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Jul 3, 2014 threnody commented on Mornings News: Good News On the Economy, Bad News On Everything Else.
Since Forward Seattle advocates a $12.50 minimum with no carve-outs, I think they would say Germany isn't doing enough for low-wage workers.

But I'm not surprised they aren't returning the Stranger's calls lately.
Jun 28, 2014 threnody commented on It's Business Time: Supreme Court Union Ruling Coming on Monday, Massachusetts Votes for $11 Now, and Anti-Amazon Law Passes.
You forgot to mention that Massachusetts has a tip credit, and AFTER this wage hike is enacted, it goes up to -- wait for it -- $3.75 an hour.

So Forward Seattle's $12.50 without tip credit proposal was actually MORE LIBERAL THAN MASSACHUSETTS. But they're a "fringe conservative group." Ha.
May 22, 2014 threnody commented on The Morning News: It's Gonna Be a Hot Summer, Thai Military Suspends Media.
@9 That's a good idea. Unpaid internships should go. Seems like a fair trade. (Just curious, do you count internships for school credit as "paid" or "unpaid?")
Apr 29, 2014 threnody commented on Transit Advocates Have Filed Their Initiative to Save Seattle's Bus Service.
As a homeowner, I'll be voting yes (I voted yes on Prop 1 too)...but yeah, I also really dislike voting for regressive taxes.

If 15Now became IncomeTaxNow instead I know a lot of small business owners who would JOIN the movement in a heartbeat. We're tired of voting for regressive taxes, Washington. When are you going to get your shit together? The 1% of the fucking 1% live here!
Apr 29, 2014 threnody commented on Little Feat Is Stanky: Slog Poll.
Whichever record has the birthday cake with eyelashes and high heels on a swing set is the best one. I loved that illustration as a little kid.
Apr 10, 2014 threnody commented on Restaurateurs Had a Minimum-Wage Lunch Chat at City Hall Yesterday, and the Crowd Raged.
@20 "Did a single restaurant owner say they'd take a cut in pay or take a smaller portion of their profits to provide their employees a living wage?"

It's interesting you should ask that, if you watched the actual video you would see that profit went negative into the five figures (!) for several scenarios. Seemed to me like they were talking about cutting charity and perks AFTER they've already been reduced to zero income for the foreseeable future. So, yes. The evil overlords will not be getting paid a penny if forced to $15. They'll be going deeply into debt or closing. Success, you guys!

Profits = owner pay if there is anything left after debt repayment. These presenters are the big established companies, and even many of them made ZERO dollars per hour for the first several years in business. This is normal for restaurants. Eventually they might become successful and the owners can pay themselves minimum wage or more just to run it (not working shifts too), but statistically more often, they do not and owners leave the situation in debt and the struggling proletariat hop to another $28/hr tipped job. Is it a stupid business to get into? Yes. No argument there. But that still doesn't mean tipped workers are making poverty wages in this city. They are not.

Piecora's selling for $10M is not the way most restaurants fail. They sold the building, not the business. The vast majority of restaurant owners do not own the real estate. They have rent payments and bills just like you. If they go out of business, they are on the hook for those rent payments for however many years are left on their restaurant lease.

@45 "Is Taylor Hoang providing a training in a marketable skill?"

Watch the video again. She is teaching her staff how to SPEAK ENGLISH and get around town, in addition to washing dishes. So yeah, that probably comes in handy. I don't know.

I am not surprised to hear a ripple of heckling in the room when Sawant is essentially saying "I'm promising people money of yours that you don't have, join me in my fight against the big businesses!"

I've been talking to small businesses of all types every day for weeks now, and they would all love to fight Big Business. But you haven't offered them anything but a massive cost increase and character assassination. Meinert suggested a Big Business raise to $15 now a few days ago and got crucified because it was self-serving. So? It also served the supposed goal of all the fervent why did no one even consider it? Just to spite Meinert? That's pretty sick.
Apr 8, 2014 threnody commented on Leaked E-Mail Shows Big Business Trying to Use Small Businesses to Weaken $15 Minimum Wage.
@26 Is Meinert part of OneSeattle? I didn't see any of his businesses listed...?
Apr 8, 2014 threnody commented on Leaked E-Mail Shows Big Business Trying to Use Small Businesses to Weaken $15 Minimum Wage. "As Washington guarantees the state's full minimum wage for servers, who would continue to make tips on top of it, the drive [to $15] has pitted the lower middle class against the working class who serve them food."

Big business doesn't need to worry about coercing small businesses to tell their staff that 15Now wants to do away with tipping. 15Now has been great about telling everyone that is their agenda all by themselves.

CNBC's unscientific poll: 77% said they would stop tipping if they knew their server was getting $15. The service industry has every right to be concerned about this experiment taking place in Seattle.
Apr 6, 2014 threnody commented on Sawant to Murray: Want to Address Women's Pay Equity? Then Don't Institute a Tip Credit.
"Seeing as that person working a six-hour shift probably doesn't get the opportunity to make up another two hours of work somewhere else, it would be more of an "apples to apples comparison" to use an eight-hour average as opposed to six, since that's the standard work-day, in which case the earnings come down to $14.64 per hour."

What? No. Probably doesn't get the opportunity? No. Have you ever known a bartender? Most that I know specifically work PT ONLY--BECAUSE THE PAY IS SO GOOD YOU CAN AFFORD TO DO IT PT and still work on your "dream," like grad school or starting your own small business or auditioning for Drag Race.

I do not understand where you're going with tipped workers get to work two hours less than untipped workers and get paid for those two hours they didn't work?