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Griffin is reading my profile.
Aug 9 Griffin commented on I, Anonymous.
Reads like it's the comment section that needs more malt liquor and less cocaine this week.
May 19 Griffin commented on SL Letter of the Day: That Looks Like a Dick.
Has this woman never been to or seen a bachelor party? Penis straws for all (they aren't usable for anything else, but still).
Apr 30 Griffin commented on Arne Duncan Has Labeled Garfield High School—And Every School in Washington State—A Failure. Cue the Revolt..
No, for a real trip, you'd need to talk to my sister, who has her MDiv. That one should come with an automatic reverb machine.
Apr 30 Griffin commented on Arne Duncan Has Labeled Garfield High School—And Every School in Washington State—A Failure. Cue the Revolt..
It means I have studied it to a level far beyond the casual listener--I succeeded in school despite the music programs.

A "good band" is about a good predictor of overall academic success as a "good sports program." Duke is able to do both relatively well, Gonzaga not so much. It's even shadier in K12.

This is not to say that studying music should not be done--it's just not a good measure of overall quality.
Apr 30 Griffin commented on Arne Duncan Has Labeled Garfield High School—And Every School in Washington State—A Failure. Cue the Revolt..
There's far too much wrong with the US educational system to sum up in a short comment, but I will say this--having a rockin' school band or drumline means absolutely nothing about the quality of your school's academics. The people in music education pimping the "music ed improves math scores" base all this on bad statistics (I've read the studies and crunched the data myself, and I am both a trained research scientist and hold a master's in music).
Mar 4 Griffin commented on SL Letters & Tweets of the Day: An Enemy of the Bi People.
@30, that's not even a posed picture. That particular cat really is that dumb. She also barks instead of meowing. She's our trans species short eared beagle.

@31, the women I know who date(d) women (self included) don't date the same way that the gay and straight men I know do--there's not a Grindr for lesbians. And it's especially hard to date as an out bi woman due to the pervasive sentiment that all bi folks (no matter the gender) are slutty McSluttersons who will fuck anything that moves and thus we make great "presents" to a straight couple who finally wants to have a threeway.

While single, I hated going to bars looking for female companionship, strike up a conversation with a promising woman, and then, after I'd bought her a drink, have her say "Oh, here's my boyfriend/husband, we want a third for the weekend. Surely you're down with that?" No, not with randoms who misrepresent themselves. It's not the group sex that bothers me; it's the assumption that all I'm looking for is group sex with people I've just met who also expect me to drop off the face of the planet in the morning.

Online sites were just as bad but at least the respondents were upfront about what they wanted ("I want you to fuck my wife while I watch, and perhaps you can blow me after that") and were easier to ignore. Nothing against those types of arrangements, but sex workers would be a better option to most of these couples, and not every person is up for only NSA mostly-anonymous encounters with a couple using you as a prop. Such setups don't tend to lead to healthy long term relationships.

That's why I recommend the IRL options for meeting people to COG--it's a bit easier to screen out the unicorn hunters when you can talk to them and judge their reactions. Is finding someone worth dating easy to do? Hell no, but it's so worthwhile.
Mar 3 Griffin commented on SL Letters & Tweets of the Day: An Enemy of the Bi People.
Coming Out Day at my house is celebrated thusly--Mr. Griffin says "I'm still straight" and I reply with "and I've still slept with more women than you.

Advice to COG? Unless you're looking to be someone's/some couple's unicorn, stay off internet dating sites. Ask your lesbian and bi female friends if they know anyone to set you up with. Join the local sports league. If you're on campus/in college, join the Alphabet Soup society (too many letters for me to remember these days) and meet new people.
Feb 23 Griffin commented on Slog Bible Study: Luke 12:48.
With great power comes great responsibility.--Spiderman
Feb 17 Griffin commented on Rich People Willing to Pay $60 for a Pound of Coffee, Just to Remind Themselves How Rich They Are.
I have a Jura Capresso coffee system--it was expensive and worth every penny since I can now make single servings of fresh ground fresh brewed coffee for about 25 cents per cup, including the bean and water cost (I have to buy filtered water as my tap stuff is gawdawful). And no filters or waste save coffee grounds, which get composted with the bunny poop my pets make.

Happy worms, happy coffee consumer.
Feb 7 Griffin commented on Which Sketch Turned You into a Monty Python Fan for Life?.
The Planets Song is wonderful, but the clip that got me interested involved lots of Keep Left arrows. Holy Grail got me hooked.

The single most bizarre Python moment for me was watching Holy Grail while an exchange student in Hungary. It was subtitled, so the audience of college students would read ahead, starting to laugh before the punchline--I was laughing at them, and then at the correctly timed line in English. They all thought I was nuts and it was great.

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