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Oct 17 boyd main commented on Absolut Phoney: A Giant Conglomerate Is Bringing Its "Local" Liquor to Ballard.
"What is Guten Bourbon? It's an urban German bourbon"
Oct 15 boyd main commented on Breaking News: Not All Cops Are Lying Scumbags Who Can't Wait to Fatally Shoot Unarmed Civilians.
Heard a great story on All Things Considered about a 17-year vet of street policing the worst of LA. n=2 isn't quite a trend, but heartwarming nonetheless.…
Sep 25 boyd main commented on What the Hell Is Ello? And Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About It?.
Is it functionally any different from Tumblr? Looks a hell of a lot like it to me.
Aug 28 boyd main commented on Hey! Is That a Huge Richard Serra Sculpture at Paul Allen's Private Peninsula Lair?.
It's not there on google maps satellite view, so must be kind of new. But from the same source it looks like behind the house he also has a sculpture of a giant tea-cup.
May 29 boyd main commented on What Is Agnotology?.
I blame the Fairness Doctrine for setting the US, especially, along this course.
Mar 26 boyd main commented on Today's Ambient Jam: A Field Recording Of Foghorns.
One of my favorite field listening experiences was sleeping out on the point of Friday Harbor and hearing the the WSDOT ferries as they came up the channels. You could hear them through the water first, a deep aquatic thrum, then higher and crisper through the air as they passed the point and came into sight. They would cruise on and the bells on the floating buoys would ring out through the night, struck by the wake.
Mar 19 boyd main commented on The San Francisco Toast Trend Hits Seattle.
Why so outraged? If it's okay to charge $4 for crap like cupcakes or icecream, it ought to more than okay to charge $4 for a slice of good quality bread.
Feb 24 boyd main commented on What Do You Think of the Silicon Valley Trailer?.
What number 3 linked to. Just did it, saved $5/mo on my internet bill, and changed my life.
Feb 18 boyd main commented on The Electrifying Joys of Income Inequality!.
And better Teslas here than most anywhere else. Here, they truly are reducing carbon emissions with our clean hydro electricity. Most other places, they run on fossil-derived electrons, so the benefit is much reduced.
Nov 27, 2013 boyd main commented on The Word "Hipster" Has Officially Lost All Meaning.
More racially/ethnically diverse perhaps, but certainly not as socioeconomically diverse. Big difference.

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