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Dec 2 monorail commented on Why Should I Give a Fuck About... Pere Ubu?.
It's true that some of their later albums aren't so great... but "Raygun Suitcase" from 1995 might be the best thing they ever did. One of the most underappreciated albums of all time. Also great (and overlooked) is the David Thomas solo album "Erewhon," from around the same period.
Nov 22 monorail commented on Guest Editorial: Sawant’s Response to Mudede’s “Brazenly Dishonest” Argument About Anti-Trump Protests.
The fact is that if everyone had voted for Jill Stein, Trump would not be the next president. Therefore, if you didn't vote for Jill Stein, this is all your fault and so (following Mudede's logic) you have no business protesting Trump's policies.
Nov 16 monorail commented on Free Will Astrology.
That Rebecca Solnit quote (under 'Scorpio') is the best thing I've heard in a long time.
Nov 15 monorail commented on "Awash in False Conspiracy Theories and Petulant Immaturity, Liberals Put Trump in the White House".
So this is where the Stranger turns for wisdom: a Bush supporter at Newsweek, and (in Mudede's earlier post) Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat. Sure is great to have "alternative media."
Nov 6 monorail commented on Fuck This Fucking Guy: Robert Satiacum, the Washington State Democratic Elector Who Won't Vote Clinton.
Just to clarify: the electors don't vote until December. So, let's say that on Wednesday morning we learn that Clinton has exactly 270 votes, not taking into account faithless electors. Everyone in the world would know that Clinton's supposed to become president, but that it's not going to happen because of some guy in Puyallup who has no secret service protection. Anyone want to lay odds on Satiacum's chances of surviving til December in that scenario? (And just to be clear, I am NOT advocating violence; I just think it's pretty obvious what would happen). My guess is he would quickly realize his situation and resign as elector well before the electoral votes are cast.
Oct 27 monorail commented on Today in Third-Party Candidates.
Well, since Dan Savage is so opposed so to this kind of hypocrisy, he certainly won't be voting for Clinton... right, Dan? Or are you a hypocrite too?
Oct 3 monorail commented on Netflix's Amanda Knox Leaves People of Color Out of the Story.
@10 Mignini's theory of the crime as presented in a preliminary hearing on Oct. 19, 2008:

"...premeditated and was in addition a 'rite' celebrated on the occasion of the night of Halloween, a sexual and sacrificial rite... In the intention of the organizers, the rite should have occurred twenty-four hours earlier, but on account of a dinner at the house of horrors, organized by Meredith's and Amanda's Italian flatmates, it was postponed by one day. The presumed assassins contented themselves with the evening of 1 November to perform their do-it-yourself rite, when for some hours it would again be the night of All Saints."

He also said Knox "has the look of a she-devil." It's a bit alarming to me that so many Slog readers (and writers) are on board with a witch trial.
Oct 3 monorail commented on Netflix's Amanda Knox Leaves People of Color Out of the Story.
While I have no idea how the murder unfolded or who was involved, there is one thing I am quite sure of: prosecutor Giuliano Mignini is a raving lunatic. He is obsessed with Satanism, and his starting point for each case involves a wildly outlandish Satanic conspiracy. In the Monster of Florence case, when a journalist published unflattering stories about Mignini, Mignini ordered the journalist arrested and charged him with being involved in the murders (a ludicrous accusation).

There are a lot of parallels between this case and the West Memphis Three: police/prosecutors obsessed with Satanism, prosecutions based largely on disapproval of lifestyle, etc.
Aug 4 monorail commented on This New York Times Video of Trump Supporters is Disturbing.
And then we have Clinton, talking about "bringing African-Americans to heel," and vowing unconditional support to racist psychopath Netanyahu, and praising the IDF for mass-murdering Palestinian children, and shoring up support for a coup regime in Honduras which hunts down and murders environmental activists.

So, yes-- maybe we SHOULD talk about Jill Stein.