Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Apr 11 also commented on Drivers Decry "Predatory" Uber.
What are the odds that Mr. Anderson wasn't suspended because his rating went to 4.6, but because of the content of one or two specific 1-star ratings?

I had an Uber driver berate me for not knowing how to get to my destination. It was insane (he had a GPS unit *and* a phone). And he drove angry, cutting people off and intentionally hitting brakes hard to make my ride uncomfortable. His rating was 4.6 or 4.7 before my ride; I left one star feedback and I seriously hope he was suspended (I did get a note from Uber that they would look into my complaint, but that's the last I heard of it).

So before we get the pitchforks, consider that some of these drivers may be complaining about being held to a reasonable level of customer service. Some (or all) may have legitimate complaints. But take it with a grain of salt.
Mar 24 also commented on Local Taxi Association Sues Uber in King County Court.
Makes sense, as Seattle joins West Texas as a leader in the anti-innovation movement. I consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, but if this is what pure liberalism looms like... Count me out. Or, given that West Texas is just corrupt and not liberal, maybe this is what pure corruption looks like? Either way, it's embarrassing to live here.

Yes, anyone can sue anyone for anything. But does anyone think this suit would be filed if the Seattle Coty Council weren't in the pocket of the taxi industry?
Mar 18 also commented on Bill to Regulate Rideshare Companies and Cap Number of Active Drivers at 150 Passes Seattle City Council Unanimously.
@30: That would be an insightful analysis if you had your facts right.

- In the Seattle I live in, everyone has complained about taxis for years. It got a little better once the insane/corrupt Stita airport contract changed. But it's still really bad. Even if your conspiracy is real... so what? Nobody complained about commuting on horses until cars came around. And if car manufacturers marketed negativity towards horses... is that so bad?

- You're out of date on the insurance issue. It used to be that way, but most/all of the companies now offer commercial insurance to some degree. Still not good enough, but if that's the problem... why not legislate that issue directly?

- Uber and Lyft are very different. You're thinking of UberX, which is closer to Lyft, operated by Uber, integrated into the same app... but a different business and business model.

- "Dumping" refers to selling a product below cost and I am not aware of any cases, ever, where dumping regulations were applied to services rather than products.

Seattle is an intensely dumb city with politicians who are for sale to highest bidder. This stupid regulation will last for a year or two, and then Uber and friends will buy the next election and not only reverse these regulations but implement crippling anti-taxi regulations. And folks like @30 will yell and scream about how unfair that was with no sense of irony.
Mar 17 also commented on The "Bad Seattle Fashion" Tumblr.
@8: Well said. The site is lame more because it doesn't really ridicule bad fashion, and verges into "ugly people of Seattle", which is just mean. There is enough terrible fashion in this city to do it right.
Mar 17 also commented on The "Bad Seattle Fashion" Tumblr.
@1: Points for demonstrating your own point. Unless your name really is MacCrocodile.
Mar 14 also commented on UberX Closes Insurance Gap Because Duh, That Vote Is Coming.
@6: You may or may not have valid points, but you come across like a crazy person, which weakens whatever argument you're trying to make.

Feb 27 also commented on Council to Vote Today on Taxi and "Ride Share" Regulations; Will Lyft and Uber Lobbying Pay Off?.
@17: It sounds like you should be lobbying for a reduction of regulations on taxis so the business can compete with more modern offerings. Expecting new products to be equally hobbled is like a horse salesman in 1880 demanding a 20mph limit on cars in the name of fairness.

BTW, it's probably better for you long term if TNCs are allowed to compete. When regulation is used to prop up uncompetitive businesses, the eventual pain is usually much worse when the dam breaks. See: 1970's auto industry and 1980's airlines.
Feb 27 also commented on Council to Vote Today on Taxi and "Ride Share" Regulations; Will Lyft and Uber Lobbying Pay Off?.
Yeah, how dare these for-profit companies spend money earned from customers to lobby for the ability to provide the service those customers want.

We have a longstanding tradition of incumbent providers using government as a tool to regulate artificial scarcity to avoid competition and maintain low quality service at high prices. Obviously that's the democratic way to do it.
Feb 23 also commented on City May Cap the Popular Rideshares That Compete with Cabs.
Here's what I vow: if the taxi and for-hire operators succeed in restricting me from using Uber and Lyft, I will never again -- ever -- use a taxi in Seattle.

Today I use taxis where there is a taxi stand (hotels, the airport, etc) and Uber for restaurants and house-to-house. If this stupid, cynical attempt to use the government to protect an inferior service from competition succeeds... Fuck it. I will get rides from friends, I will take the extra 40 minutes to use light rail plus bus to Fremont, I will just drive more. Taxis will never get a cent from me with this tactic.
Feb 20 also commented on Seattle Chief Overturns Discipline of Cop Who Threatened to Harass Me at Work.
Newsflash: Seattle cops hate the public. You should stay out of their way and obey even the most outrageously belligerent or unconstitutional demands. This is their city and no union or police chief or mayor will stand up to them. Why belabor the point? Either submit or move somewhere less scary.

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