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  • Folklife or A kick in the face while drowning in fish guts
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: WAY too nerdy to say.
  • God is: best enjoyed in metaphor
  • Production or Devel
  • What helps you sleep?: Exhaustion

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Puty is a Slog Fan.
Jul 21 Puty commented on Interview with The Stranger's New Managing Editor, Kathleen Richards.
Hello new train-on-time-maker! Hope you have fun at The Stranger!
Jul 21 Puty commented on Tonight in Music: Seun Kuti, LA Takedown and Timm Mason!.
LA Takedown's album art is a half-assed altered version of this Alexander Colville painting:…. I'll just assume they got permission from the artist's estate.
Jul 11 Puty commented on This Is the Most Exciting Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me.
Congratulations and woooo! to you!
Jul 11 Puty commented on The Morning News: Rockets from Lebanon, A Reversed Cure, and One House Filled with 800 Snakes.
I love snakes, they're great, relatively inexpensive and low-maintenance pets. But very few people can care for a collection this size. It's just a ton of work. This guy got in over his head, and his poor animals suffered.
Jul 9 Puty commented on Judge Orders Boy to Have an Erection, Let Cops Take Photos.
That poor 17-year-old boy needs lawyers. Big goddamn scary fucking lawyers.
Jul 8 Puty commented on I, Anonymous.
This is a really important I, Anonymous column. Thanks for sharing it.
Jul 5 Puty commented on Mopey Emo Superman Would Wish You a Happy Fourth of July If He Weren't So Busy Trying to Look Cool in the Rain.
@3 Ha! Well, that cheered ME up!

@6 Me. All my friends. Everyone I know who has kids.
Jun 17 Puty commented on Bartender Crush: Erin at Zig Zag Cafe.
There are easy assumptions on what "kickin' angles'" are -- being well-positioned in a room to look good to others and standing in a good spot to see all the action both work -- but I'd like clarification so I can use the term correctly and be cool. Also, fun column!
Jun 13 Puty commented on Neil Gaiman Is "Obviously Pissed at Amazon".
The only connection between Paul's post and BeelzBallard's inane comments is the correct spelling of the word "Amazon". BB isn't responding to the post, just trolling. Successfully, apparently.

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