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Jan 2, 2014 kristinbell commented on Savage Love.
Wow. Dan's post about FAB nearly brought a tear to my eye, because he was so kind and didn't try to fat shame her. Remind me to skip the comments in the future where all the fat shaming trolls hang out and try to make eveyhing about her supposed need to lose weight. Gah!!!
Dec 22, 2013 kristinbell commented on Slog Bible Study: 2 Samuel 17:29.
I love cheese. I was just discussing the importance of discussing cheese the other day! lol
Mar 10, 2011 kristinbell commented on Sarah Palin HBO Movie.
@ 25: I see your Traci Lords and raise you a Ron Jeremy for the role...
Jan 20, 2011 kristinbell commented on What He Said: Michael Kinsley on the Tucson Shooter.
@16: no, I heard that he was officially diagnosed by real live doctors as having schizophrenia. Is it really so hard to believe? He exhibited classic signs of schizophrenia aside from the violence which isn't normal for schizophrenics
Jan 19, 2011 kristinbell commented on What He Said: Michael Kinsley on the Tucson Shooter.
This is totally leotarded. Jared Lee Loughner isn't just a "lunatic," he is someone who has a fucking mental DISEASE! As in his BRAIN has a problem. A problem, actually, much like mine. This whole left wing political football bantering about the political climate of hate is misplaced in this case. I do believe that there is a climate of hate, but people who have schizophrenia are not operating in REALITY and these arguments that the left is making are at this point totally leotarded. Get the fuck over it and quit complaining about how this Arizona shooting has anything to do with the right wing culture of violence. The left is just proving that it knows little to nothing about mental illness and mentally ill people. GAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
Jan 17, 2011 kristinbell commented on . ? Or . ?.
I think people complain when they hear they are supposed to use one space, because they don't understand what typographers and graphic designers do. It is incredibly annoying to get a bunch of text with two spaces. Even if you can auto-correct for the most part, it adds to the heap of things that must be dealt with in typography and design. Seriously, people don't appreciate the work of graphic designers and especially typographers.
Jan 10, 2011 kristinbell commented on Mugshot of the Day.
He's got the crazies in his eyes.
Jan 8, 2011 kristinbell commented on "My Final Thoughts: Jared Lee Loughner".
Clearly there was something wrong with this kid if he was still using myspace.
Jan 7, 2011 kristinbell commented on Another Edition of Sexy Star Wars Junk.
It is nice to know that beings can be sexy without human faces as long as they have hawt human bodies. Meep.
Jan 7, 2011 kristinbell commented on Atheists Are Fat.
And what does this tell us? Fat people are despised by everyone.