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1:16 PM in-frequent commented on Where Trumpcare Will Hurt Most in Washington State.
that graphic is..... not helpful?
Mar 16 in-frequent commented on Protesters In Nashville Chant "Bless Your Heart" at Asshole Trump Supporter.
@10 "actually...." does this guy look like he regrets it?
Mar 16 in-frequent commented on University District Dive-Bar Cafe Racer Is Up For Sale.
@3 isn't the knarr's location closer to the stranger headquarters than cafe racer?
Mar 1 in-frequent commented on Matt Hickey Close to Losing Lawsuit Over Alleged Fake Porn Recruiter Scam.
@37 arty, do you agree that there are victims of hickey's actions here? tell me, what responsibility should the victims of his fraud take? how does his victims taking whatever responsibility you deem appropriate change what is happening to hickey? or is it your view that there are no victims here? no victims of fraud?

is it your theory that someone can create a fake business with fake employees and fake documents and fake references, and that that shouldn't be the crime of fraud? a crime that can victimize people?

Feb 27 in-frequent commented on Matt Hickey Violated State Law by Running a Fake Porn Recruiter Scam, Court Rules.
@25 Arty : you are misrepresenting what happened here, and i really can't see how you don't know it. but for the sake of clarity:

1 matt hickey is being charged with rape for the rapes he committed by raping women;

2 matt hickey is guilty of fraud for the fraud he perpetrated in his fraudulent porn scam; and

3 though hickey is being charged with actual rape and actual fraud, many people feel hickey's actions in the scam also amount to rape. if those actions rise to that level, then in no way does one instance of "women who actually were raped" insult another different instance of "women who actually were raped" in a different way. in addition, it is not an insult to "women who actually were raped" to discuss where another action amounts to rape or not.

you, here on slog, have been very judgmental of these women. you refer to porn as prostitution (conflating a legal act with an illegal one), and continually assert that the women should have known better (despite the nature of the fraud). these are the ideas of a rape apologist. you blame the women for being immoral, wanting to act illegally, and being reckless. when, IN FACT, the women have done nothing immoral, did nothing illegal, were not attempting to do anything illegal, and were not in any way, shape, or form reckless. you are a basic victim blamer, and, thus, a rape apologist.

you are a rape apologist and you are a huge part of the problem.

you are the problem.

let that sink in.

you are a rape apologist.

let that sink in.

you will split hairs to defend a known rapist who raped and committed fraud with sexual motivation.

here are some of your past statements:

"If he had done anything illegal, he would be jail."
(my note: well guess what? he's in jail now.)

"and remember they thought they were auditioning for the position of a PAID SEX WORKER, sometimes known as a prostitute"

"People get totally shit-faced and are surprised stuff hapens? What about 'Personal Responsibility'?" (sic)

so, yeah, you've been wrong all the way, and now you still want to argue?

adults can reasonably discuss if this -- one of the worst known cases of fraud with sexual motivation which also happens to have been committed by a man on trial for multiple rapes -- reasonable adults can discuss if his fraudulent actions arise to the level of rape without insulting women who were "actually" raped.
Jan 17 in-frequent commented on The Best "Fuck You, Pedestrians"? Stewart Street and Denny Way.
@7 you're wrong here. this is, like, one of the few intersections where the dilemma doesn't apply. there are no right-turns to cut in line (on red) here. the stewart cars don't wait for it to clear and get stuck blocking denny. it's pretty bad. before the light cycle changed (only a few months ago) it was the left-turners from denny to stewart who would do the same thing.

and, yeah, the drivers will not go right to clear the intersection.
Jan 4 in-frequent commented on We Still Get Great Comments (From Great Commenters) Here On Slog.
the feel of slog comments has certainly changed in a downward direction over the years. i've been reading and somewhat (in)frequently commenting for way too long now. part of the problem for me is that i'm not a part of the good slog "community" -- as i once was. but i think apart from that, there's just a lot more stupid or incendiary comments here. before there was, like, one or two trolls. and even they would attempt discourse from time to time. now, there's a bunch more and there's not even an attempt to communicate. also, calatina is great, and i miss fnarf's insight on everything seattle.
Dec 21, 2016 in-frequent commented on Washington State Attorney General Sues Matt Hickey Over Alleged Porn "Audition" Scam.
you lost, apologists. get over it. hickey was charged criminally for some rapes, and then charged civilly for his business scam to solicit sex from women. make all the analogies you want, make all the comparisons you want, you're wrong. you lost.