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Oct 25, 2012 AshaBaby commented on It's Not About the Stoners.
Ok, Im just going to say it. Want the police to stop profiling minorities, how about reforming and re/educating the police force. I know, it's crazy! It will never work! But legalized weed is not gonna stop police from pulling people over for driving while black and issuing DUIs that would never be issued under current law.

The white lawyers, state legeslative officials and law enforcement are laughing at this right now. DUI lawyers are planning on making BANK off if this passes. The state Senate cannot wait to exploit this to line their pockets. The police will be happy to issue extra tickets and bring more people in to the station. Why? Revenue.

Follow the money, use your brains. No law, no matter how seemingly awesome, is going to end racial profiling. Any law, no matter how awesome, can be exploited.
Oct 24, 2012 AshaBaby commented on It's Not About the Stoners.
@27 no, not every corner store is going to be selling pot. Try reading the initiative. The state will authorize stores to sell as long as they are not too close to schools, parks, other places where minors congregate, ect.

This article is a good read. It did give me a few things to think about that hadnt occured to me before. However I am certain I will still be voting no. My primary concerns are 1 for my friends who currently make money selling it outside of the medical community. You know, the drug dealers who possess more than an ounce at a time and will not have the state sponsored stamp of approval. They are still at risk of being arrested and convicted. In fact, i believe they are more likely to face prosecution once the state has a financial investment to defend. But lets face it, the state stores will be closed by 10, what is the stoner who gets off work at 11 gonna do? Call the hippy down the street selling the California bud. Sure its not WA but its weed on demand.

I like the points about challenging federal law. What i dont like is the ability of corporate manipulation if WA wins 502 and the subsequent lawsuits. What i mean is the dna mapping, patent infringement suits to corporations who buy/discover dna rights to northern lights. I worry about 10 years drom now being a criminal for growing it at all -sorta like its a crime to grow tobacco- and regulated to be weaker but more addictive with added chemicals.

If it becomes legal, dont just take your victory and smoke it away. Agriculture is a big business in this country, and weed is bigger. Those corporate white guys cant wait to get their hands on it. Check out the patents already held just waiting for the chance to make it into pharmacutic pockets and bank accounts.

Currently I-502 protects against non WA corporations from any stage of production. It also says that no producer can be invested in any processor or retailer (or any mix up of that). But a WA corporation may get involved with the manufactue and sale as long as their investment is only on one level. Business has diminishing returns, and the small time grower over taxed and over fee-ed is a victim of dimishing returns, a rich corporation with no love may be a thriver over dimishing returns. Corporations also have unlimited spending power in elections... Fuels by marijuana money they will get whatever the want in the long run.

My problem isnt that I think marijuana should be illegal, but that there is so much more potential for abuse legal than illegal.

Finally, while the cops may not be able to bust people for simple possession, that isnt going to stop them from pulling people over for driving while black. Like the author said, there is only a handful of studies on the dui limits. On one hand UW could do some studies to provide for better DUI limits, on the other hand, officers could still harass blacks who are driving and pull the "suspicious behavior" card to perform a DUI test.
Oct 22, 2012 AshaBaby joined My Stranger Face
Oct 22, 2012 AshaBaby joined My Stranger Face
Oct 22, 2012 AshaBaby commented on The Stranger Election Control Board’s Endorsements For the November 6, 2012, General Election.
I am disappointed by your endorsement of I-502. I understand the benefits of legalizing marijuana but there are several parts of the initiative that were not addressed. The first is that this legalization would be a state controlled monopoly on marijuana sales. The second is that it declares a black market on any non state approved marijuana. Third, the only legal protections granted through to exosting laws are provided through the state. If ots not through the state it is still illegal. Third, a zero tollerance policy for anyone under the age of 21 in regards to the DUI clauses could mean potentially devastating things for underage users. Lets face it, there are a LOT of teens who try pot and tons of young adults between 18 and 21 who use, THC stays in the blood for two weeks up to a month. Using last weekend and getting pulled over this weekend will be hazardous to many young peoples records. Next, the DUI limits are based off of ONE study. There arent multiple studies to offer evidence to the contrary of the first study. So dont yell "they're lying" because there is only ONE study in the first place. Finally, the taxes that medical patients becoming state approved producers and processors in addition to standard business taxes and state fees will likely be enough to stop their ability to opperate under the new system.