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Jul 22 emma's bee commented on Pronto Cycle Share Launches in Two Months! Here's Where They Want to Put the Bike Stations.
@18: I disagree that it's not useful for tourists. So far, that's the only mode I've used them in (at least, if business trips count as tourism). Cities so far: Chicago, DC, Columbus OH, Lyon France. It's very convenient compared to public transit and generally cheaper, too.
Jul 22 emma's bee commented on Pronto Cycle Share Launches in Two Months! Here's Where They Want to Put the Bike Stations.
I can't wait to use them on my next visit. I had a hell of a time finding a bike rental place in November last time I was there. A couple weeks ago while attending a conference in Chicago, I made great use of Divvy bikes, their bikeshare. Had to tote along my own helmet, but having a 2.5 mile commute along the LSD bike path was well worth it!

Cincinnati gets ours this summer, and I'll buy an annual pass in my own city just to support it.
Jul 2 emma's bee commented on SL Letter of the Day: If Not Unicorns Then What?.
That is one kick-ass essay by Martha Plimpton. Thanks for linking it.
Jul 1 emma's bee commented on Morning News: Ukraine v. Russia, Kurdistan v. Iraq, Israel v. Hamas, Beetles. v. Ashes.
Oral or perhaps oodles of saddlebacking.

RE the ash trees: they are already wiped out here in SW Ohio. Two 80-year old trees in our yard bit the dust this year.
Jun 22 emma's bee commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
Kool & the Gang, 1983. Somewhere in Chicagoland, I'm guessing Poplar Creek, but that was a long time ago.
Jun 22 emma's bee commented on Let's Talk About Veruca Salt.
Loved them! Saw them while living in Charleston SC ca. 1995. Excellent live show. Charleston was a great place to see live music, after living in the upper Midwest for years, because people were so much shorter there. (More stereotypically polite, too).
Jun 16 emma's bee commented on Gimme Your Fucking... #YesAllWomen.
Ugh. Slog's misogynist trolls are the worst. Moronic AND just plain boring.
Jun 12 emma's bee commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
--"I'm a Mormon" adult and yet I ride my bike on the sidewalk like a complete fucking idiot--

What I imagined going through their heads as I saw them in my neighborhood yesterday.
Jun 12 emma's bee commented on Pat Robertson to Kids: Don't Call the Cops If Father Threatens Mom With a Gun.
@5: Pfftthhpt. It's just a domestic situation. Dad's merely modeling good servant leadership. And she probably had it coming, right?
Jun 3 emma's bee commented on A Very Funny Book About What It's Like to Watch Your Parents Die.
I saw her phenomenal excerpt of this in (of course) the New Yorker. Utterly heartwrenching. At 48, I feel incredibly fortunate to still have my folks around and in good health. And yet, to know that this is what awaits is already painful. This is one of the rare benefits of being among the generation just after the boomers: the most talented of their lot, expressing what awaits me just around that NEXT corner.

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