understand not liking violence and not wanting to be apart of it. But don't negate a work of art because it is brutal.

Ok, I think that is the end of my rant.
Apr 22, 2014 Original Monique commented on It's Been A Couple of Days—How Are You Feeling About That Game of Thrones Rape Scene?.
****Here be spoilers *****

I will piggy back on Collin's comment. In the books it was Jamie's POV and she didn't want to do it mostly due to the place/time/maesters nearby. (however, still RAPE). The scenario is totally different in that this is the first time she sees Jamie after his rescue from/with Brienne.

The show decided to have Jamie there for the death of Joffery and for weeks before this scene, therefore the scene in the show is more definitively rape. Which I think is better than the convoluted version in the book. Since the show can't have a POV, you get the real picture (to some book fans, who didn't read it that way, well...there you go).

GRRM spends a lot of time and energy creating complex characters, both men and women. There are certain things that all the characters go though that you can argue "isn't necessary" or whatever, but honestly it is all part of their character development and part of the world they are fighting against.

Brienne is a great example. She wants to be knight despite the odds against it and people who ridicule her. She deals with sexism like we do in this world. However, many of the women are in awe of her as she fights against gender norms.

Same goes for all the women in the books. Cersei wants to lead, but she cannot because she is a woman. She fights with her father about how she is just a sexual pawn for the family rather than treated like the ruler she should/wants to be. Sansa and Arya are children in the book that must grow up quickly and in different ways. The show does the best it can to represent this world, the character arcs, etc. Every character is dealing with different adversity which then informs their actions. I understand if you don't like fantasy as a genre, but these books are more political in nature, which does have a lot of violence and rape associated with a male-dominated world (which is touched on for SEVERAL character arcs).
Jan 6, 2014 Original Monique commented on Saturday Night Live Remembers Black Women Exist, Hires One.
I saw her perform at UCB Chelsea in November this year. She is really, really funny. Great pick for SNL.
Dec 12, 2013 Original Monique commented on "For All You Kids at Home, Santa Just Is White.".
I'm just glad that all the people discussing an issue regarding race are white. (/sarcasm)
Aug 16, 2013 Original Monique updated his or her location.