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Oct 29, 2014 Pissed in the 36th! commented on Guest Editorial: Prop 1A Is Not About Kids, It's About Unions and Money.
As I suspected, Goldy's "new gig" is working for one of pro-privatization billionaires who apparently think they know better when it comes to our public schools, as opposed to the people who actually use them and pay for them!

THAT'S the reason for this Hatchet Job and for Goldy's bizarre affection for something the Seattle Times and the Chamber of Commerce is lusting for.

It's not too complicated, folks: Goldy is a Sellout.

Oct 29, 2014 Pissed in the 36th! commented on Guest Editorial: Prop 1A Is Not About Kids, It's About Unions and Money.
"Only a conspiracy theorist could see something nefarious in that kind of broad bipartisan support."

LOL! Goldy, are you now taking a page from the Dick Cheney/Karl Rove Election Playbook?

You know, the one that takes any contention, any allegation, or any comments by anyone, suggesting that something doesn't look right, or smell right, or feel right, and that maybe it requires a closer look, or even a formal investigation, and the Bush Administration, and soon the entire Republican Party would try to personally discredit you and nullify your entire point by screaming "CONSPIRACY THEORIST!"

And often it worked.

Do you think it's possible that certain elite individuals, with access to unimaginable gobs of cash, might have a constantly flowing stream of money, and the ability to start organizations that do certain things the money people desire? And do you think that these money people might also have the cash to effectively silence opposition, divert adversaries, convince those who disagree with them to at least remain silent for a certain period?

You list all of the groups supporting Proposition 1B, and I will agree that it is remarkable at how long the list is and how many seemingly different organizations comprise that list. In fact, it's more than remarkable; it's downright puzzling...as in, it makes no sense. There must be something else going on here. What COULD be uniting all of these disparate groups?

The common link is MONEY. Each one of these groups has, directly or indirectly, been the beneficiary of Gates money, and/or the money from other vastly wealthy folks, and who expect to profit further if they can get Proposition 1B to pass.

Are you that naive these days that you can't imagine an agreement about all of this, based on perceived self-interest?

Here's a little visual aid that might help you, Goldy: http://po.st/JlOvXA

Enjoy! http://po.st/JlOvXA
Oct 28, 2014 Pissed in the 36th! commented on Guest Editorial: Prop 1A Is Not About Kids, It's About Unions and Money.
"Batshit crazy"?

Goldy, I'd look in the mirror if I were you before tossing out such juvenile blather.

Look, the reason for all of those organizations you list as supporters of this initiative is because of the bottomless pit of money from the Privatization Elite that needs to find a backdoor into our public schools once they realized their full frontal assault was not going to work.

You mentioned you have a new gig, Goldy? Is it directly or indirectly coming from a pro 1B supporter? It would come as no surprise to me. What the fuck happened to you?

May 10, 2014 Pissed in the 36th! commented on Arne Duncan Has Labeled Garfield High School—And Every School in Washington State—A Failure. Cue the Revolt..
To LJM who wrote comment #16, your "argument" here, if it could be called that, reminds me of the comments made by Lisa Macfarlane, major sellout and shill for The Privatizers---the people who want to gradually phase out public education and turn over our schools---and our tax dollars---to private companies and individuals. (In fact, most of your comments employ Lisa Macfarlane's "logic"; are you sure you're not her?)

Macfarlane---who is the state head of a truly vile group called "Democrats" for Education Reform, whose only "Democratic" members, last I checked, includes Cory Booker, Kevin "I Like 'Em Young" Johnson, and a self-obsessed little miscreant billionaire congressman from Boulder, Colorado named Jared Polis who purchased his seat in Congress by setting a record for campaign spending, and once, during a meeting with education historian, Diane Ravitch, literally picked up a book she had given to everyone in the room, and literally threw it back at Ravitch, nearly hitting her in the face and calling her "EVIL!". (Ravitch, a 75 year old grandmother, is the former Undersecretary of Education under President George H.W. Bush, and a leading voice against the privatization of our public schools.)

Lisa Macfarlane is so confident and secure in her very well paid position that no one is allowed to post any comments on her blog or homepage in response to her---increasingly unhinged and ultra-defensive---pro-corporate editorials.

The so-called "Democrats" for Education Reform is a sleazy, underhanded operation, started by a handful of billionaires who "made" their money through legalized gambling and speculation called "Hedge Funds."

"Democrats" for Education Reform is headed by a true sociopath named Whitney Tilson, whose hatred of anything "public" or anything "union" almost explodes off the screen. Tilson, another arrogant, headstrong, bossy hedge fund billionaire, developed "D"FER as a tactic to deliberately deceive people and con them into believing that the effort to "reform" education, was truly a "bipartisan" one---it's not even close. (For instance, in September 2008, there was a vote at a meeting of Washington State Democrats. The motion to oppose charter schools was defeated 500 to 0. That's Five Hundred in favor of killing charter "schools" and ZERO against the idea. I think that's known as an overwhelming consensus.

Tilson and his billionaire buddies see every public school in America---but more so, the tax dollars we pay to support them---as a "Target Market", just like any other object they decide to attack, like a creature of prey.

Since they've already succeeded in destroying so many other industries, big and small, and privatizing as much of the government in all other sectors as possible--hiring private companies at significantly higher expense than government workers---they've now decided to first "Nationalize" education with things like Bush's "No Child Left Behind", Obama's "Race To The Top" and now, the ultimate, "Profit Generator", COMMON CORE!

Once ALL public education is the same---coast to coast, in all fifty states and DC---then they can "sell" to one market. Pearson is the key company here---a favorite with Wall Street, the value of its stock has more than quadrupled since the advent of NCLB. It also now owns the SATs and has revised them to be "Common Core Compatible".

So, oh what a bonanza is ahead for Wall Street once they Privatize ALL public education; now, they can't do it overnight, so they start slowly, piece by piece, beginning always, with Step Number One: Charter "Schools". Step Two: Increased High Stakes Test Scores...

The Ultimate "Dream" for Education Privatizers (A.K.A. "Education Reformers") is a 100% Privatized "Education" System---except for the dollars used to support them; they'll remain completely and totally "public".

Unless we average taxpaying citizens, renters, home owners, parents, grandparents and non-parents get informed, and organized, to fight this revolting, cynical naked power play for our schools, NOW!--- be prepared for the day when free, universal public education for all American kids is just a memory from the distant past.

Fight back now, with everything we have, and support courageous educators like Jesse Hagopian and others who truly want what is best for our children and are our partners in this struggle to protect, preserve and defend public schools for all.
Dec 14, 2013 Pissed in the 36th! commented on Court Declares Washington's Charter Schools Law Unconstitutional.
The Seattle Times is desperate to:

1) Eliminate free, universal public education and help prepare the way for corporate control of our schools as the alternative.

2) Eliminate the estate tax---which would further concentrate wealth in even fewer hands, creating an even bigger gap between the to 1% and the rest of us---and substitute it with...nothing.

3) Eliminate any and all labor unions, regulatory groups, citizen oversight and most of all, real investigative journalism.

Remember, this is the paper that claims to be "focused on education". Yet, when Diane Ravitch, the preeminent education writer in the country, and the former Undersecretary of the Federal Department of Education, came to town, the Seattle Times, in a truly bizarre, quasi-Stalinist process, never wrote one word about the Ravitch visit, AND DID NOT EVEN MENTION HER NAME!

(The Times DID make mention of her then upcoming speech at UW on a community events calendar that someone placed there in late August: then, even THAT was excised---by edict?---from their site a few days before Ravitch arrived in town.)

In contrast, when Michelle "I Love To Make Money Off Of Our Children" Rhee---the "Queen of Education Privatization" came to town to promote HER book, the Seattle Times gave her an interview with the Times editorial staff and MULTIPLE stories, including a "glamour/Model Wannabee shot" of "Michelle, looking out at the city, off of the Queen Anne Hill lookout" and much more.

They always covered Ravitch---albeit in a very unfair and biased way---in the past, however. I guess the Top Brass at the Seattle Times decided that since they had nothing factual to use against Ravitch, and the ad hominem attacks didn't work either, their best "strategic move" was to simply ignore her. Pretend she doesn't exist.

It didn't work, someone should tell Lynn Varner---who appears to ALWAYS be auditioning for her next gig, at the Gates Foundation---and the Blethen family. Your candidate, Suzanne Estey, got her butt kicked despite your very best efforts to slander her opponent, Sue Peters.
Nov 19, 2013 Pissed in the 36th! commented on Former Planned Parenthood Political Director Dana Laurent to Run for State Democratic Party Chair.
What are Dana's positions on K-12 education?

Some of her supporters and the organizations she's been involved with, are eh, "leaders" within the odious, so-called "Education Reform" movement, A.K.A "Privatization Mafia" or Corporate Control of Public Education.

I think all of us, citizens, party members, and members of the media, need to really grill her on this. Pelz was a major loser in this regard, bringing the vile, phony-baloney "Manchurian Candidate" Cory "Kowtow To Wall Street" Booker as the KEYNOTE SPEAKER to the 2008 State Convention!?!?!

Pelz then went on to endorse the Privatizer Stealth Pawn, Suzanne Estey and her billionaire backed, right-wing tinged attack ads.

If Dana Laurent is reading this maybe she can tell us if she supports the growing movement for an outright repeal and/or non-funding of the mendacious and destructive I-1240, which Washington State Democrats rejected 500 to 0---yes, Five Hundred to ZERO---in a vote taken in September 2012.

Dana, anyone?
Nov 14, 2013 Pissed in the 36th! commented on An Incomplete Account of This Morning's Mars Hill Twit-War.
Megan Seling---at the risk of sounding like an arrogant, out-of-touch, unconsciously sexist, conservative frat boy---I have to just say that you are one fucking brilliant, sexy, gorgeous, smart, funny, luscious babe.

Thanks for being out there and in the face of this dickhead, Mark What's His Name.

And...are you single and into men?
Nov 9, 2013 Pissed in the 36th! commented on Underdog School Board Candidate Sue Peters Wins Over Dale Estey.
To "Evani" (comment #17) what "personal agenda" of Sue Peters are you speaking of? Given that she never spoke of a personal agenda, nor were there any articles written on it, perhaps you could enlighten the rest of us, since you imply that you're privy to such information?

Funny how people have turned the word "agenda" around to make it sound so awful, so suspicious: would "goals" and "objectives" make some people feel better than if you, God Forbid, have an "agenda". (Gasp!)

The only "agenda" I'm aware of on the part of Sue Peters are her convictions regarding here strong support for our public schools and keeping them public. This means keeping our hard earned tax dollars out of the hands of private companies who are often exclusively concerned with expanding market share and profitability as opposed to what most benefits our kids.

Her agenda also includes keeping charter schools out of our district, making sure that all Seattle Public Schools teachers have more than a few weeks of "training" before entering a classroom, respecting the work of teachers, protecting the private data of students and making sure parents have a say in everything that concerns their child.

I agree with this "agenda". So do most parents of people with children in public schools, regardless of political ideology.

Welcome, Sue Peters. You'll be a fine addition to a board that is constantly improving.
Nov 6, 2013 Pissed in the 36th! commented on Predictable Election Results Are In All Over the Country.
"Same shit different package."

You've perfectly described your own limited, confused, dumbshit blog posts, "Cascadian Bacon".

People who throw around "fascist" and "communist" the way you do are the ones most likely to actually rationalize or even devoutly defend it, if the real thing, in either case, actually emerged.

No wonder you have to troll. I wouldn't want people to know who I really was either, if my views were as childish as yours.
Nov 6, 2013 Pissed in the 36th! commented on Predictable Election Results Are In All Over the Country.
Hey "dnt trust me": No problem. We don't. Who would?

We've all met assholes like you before: The misfit who seeks out what they perceive as "hip hangouts" and "hipster conversations" but after arriving spends most of their time on the sidelines, watching and judging everybody...all to confirm their initial premise, "No one is hipper than me. No one. Ever."

Which probably explains all of your pointless, narcissistic, infantile "Above It All" bullshit that permeates every single one of your douchebag posts.

Save it---not interested in your response. Go tell it to someone who cares; if there actually is anyone like that in your trolling-focused life.