Jun 6 montex commented on Hillary Clinton Has Already Won the Democratic Nomination.
The Stranger trying to suppress the vote in the California primary? I never thought I'd see the day. Bye Felicia.
May 23 montex commented on I, Anonymous.
He sounds like a whiney, body-shaming gym nazi who is offended to have his visage of perfection and beauty ruined by someone of such lessor stature. Get over yourself, Mary. I don't like the Turkey Lurkeys either, but they come with the territory. If you're serious about it shielding your precious gaze from horror of middle age, go to a gym that has private changing/shower rooms like one in Fremont by the draw bridge.
Jan 13 montex commented on I, Anonymous.
From what I read, it is ok to stalk a woman and then slap her because the victim will not call the police. Got it.
Sep 29, 2015 montex commented on I, Anonymous.
I used to care what other people thought about what I did. But then Reagan got elected and peer pressure wasn't such a big thing anymore.
Aug 10, 2015 montex commented on Guest Editorial: Why Saturday's Bernie Sanders Rally Left Me Feeling Heartbroken.
I'm sure every republican out there is extremely happy that these ladies are doing a much better hatchet job on Sanders than they ever could. Congratulations.
May 27, 2015 montex commented on Maritime CEO Paul Stevens Dishes on the Polar Pioneer, Business in the Arctic, and His Frustration with Mayor Murray.
Do you know what these grassroots environmentalists don't do? They can't be bothered to vote.
Jan 15, 2015 montex commented on National Study Confirms: "Washington State Has, by Far, the US’s Most Regressive State Tax System.".
Ever notice how weak the Democrats are when they "ask the wealthy to pay a little bit more?". Try this: "We're tired of the rich in this state making us pay their taxes. The free ride is over fellas, time to pay up!"
Jan 15, 2015 montex commented on I, Anonymous.
Christianity is based on the idea of charity: feeding the needy and poor and giving them shelter. But its so much more satisfying to tell other people they're going to hell, isn't it?
Jan 8, 2015 montex commented on I, Anonymous.
Hi. My name is Hypothetical Bob. Call me Bob for short. I'm am violently allergic to Peanut Oil. In fact, it can kill me! But you know what? I'm not gonna worry about it and just eat any ol thing in any ol restaurant and pray that they don't use Peanut Oil, because I'm sure the Chef, Owner and minimum wage staff are well educated about my personal dietary requirements. Yumm! These fried onions are so tasty! >URRKKK!< *plop*
Jan 8, 2015 montex commented on I, Anonymous.
After the initial shock of the IA this week, it seems to me that if I was a parent and I knew my child was so allergic to peanut oil that he could die from eating it, I would be much, much more careful of which restaurant we ate at. And I would make sure that NOTHING contained peanut oil and not put the life of my child in the hands of people who may know nothing about peanut allergies. The parents are the ones who are criminally negligent, not the restaurant owner.