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11:10 AM Westside forever commented on "Rape Exceptionalism" and Protecting Law Students from "Triggers".
It's terrible that bad things like rape happen to people, but do they want the entire rest of their lives to be defined by that experience? Are they so damaged that they literally can't hear certain words in public without being completely undone?

I knew people in school who's parents had survived the Khmer Rouge. They had escaped hell on earth and built a new life in the US. I can't imagine them even understanding the victim mentality that is behind the concept of "triggering".
10:53 AM yesterday Westside forever commented on Navy Wants Permission for Electromagnetic War Games Over Olympic National Park.
@22 you just summed up everything that's gone wrong at the Stranger in the last year.
Dec 15 Westside forever commented on Navy Wants Permission for Electromagnetic Wargames Over Olympic National Park.
If Dr. Pall is right, better be ready to dump that constantly broadcasting smartphone you've got on your person every waking hour.
Dec 8 Westside forever commented on Even If You're a Hillary Clinton Fan, You Should Sign Your Support to Elizabeth Warren.
Let me get this straight--"progressives" need to sign one of those internet age bullshit worthless surveys with the goal of pushing Clinton leftward by "drafting" Elizabeth Warren to run against her?

If this is your A game idea, you're already fucked and the race hasn't even started yet.

Clinton was bought and paid for decades ago. The only thing saving the Democrat's chances and probably ensuring a Clinton win is that the Republicans won't be able to run a candidate that the public doesn't mostly hate.
Nov 21 Westside forever commented on Our Week of Talking About Bill Cosby and Sexual Assault.
So eerily reminiscent of the Bob Packwood scandal...
Nov 18 Westside forever commented on Guest Editorial: Don't Tell Me Olympia Can't Fund the Smaller Class Sizes Voters Just Demanded.
@4 you might be right about that Genessee Hill building. Having seen more than a few Seattle Schools, it's clear maintenance isn't their strong suit, especially in the older buildings. It may actually be more economic to tear down old schools worn out with 20 years of deferred maintenance and start over in a lot of cases. They did "de-mothball" Fauntleroy Park and it turned out great.
Nov 14 Westside forever commented on Have You Been Following This Story About the 43 Mexican College Activists Disappeared by the Police?.
So you have an integrated public/private industrial-level production, manufacturing, distribution and security organization that operates with complete freedom in a relatively poor country.

Backed by massive economies of scale and extremely high profits, their products are then smuggled over a 1000+ mile border into a very rich country where they are marketed by a diffuse, non-centralized network of dealers to customers that literally can not get enough of their products.

All of this without one penny of taxes being paid throughout the entire supply chain (unless you count corruption as the equivalent of taxes).

Continuing to frame our response to this as a "war on drugs" is just plain stupid. How many have to be imprisoned or die before we try something different?
Nov 13 Westside forever commented on Holding Three Simultaneous Death Penalty Trials in King County Is Unprecedented—and Hugely Expensive.
@9 there is exactly zero doubt that the three accused in this article are guilty. They are almost perfect death penalty cases.

The real question is whether the cost is worth the punishment. If not for the prosecutors going for execution, they would all be currently waiting out the reaper in prison and saving several million dollars of tax payer money.
Nov 12 Westside forever commented on The Morning News: A Port of Seattle Slowdown for the Holidays?.
non compete clauses for anybody but management should be illegal.
Nov 10 Westside forever commented on Megan Griffiths and Lacey Leavitt Help Fight the Tyranny of the Toy Store's "Pink Aisle".
You know who are the most aggressive enforcers of gender norms? Little kids, ages 3 to 6 or so. I think it's a development thing and by no means a reason to limit girls to Barbie and boys to Tonka trucks.

But try explaining to a 1st grade girl who loves pink and princesses that she's a sucker for buying into the heteronormative paradigm and that gender is just a construct you are going to experience some epic meltdown shit.

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