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Oct 19, 2012 EricD commented on What Do You Listen To When You Can't Decide What To Listen To?!.
Hype Machine's latest feed. It is geared a bit more towards electronic stuff, but I've found some amazing stuff on there like:
- New types of metal I didn't know existed
- 1960's UK albums about how to train your dog
- Thai disco
- Interviews with various folks
- Nature sounds
Sep 26, 2012 EricD commented on An Open Letter to the RIAA.
The RIAA is a dinosaur today, I'll agree. Your post made me start wondering: with regards to music, what will the dinosaurs of tomorrow be?

I think print media is already on the way out. Radio is going to be around for longer than most expect, but it isn't growing or even staying stable as more people listen to the internet or their ipod instead. I'd also argue that recommendation engines like Pandora are starting to replace sites like Pitchfork, and there will never again be "tastemaker"(or whatever you want to call it) with the power that MTV used to wield.

Everything seems to be getting really decentralized. Does anyone know if concert venues have been seeing a slump in attendance over the past decade? Not huge social music festivals, but the raw attraction of live music in places like The Comet or Tractor. That would really make me sad :(
Jul 19, 2012 EricD commented on Emily Nokes Is the New Music Editor at The Stranger.
@35 - What really made me put Method Man in the top group was his live performance. I've only seen one Wu Tang show(and it was post-ODB), but Method Man was really controlling the crowd better than anyone else I've ever seen. Also, How High was a great movie.

@57 - I'm not trying to diss any of the people I put in the bottom group. They're all very talented individuals, but I haven't really heard much that made them stand out above the others. When someone picks U-God or Deck over Ghostface or Rza, I am inclined to think they're just trying to impress me with obscure knowledge.
Jul 18, 2012 EricD commented on Emily Nokes Is the New Music Editor at The Stranger.
@27 - I break it down into three groups:

Rza, ODB, Method Man, Ghostface, Raekwon - If you say any of these, you're fine. They all have some strong points and music is subjective.

Gza - While Liquid Swords was a decent album, I wouldn't put him in the same category as the above. I'd be skeptical about anyone who says that Gza is their favorite member, but politely keep my opinion to myself.

Inspectah Deck, Mastah Killah, U-God - You're just acting like a contrarian pretentious asshole. I haven't heard anything from these fine folks that wasn't done better by group #1.
Jul 18, 2012 EricD commented on Emily Nokes Is the New Music Editor at The Stranger.
Did you ask who her favorite member of the Wu Tang was during the interview? It reveals a great deal about a person, IMO.
Jul 18, 2012 EricD commented on Here's What We Think of EVERY Band Playing This Year's Capitol Hill Block Party.
Minor point: When I read through the Saturday lineup and hit Helms Alee, right below it said "Free Event!". It confused me for a second and made me wonder if you were charging to enter Cha Cha(in addition to normal ticket price).

I think that if you start describing events happening within the CHBP as free, you will give folks the impression that all other things are not and they're going to be paying to enter each individual show.
Jun 20, 2012 EricD commented on The Internet Is Hosting a Really Good Discussion About Music Piracy Right Now.
In high school and college, I stole music because I couldn't afford it. Now that I have a job and a decent amount of money, I still pirate music occasionally.

If the money was going to the people involved in the creation(not just the performers, but the sound engineers, etc), I would be more willing to buy music. As it stands, I have concerns that too much of what I pay for music is going towards organizations like the RIAA and lobbyists, which are doing their best to wreck the internet.

While I haven't done as much research on the topic as I would like, my rough understanding is that the most effective way to support a band, while reducing the amount going towards the RIAA, is from attending concerts and buying merch. I read a breakdown about this a few years back, but can't find the article any longer so it might just be my imagination.

As it stands, I download music occasionally(though often times I'll just stream it for free via hypem or youtube), and do my best to attend concerts\buy merch. If the band isn't aligned with the RIAA, I'll buy their records flat out.
Apr 24, 2012 EricD commented on July 20-22: Partial Capitol Hill Block Party 2012 Lineup and Ticket Info.
This looks like a thing which will have music at it. Some people don't like the Block Party and others do not. I think there are positives and negatives to the event, and hopefully just keeping a positive outlook will make it enjoyable :)

Also, @7 - Perhaps more bands will be announced in the future.
Mar 21, 2012 EricD commented on Name This Band: Special Reading Comprehension Edition!.
Professor Snape and the Neckbeards(Sponsored by Pantene Pro-V)
Jan 16, 2012 EricD commented on 12 Local Bands I'm Excited About in 2012: Brokaw.
I have seen Brokaw perform twice now, and I just don't get it. Their music is really hit or miss for me. When they go hard they are sweet, but when the singer tries to hold notes or they get soft I lose interest. Their live show is also pretty meh(seriously dude, your only trick is lifting up the mic stand).

They all seem like nice dudes who enjoy what they are doing, but they've unfortunately been the weakest act on every bill I've heard them play thus far.