Feb 29 Eric F commented on Post.
I disagree with the imputation of moral values to clouds.
Feb 8 Eric F commented on Samuel French Sends Another Cease and Desist Letter About That'swhatshesaid, This Time Over Lines That Aren't Even in the Show.
@8, to the extent that you clearly haven't seen the show, your opinion of it is meaningless.
Feb 3 Eric F commented on Many Shots Fired in Trailer for Don Cheadle's Miles Ahead.
Ring! Ring! "Hello! Yes? What? Okay, got it. Hey, sarah91, it's 'A Tribute to Jack Johnson,' 'Live-Evil,' 'On the Corner,' 'Get Up with It,' and 'Agharta' on the phone. They'd like to tell you something. What's that? Oh, they say 'Fuck the true jazzmen.' They'd also like to respectfully ask Charles to listen to 'Rated X' and then admit he's wrong."
Feb 3 Eric F commented on Shooting on Bus Taken as an Opportunity to Reinforce Car Ideology.
A friend of mine safely drove through one shooting (shooter on one sidewalk, target on other, friend in street in between). A few years later, the husband of another friend died in the same scenario.
Nov 23, 2015 Eric F commented on The Morning News: Snow Is Coming, Women Get Top Jobs at Northwest Film Forum, and Sunday's Capitol Hill Shooting.
Very excited about Courtney and Line taking the lead at NWFF. The organization, it should be noted, was co-founded and co-led in its early years by Deborah Girdwood.
Nov 5, 2015 Eric F commented on In Defense of the Gum Wall.
The blood running through your veins is blue, of course. It doesn't redden till it it makes contact with air.
Sep 10, 2015 Eric F commented on Football Season Is About to Start, So Where the Hell Is Kam Chancellor?.
@8, sure. And then Ohio State, Oregon, and Alabama or Florida State enter the NFL.
Sep 10, 2015 Eric F commented on Football Season Is About to Start, So Where the Hell Is Kam Chancellor?.

Also, we should totally be taking cues from the European leagues, starting by relegating the Titans, Bucs and Raiders.
Aug 31, 2015 Eric F commented on Ultra-Heavy Power Duo godheadSilo Making a Comeback Nov. 20 at Chop Suey.
I think I remember Sebadoh played mostly shambling covers, like a nerdier, angrier Replacements--I'd heard they were pissed off to be playing a schmoozy, schmancy (for Seattle circa-1996) industry event when they thought it was an open or ticketed event, and responded by refusing to play their "hits."