Sep 10, 2010 cranky commented on Stabbing at 3rd and Pine.
And yesterday I watched four cops corner a young woman and spend 20 minutes giving her a ticket for jaywalking.
May 7, 2010 cranky commented on Seattle U Professor Denied Job Over Sexual Orientation.
@13 it was a dean's position. at least read the post, if not the original article.
May 7, 2010 cranky commented on Seattle U Professor Denied Job Over Sexual Orientation.
Oh but guys, it's not her sexuality, it is her ideas about families. See how much better that is!
Apr 22, 2010 cranky commented on Happy Earth Day!.
Yes Q13, that is exactly what I was thinking: will this cost me 1 cent a mile, or even 2? What about me?
Mar 21, 2010 cranky commented on Derp-Derp Helf Care? Nope!.
Is there some place on Cap Hill that is showing this, where I can drink and get shouty with other like-minded people?
Mar 21, 2010 cranky commented on "Do It for the American People".
I'm curious. If you are left and think this bill should fail, when/how do you believe we will succeed with a public option or single payer?

I believe we should have single payer. I've spent the last year writing letters for single payer or a public option. I think this bill is a lot, lot, lot less than we deserve, and a lot less than I'm willing to pay for. But I don't see how it failing helps in any way, other than providing some succor to a few feelings of self-satisfaction. . .
Feb 27, 2010 cranky commented on Legal Abortion Worse For Blacks Than Slavery.
this makes me crazy. forcing women to give birth to children they don't want is THE ACTUAL GENOCIDAL TACTIC. there isn't a genocide of any stripe that hasn't included rape as a tactic both for the psychological trauma it inflicts and the damage done to a culture when women bear and raise children they don't want.
Feb 8, 2010 cranky commented on Vote YES on the School Levies, People.
@17 - seriously.

dudes, if you don't agree with the system work to change it or boycott it entirely. full participation in a process you claim to hate in order to victimize a third party means that you are either painfully ignorant or deeply awful human beings.
Feb 3, 2010 cranky commented on More on (Non-)Monogamy.
this has been putting me off the hinges all day. i don't care about their marriage or their choices, but he changed his fucking marriage vows for his own sake and has made a career out of fucking with other people's marriages.

formerly, i just enjoyed his shame, now i'm psychotically angry, and want to punch him until my arms get tired.
Feb 3, 2010 cranky commented on More on (Non-)Monogamy.
gosh, does that mean he lied to the public when he said it was a one time thing? golly, i'm surprised that the guy who thinks my marriage would be too dangerous to tradition doesn't include his own fuckery as a risk to traditional marriage. i mean, it's not like his sexual choices put an end to any traditional marriage.

he needs to rot.