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Mar 11, 2010 Uriel-238 commented on Crazy Christian Lady Asks Jesus To Give Crazy Christians Total Control Of The Media....
Loveschild appears to have fallen victim to the Atheist stereotype. It's okay, Loveschild. If the only atheists you see are those on television, it would only make sense you'd imagine them to fit a single-faceted mold. It might also surprise you to know that the principles that drive one towards atheism will tend to drive one away from vows of faith. Hence an avowed athiest is an oxymoron.

Regarding the Crazy Christian Lady and her prayer,for some reason, it reminds me of the old Twilight Zone episode Four O'Clock.
Mar 6, 2010 Uriel-238 commented on We Don't Let Racists Adopt Black Children.
Regarding the headline, we actually do let racists adopt black kids, or kids of ethnicity. Most of the time, it's a self regulating problem; racist parents will not accept a non-white child or one with significant health issues. On rare occasion, particularly in the upper-middle and upper classes you'll have families who will adopt a child (usually a foreign born from a third-world nation) as a status symbol to prove to themselves and their peers that they are not racist, but such kids often serve as a device of conscience so that they can keep their daughters from marrying boyfriends of color, or keep Colin Powell from presidential ambitions, and still have something to reassure themselves that they have cosmopolitan sensibilities.
Mar 6, 2010 Uriel-238 commented on We Don't Let Racists Adopt Black Children.
Betsy Ross, kids go through different phases as they transition through puberty from a child to an adult, during which there's a lot of potential for gender confusion. Girls are commonly known to engage each other intimately, as a precursor to engaging boys, but boys will also (less commonly) sometimes experiment with each other before finding the courage to approach girls.

It gets more complex since girls can begin puberty as early as eight and as late as sixteen. Boys start as early as twelve and as late as eighteen. During the process an adolescent's preferences for one sex or the other can swap multiple times before his or her identity (as gay, mostly gay, bi, mostly het or het) is established.

(And then adults can change their minds, and often do, but that's a different topic.)

During the developmental years of puberty, kids often get discovered in their activities, and often branded based on the circumstance, not just because we're homophobic as a society, but because we're erotophobic as a society, and are terrified of our kids growing up at all, let alone into something aberrant. Hence, a trio of boys caught circle-jerking can be branded as fags long before any of them have any idea who they are or what they like.

It's the American way.
Mar 6, 2010 Uriel-238 commented on We Don't Let Racists Adopt Black Children.
Telsa Grills, most professors don't allows students to cite directly from Wikipedia because five years ago it was largely apocryphal. Since then, it's become highly accurate, comparible to Britannica or World Book especially concerning the kinds of academic and technical topics (e.g. nations, elements, mathematics, historical events, classical biographies, etc.) that are covered in conventional encyclopedias. For topics that are fringe, controversial or changing due to current events, Wikipedia is commonly annotated to a fault for lack of clear verification (as well as style and organizational concerns).

And yes, Wikipedia cites peer-reviewed sources when such materials are available to be referenced. It is immensely peer reviewed, itself, as you can quickly discover by attempting to contribute questionable (even if factual) information to an article. It's policed to a fault.

A given article may be inaccurate, as is the case with any encyclopedia, but it's fallacious to assume that all Wikipedia articles are untrustworthy. By a margin of magnitudes, most are, and then you can always follow the footnoted sources, themselves.
Mar 6, 2010 Uriel-238 commented on Legal Abortion Worse For Blacks Than Slavery.
I was going to say that perhaps Lovely Linda was obsessing on cock squatting the way Allegedly likes to obsess on butt-fuckery, but in fact it was Looney Left. Indeed, he knew how to spell tenses of to Squat.

Regardless, Lovely Linda, for the sake of St. Luke's I wouldn't advise you advertising your tenure there. It does make me wonder if St. Luke's lack of baby-mama-drama is due to the Roman Catholic policy to cover up anything embarrassing (and successful implementation thereof) or if it was simply that students there weren't trusted to be within a furlong of boys until they graduated.
Mar 5, 2010 Uriel-238 commented on Let Us Know If He Delivers For You, Okay?.
Ah, but you re-expressed and vehemently agreed with it, Allegedly.

You don't get to blame me for leading you astray, Allegedly. If you thought Carter was the worst President ever, whether or not you think you're following my lead, you still need to brush up on American History. You still need to read a book or three.

That is, of course, if you have the ability to comprehend and retain the written word, Allegedly. The History and Biography channels might help.

Not likely, though; you've already shown strong resistance towards doing any research that might not confirm your current polarized biases. Isn't that right, Allegedly?
Mar 4, 2010 Uriel-238 commented on I, Anonymous.
Apparently the guy in question has no say in this matter, or character at all. Like Disney princes and princesses, he's just a prize.

Complete with blue ribbon.
Mar 4, 2010 Uriel-238 commented on Woman In Iowa Arrested For Falling Down the Stairs While Pregnant.
Yeek, as dreadpiratepuck notes, she was thrown into the pen for attempted feticide, not put on psychiatric observation.

She was treated like a criminal. Not a patient.

I would say the doctor failed to take appropriate action once he called the police.

I would say the police failed to take appropriate action as well. I have a tendency to expect that of them, though.

Ironically, both are about equally trained to evaluate someone (that is, as first responders), as are contemporary chaplains (which would have been, at least, a second opinion). A social worker usually is better trained in the psych department; it comes with the letters.

If it is as you say it is in Des Moines, that Social Workers aren't allowed to evaluate regarding immanent danger yet general practitioners are, that's fucked up.

But regardless, the well being of the mother wasn't considered. This whole situation is full of fail.
Mar 3, 2010 Uriel-238 commented on Tim Burgess Authorizes Girl Scout Crackdown.
Boy Scouts of America is still closed to gays.