Josh Friedes
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Oct 28, 2009 Josh Friedes commented on Colorado-Based Focus on the Family Dumps Money Into Rejecting R-71.
We can counter this last minute money dump by the out of state radical right. 1) Speak to everybody you know about the importance of mailing in their ballot with the Approve 71 bubble filled in. 2) Volunteer at a phone bank, write a letter to the editor, go door to door with the Approve 71 Campaign this weekend. 3) Make a donation to the Approve 71 campaign. Small donations from large numbers of people can counter the out of state money being poured in by Focus on the Family.
Sep 17, 2009 Josh Friedes commented on A Tale of Two Yard Signs.
You can get an approve referendum 71 campaign yard sign of your very own right here:

They make great gifts!
May 12, 2009 Josh Friedes commented on Governor's Inaction Stalls Homophobic Referendum.
It's not an act of G-d that would allow the referendum to be qualified. It would be large donors who finance paid signature gathering. The most important thing we can be doing is asking our friends and family to pledge to decline to sign refererendum 71 petitions. Spread the link below!…

And if you or your family belong to a Church that you think might allow signature gathering, let the Priest or Minister know that this is not acceptable to you because it hurts families and goes against you understanding of your faiths traditions of social justice.
May 6, 2009 Josh Friedes commented on Last Gasp.
And the first thing one does is raise money to mount a winning campaign. So in addition to promising not to sign Referendum 71 Petitions and asking every one you know not to sign, Please make a contribution to the ERW PAC.…

Tomorrow ERW and other groups will launch an online decline to sighn campaign and ofcourse there is already FaceBook page thanks to our Join the Impact allies.

Please remember we do not want this referendum to get on the ballot, but if it does we will need to VOTE YES to retain the domestic partnership law.