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Nov 20 mackro commented on Stifle Your Yawns, People: Scott Walker and Jim Webb Are Both Running for President.
Scott Walker the musician as president.. Oh man.

"I addreeeeee-e-e-e-e-esss you peasants. Cannibalize the preeeee-e-e-e-e-esss!! *DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE* *DROOOOOOOONE* *DROOOOOOOONE*"

This is an end times I can support.
Nov 14 mackro commented on About That "Save Paseo" Kickstarter....
flavored oil

You'll never exactly match Paseo's secret recipes, but you can get pretty damn close if you figure out how to make the above tree... and thankfully, all three are CHEAP to make. Just add extra garlic.

Basic cooking skills are your best and cheapest bet to replicating Paseo.
Nov 11 mackro commented on What We Know So Far About the Wage Theft Lawsuit Against Paseo.
Don't assume the employees know the recipe.

Part of the deal with Paseo was that the owners & family brought the sofrito and other secret ingredients overnight, cooked in a private location -- according to friends of mine who have dined at Paseo since the Wallingford days.
Oct 22 mackro commented on Hey, Who's This Guy? Bakery Owner Terry Hofman Considers a Run for Seattle City Council.
"He also stresses that he's still not sure if he'll run, and that even if he did and won, he wouldn't necessarily want to stay in office long. The at-large members who are elected next year will only get to serve two-year terms due to the way the transition to district elections plays out. "I'm 61," he says. "I'd be interested to see how it goes for two years. I'm not a career politician."

Let's see: non-confrontational, very passive, cryptic, doesn't want to look like he's committing to anything, polite, old-timey, very boring

Ladies and gentleman: the future governor of Washington state.

I love it here, but this whole state looooves passive, cryptic, polite, and boring politicians. Hofman fits the profile like a glove.
Sep 26 mackro commented on Gold Star Comment of the Day.
I would come back to Facebook just to do this, then leave again.
Sep 25 mackro commented on What the Hell Is Ello? And Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About It?.
Ello is just like Diaspora, but you have to pay for Ello's marking department.

Diaspora is free, non-profit, ad-free, allows anonymous users, and won't censor. And it's open source code so anyone can set up a Diaspora server (or "pod") and add to the decentralized nature of it.

Sep 22 mackro commented on Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy: The Anthology 1964-1971 Compiles Over 100 of the Kinks' Best Songs.
Good to see "King Kong" on there. That some good hard proto-T. Rex brilliance right there.
Aug 19 mackro commented on Fidelity to the Dead: The Holocaust Survivor Who Was Arrested in Ferguson.
Apologies for the digression, but what's with the pomegranate yarn / bandana combination on the cop on the left?
Aug 12 mackro commented on Feeling Nothing About the Death of Robin Williams?.
@43.. Dan quoted somebody. I didn't see any asserting. We each can feel differently about this. (I was affected. I'm not upset others aren't.)
Jul 31 mackro commented on Guest Editorial: Why Voting for a Seattle Metropolitan Parks District Means Losing Citizen Oversight.
I was on the fence, but thanks to this, I'm voting YES on Prop 1. This was the most hilarious editorial I've ever read here.

Someone created a bunch of Slog sockpuppet aliases to pretend to be a "mass" of No On 1 voters. So embarrassing. So hilarious.


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