Feb 12, 2011 lyric commented on Hello, I Am Fat.
Very well said. Just wanted to join the chorus of Lindylove.
Jun 4, 2010 lyric commented on KEXP Confirms Bid for Seattle Center Site.
I'd slurp a chocolate espresso deathshake while watching robots duke it out.
Mar 23, 2010 lyric commented on The Anti-McKenna Facebook Group.
Mr. McKenna may not be reading an FB page but the AG office is actively listening. Call them at 360-753-6200. Tell them you're a WA state resident and that you do not want the AG to pursue this lawsuit.

The staff person I spoke with was quick, polite and interested in knowing my opinion so she could pass it along.

There's also an online contact form here:
Dec 28, 2009 lyric commented on Officewatch 2009™: The Animals of The Stranger Office.
What hangs from that thing's baleful eye? Are they over-long lashes? Did stitches pop?
Dec 2, 2009 lyric commented on Meet the New Capitol Hill Logo!.
Were I just walking by on the street, I wouldn't think much of it. Asked to critique, design nerd in me rather hates it.

Things I like: solid background created by overlapping letters, font, lower case.

Things I don't like: color, the solid parts aren't solid (floaty bits of darker color inside the c p and o) and there's a huge missed opportunity in the transition from rounded letters in 'capitol' to upright letters in 'hill'.
Oct 12, 2009 lyric commented on Danger! Danger!.
The joy of our youth was lubricated with the blood of the fallen.
Jul 30, 2009 lyric commented on New Public Art!.
It's going to challenge our expectations. Duh.
Jul 7, 2009 lyric commented on Drunk of Week: Newest Craziest Celebrity Mugshot?.
I don't think she looks all that crazy -- certainly a little startled. While she certainly shouldn't be behind the wheel if she's impaired, I think the Holiday weekend bit serves as adequate explanation as to why she may have been drunk at the entirely reasonable hour of 4 freakin' 30. It's not like she was going the wrong way on I5 on a Tuesday morning.
Jun 8, 2009 lyric commented on Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!.
That is exactly what is needed to complete the massive aquarium in the den of my secret lair.
Jun 5, 2009 lyric commented on Health Department Shuts Down Skillet.
When I read about temperature issues I get all worried about increased risk of food toxicity. However, after years of the LCB throwing their weight around Capitol Hill inappropriately, I'm forming a healthy distrust of the motives of our government regulators. Jonah would you break this down for us or have Golob weigh in? How serious are these infractions? Are there conflicts of interest or other sinister motives at play?