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9:55 AM in-frequent commented on An Intimate Conversation with Yanni.
oh... i think i remember the last yanni interview...
Sep 4 in-frequent commented on Why Anti-Gay Christian Bigots Always Lead With Leviticus.
yeah, the rational -- which i wouldn't mind a liberal biblical scholar addressing -- is what @5 says above. the old testament is null except what is repeated in the new testament, the reasoning goes. paul says both that some sexual immorality still applies, AND also says, for instance, that most food is acceptable to eat. so they aren't entirely just picking and choosing, there is a shred of support for the theory. it would be nice, and maybe if i have the time some day i'll look into it, to write up a good response that speaks the language of fundamentalists and disputes their point. but most of the leviticus arguments i hear do not speak the language of fundamentalists because they have already been giving reasons as to why their view is correct. it's mangled reasoning, but it's enough to justify their opinion.

(it's actually even more nuanced than that, jesus said i have not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. the idea is that the OT set a place of overly strict rules in place to accomplish a bunch of purposes: to provide a standard for living, to show what holiness to god should look like, and to demonstrate that NO ONE can follow these laws and therefore the grace of god is required. when you receive the grace of god you are no long bound by ANY of the OT rules, per se, but you will be led by the holy spirit and the NT as to what is the appropriate behavior for you. for some this means eating whatever, but for others it means only eating kosher foods. for some it means marrying for other is means remaining single. the laws that are repeated in the NT are the ones modern fundamentalists basically treat as the current holy law. the laws that are repealed in the NT as the ones christians mostly ignore completely, and those are that are not mentioned -- such as tattoos and fabric -- are generally ignored as well.)
Aug 25 in-frequent commented on The Morning News: Mark Driscoll Takes a Break from Mars Hill, Burger King Wants to Avoid US Taxes.
after citizens united, are foreign companies treat with the same rights as citizens for political donations? does this at least prevent BK from making political donations? (i know foreign companies can make donations to PACs as long as the PACs are run by citizens and a few other rules.)
May 20 in-frequent commented on No Refunds In the Strip Club—And No Harry Potter DVD Givebacks.
i'm not sure it's open and shut. i mean, who pays for a lap dance with a dvd collection? is that standard? i'm pretty sure that to a judge or a jury it could look a lot like a guy thinking he has a relationship and loaning the laptop and dvds more than it could look like a guy taking his wizardy dvds to the club hoping to get trade them for a little action. so it really depends on the testimony they give, and if there is any other evidence, such as were the dvds and laptop new or used, where there txts or visits outside the club, etc. and if her whole thing is she takes no loans, then the $2000 even becomes questionable. it wouldn't be the first time a desperate guy was taken advantage of by a pretty girl.

on face value, if all the evidence was what we saw in this clip, i'd say she keeps the money and he gets the laptop and dvds back.
Apr 29 in-frequent commented on What's Wrong Right With This Scene?.
Apr 21 in-frequent commented on What's Going on with the Tip Credit/Tip Penalty?.
And by problem solved i mean now you don't have to pay tips, and you don't have to pay more for your cheeseburger so someone else can afford to pay rent.
Apr 21 in-frequent commented on What's Going on with the Tip Credit/Tip Penalty?.
@1 and @7: Here's an even better and easier idea: Ban the minimum wage. These people should be paid what the market requires, and NOTHING more. Right? Talk about PROBLEM SOLVED!

AND there should be NO TIPPING on top of that, though that's not really the government's place to say. Restaurants would do better business if they followed such a policy. DOUBLE PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!
Apr 16 in-frequent commented on Reform in Reverse.
six shooter -- good point about those two issues. i don't really know how other industries do it, BUT i do like the adversarial system (too bad the SPOG doesn't seem to right now), and i don't think reform is about $$$ really.

THAT SAID, there is such a problem with the SPD right now, OF COURSE we are arguing about what they came up with. BECAUSE WHAT THEY CAME UP WITH perpetuates the problem. it does not solve it.

not sure what we can do about it, but this article seems like an excellent starting point.

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