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Oct 21, 2012 jimipogo joined My Stranger Face
Oct 21, 2012 jimipogo joined My Stranger Face
Oct 21, 2012 jimipogo commented on The Rush to Prohibit Kratom.
I have been using Kratom for 5 years now & its a gift from the soil, natural. EVERYTHING on the planet Has A Purpose !!!! I'm a 58yr old male, long time "garbage head" since my teens; alcohol,weed,acid; & most recent,5yrs or so ago & AGAIN,alcohol, crack & heroin.
A computer geek friend was doing some research, tried it for his Bi-Polar & drug abuse problem & guess what ? I tried it in the midst of my full-blown dope,coke,alcohol binge. It stopped me cold & i've been using "K", taking it 2xs daily about 5yrs now.
Yea if i run out, which happens simply by forgetting to order it, i do go thru some withdrawl. But its NOTHING like heroin withdrawl.It cost me about $ 170.00 a month compared to the cost of booze,the dope & coke !!
People need to worry about & take care of THEIR OWN BUSINESS & lives, NOT mine & everyone else's. WE ALL have our own lives to live so STOP trying to make others live as u THINK we should ! GET A LIFE, A-HOLES !
I live on & work ALONE, mostly, a 7 acre farm in Kentucky. A New Jersey transplant & I LOVE IT HERE,the people & this way of life. Im not going to town wanting to rob, steal, shoot, rape, pillage, plunder & burn.
Kentucky Jimi