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Sep 24, 2009 PC commented on The Morning News.
Wrong. Unemployment numbers are stil increasing. The number of new unemployment claims is falling meaning the rate of increase in unemployment is falling. But unemployment is still increasing.

Slowdown in increase is not reduction. It's slower increase.

The big ship is starting to turn but hasn't turned yet.

Sep 24, 2009 PC commented on Republicans Could Retake House In 2010.
The tone of this post essentially adopts the right wing frame that govt. can't work and we have to shove things down people's throats before they catch on. It's like even progressives don't believe our own agenda would work, or that it would be rewarded at the polls!

For decades Democrats have failed to deliver concrete achievements for the working and middle class. Actually delivering shit would be the big change that's needed. When the social democrats all over Europe enacted their national health care systems their cradle to grave benefits their payments to parents just for having children their six weeks vacation their high taxes their making their nations fucking better for everyone in 1000 ways....

they got rewarded with dominant majorities for DECADES.

Try to get back that hope frame of mind. This post is defeatist. It would convince any Democratic congressperson from bumfuck Arkansas to NOT VOTE FOR CHANGE.

Any other right wing frames you wish to adopt btw????!!???

Sep 23, 2009 PC commented on Marxism and Insects.
Once again you're leaving out technology, learning, and culture. The ants and bees are 1,000,000 more successful and have a higher standard of living than other species who lack their division of labor and their learning and technology; the hive, the dance to communicate, etc.

So it's likely that you will wrongly predict ever worsening crises of bee-ism and fail to note that with proper social democratic reforms, the lot of the worker bees can be pretty good, for example, the Swedish bees all have the highest rate of "second hive" ownership in their little cabins on a lake, and are known to use their unemployment allotments of honey to cruise around Thailand for a while.
Sep 19, 2009 PC commented on Help a Sister Out.
In addition to "cum," putting a period outisde the quotation marks is worse than HITLER.

Its the kind of thing only a bunch of HITLER'S would do!
Sep 17, 2009 PC commented on No Charges in Baby Seagull Murders.
Y'all are sooo gullible.
Sep 17, 2009 PC commented on The Real Problem.
all true, but....

It would be nice if the Democrats actually spread that news across the land and said GOVERNMENT WORKS IT IS MAKING YOU WEALTHIER, we avoided the huge depression the gopsters wish you had, WE GET PROPS.
(@1 if we are a trillion wealthier than before, we are a trillion wealthier and if you compare to the depression we didn't have the differential is much bigger, too). Ditto with tarp repayments where we've already made a $4 billion PROFIT. It's so far not a bailout but a profit. Ditto with cash for clunkers, my god Obama recently said :oh I know folks are dissatisfied with the program" WTF it was a huge success people loved it and it's putting auto factories back in business.

It's our sides' near complete silence in pushing our own message that's to blame for us being so stymied, compared with the other sides' intense repeated top to bottom broad and wide message machine.

returning scorn on a few blogs doesn't cut it, it's about 2% of what we should be doing.
Sep 16, 2009 PC commented on Ofay.
Great article, now that you've discussed ofay, what about



Iko iko anay.

Jackamo fin da-aa-aa-aa nay --

jackamo fin danay."

Sep 16, 2009 PC commented on The Baucus Bill.
Didja read about Obama getting the whole AFL CIO fired u and resady to go for the public option? His plan to threaten Baucus with replacement (the governor would gladly become senator) or promise to fund a federal health efficiency center in Bozeman with 5000 federal doctor jobs? didja hear how Obama denied meeting with Snowe and admitted she's up for ambassadorship to Canada but this has NO CONNECTION to getting her vote on health care? didja hear how he's sending Billdawg and Hillary to stump arkansas to get the two dem senators from that state in line? didja hear how he plans to fill Tiger Stadium and he's swamping LA with OFA volunteers to ensure if Landrieu votes for public option, she'll still win reelection? How he's putting a few billion more into levees in NOLA with her getting the photo op up and down the river? Didja hear how Obama's organizing the Million Humans March on Columbus Day on the national mall and how he will dominate the airwaves for two weeks leading up as people converge then on the big day we will see 10 hours of speeches and movies about human stories of folks dying from our current system and showing real life folks in bankruptcy and crying about how daddy lost his job due to wall. st. shenanigans then lost his health care so now junior has to work in the doughnut shop to try to pay the $50,000 co pay so no one's going to college in that family but they're still trying because they believe in paying their bills? It's just that junior needs health care too his leg hurts but he can't go to a doctor because he can't afford it?

Didja hear any of that?

Didja hear how Obama's been meeting with the 11 key persuadable senators in the last two weeks, sticking his finger in their face and twisting their arms?

Obama's already given up on the public option folks. don't blame the GOP, it's their "job" to lie and fight progress. We won the election, our leaders are lame, blame them.
Sep 14, 2009 PC commented on Max Blumenthal And The No Good, Very Bad Crackers.
craxy, stupid, moronic, etc. etc. etc.

But they're matrching and they're on TV

and we're not.

Seems like they're the ones fired up and ready to go, no?
Sep 13, 2009 PC commented on The Lost Christians.
Hey Charles, you missed the big story on Haast's Eagle. This was a bird that wieghed 40 pounds and preyed on the moa and other flightless birds -- also flightless HUMANS IN nz after the Maoris showed up about 800 years ago. In just a few hundred years they exterminated the last Haast's Eagle. They had myths about birds snatching kids.
As did everyone, really, see that Arab story about the seven seas and what's his name. Sinbad! What a great name.

(Beyond the human-animal boundary nonboundary that you usually explore, get this! The movement of the Maoris to NZ and their killing off this bird have nothing to do with capitalism!).

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