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Aug 16 in-frequent commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Daddy's Pretend Girl Worried About Daddy's Actual Girl.
@12 the mane point is it's a bit of a joke. don't saddle him with unfair expectations.
Aug 8 in-frequent commented on Here's Matt Hickey on FetLife, Looking for "Sluts" in Vegas.
first off, there was a follow-up story where -- and god i hate to say this -- actual rape rape was reported to have been committed. so there's that.

secondly, committed no crime? even doofuses agree it was at least fraud, as well as identity theft, copyright infringement, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. so there was a crime or two or so even using your stupid logic. and finally, duh, not every crime is prosecuted due to a number of factors including one that came into play here, the statute of limitations. he may not have been found legally guilty (yet) of anything, but that doesn't mean rational people disregard the overwhelming testimony that says he did, in fact, commit crimes.

third, and most important, his MO was to get girls -- real girls sorry CD girls -- drunk and have sex with them. he found the best/easiest way for him to do this was to lure them to his place by criminally impersonating a woman and fraudulently representing valuable consideration for work. if you read this new ad, it seems like he is setting up to do the exact same thing.

now, even in your trollish worlds, if a person is actually not committing any crimes but is taking advantage of people, a warning would STILL be warranted. but here in the real world, where people accept that some crimes can occur without the person being found legally guilty, and where we listen to multiple witnesses and victims, and where we can see a pattern of behavior, in that world, this is news that he looks to be at it again.
Aug 5 in-frequent commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Uncaped Crusader Threatens Bouncer With Homemade Spear.
"dents?" come on! what about: arrested for assault and...
Aug 2 in-frequent commented on Washington AG Files Groundbreaking Lawsuit Against Comcast, Alleges "Pattern of Illegally Deceiving Their Customers”.
my internet keeps failing when i try to comment here

Jul 29 in-frequent commented on Trump Says You Have to Vote for him Even if you Don't Like Him.
you've thought about this
Jul 21 in-frequent commented on Three Women Say Tech Journalist Matt Hickey Raped Them Outside of "The Audition" Scam.
@20 also did not read article - this isn't about the audition women
Jul 20 in-frequent commented on My Wild Night with the RNC's Openly Gay Underground. Wait, Did I Say 'Wild'? I Meant HORRIBLE..
@2 here's my experience. it is almost always a little sad. that said, you have to play anyway, so try and make the best of it somehow. that particular crowd is so small you can't help but laugh at it, and it makes it a little easier. i've had sets where there was no one there, then the sound was off, and my mood kept spiraling down until i wanted to die up there. other times you say what the hell and basically have a band practice with your friends (on stage), and maybe try some new stuff out.

a mid-sized sparse crowd not into your set is probably worse than an event where the draw isn't your responsibility. each band and each performance differs, of course, depending on so my other factors. but there's certainly more of a challenge to make it fun.

now... agreeing to play for an RNC party? i have never been in a band that would have agreed to that. at least if you do, do what 3eb did!
Jul 15 in-frequent commented on A Black Woman Says She Was Attacked by a Group of White Men in the Central District on Tuesday.
why does it have to be fake or a false flag? if i was beat up by a group of people for no reason i might jump to the conclusion there was a group of people wandering around beating up people for no reason.
Jul 15 in-frequent commented on Matthew McConaughey Can't Stop Being a Badass White Savior in Free State of Jones.
@20 - um, why did you ask if the author was a slave? just a little confused. thanks!
Jul 14 in-frequent commented on The Morning News: State Makes Progress on Downtown Tunnel, Man Dies Paragliding, Ghostbusters Opens in Seattle.
you seem like a bad feminist. or, at least, a person who puts "ghostbusters" above of "feminism" on their value hierarchy. bill murray said gb sequels were a bad idea, so you've chosen this - the female remake - hill to die on? okay.