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Jul 21 in-frequent commented on Three Women Say Tech Journalist Matt Hickey Raped Them Outside of "The Audition" Scam.
@20 also did not read article - this isn't about the audition women
Jul 20 in-frequent commented on My Wild Night with the RNC's Openly Gay Underground. Wait, Did I Say 'Wild'? I Meant HORRIBLE..
@2 here's my experience. it is almost always a little sad. that said, you have to play anyway, so try and make the best of it somehow. that particular crowd is so small you can't help but laugh at it, and it makes it a little easier. i've had sets where there was no one there, then the sound was off, and my mood kept spiraling down until i wanted to die up there. other times you say what the hell and basically have a band practice with your friends (on stage), and maybe try some new stuff out.

a mid-sized sparse crowd not into your set is probably worse than an event where the draw isn't your responsibility. each band and each performance differs, of course, depending on so my other factors. but there's certainly more of a challenge to make it fun.

now... agreeing to play for an RNC party? i have never been in a band that would have agreed to that. at least if you do, do what 3eb did!
Jul 15 in-frequent commented on A Black Woman Says She Was Attacked by a Group of White Men in the Central District on Tuesday.
why does it have to be fake or a false flag? if i was beat up by a group of people for no reason i might jump to the conclusion there was a group of people wandering around beating up people for no reason.
Jul 15 in-frequent commented on Matthew McConaughey Can't Stop Being a Badass White Savior in Free State of Jones.
@20 - um, why did you ask if the author was a slave? just a little confused. thanks!
Jul 14 in-frequent commented on The Morning News: State Makes Progress on Downtown Tunnel, Man Dies Paragliding, Ghostbusters Opens in Seattle.
you seem like a bad feminist. or, at least, a person who puts "ghostbusters" above of "feminism" on their value hierarchy. bill murray said gb sequels were a bad idea, so you've chosen this - the female remake - hill to die on? okay.
Jun 28 in-frequent commented on Cannabis Exec Denied Life Insurance for...Being a Cannabis Exec.
well, it seems he wanted key man insurance which maybe would be a stronger link to the cannabis industry? maybe the details of this request would run afoul of some federal regulation? i dunno. the whole thing is kind of silly, so i don't doubt the insurance company is being silly here, too. but there may be more to it.
Jun 16 in-frequent commented on Watch: One of Matt Hickey's Alleged Scam Victims Went on TV Last Night.
@26 Matt did respond to requests from news sources with, "I’ve got quite a bit to say..."
Jun 16 in-frequent commented on Watch: One of Matt Hickey's Alleged Scam Victims Went on TV Last Night.
@1 @23 - both of your examples are not the same as what happened here, for two significant reasons:

1) the reason to or not to have sex is not legally material. it would be silly to say, "i met someone in a bar and i didn't want to have sex with them BUT they promised me they were single SO FOR THAT REASON i had sex with them." in addition, the material reasons for having sex in Matt's case are many and fraudulent. he went through great, illegal efforts to to seek these women out and obtain "consent," not a mere lie or omission.

i put "consent" in quotation marks because the Revised Code of Washington defines "consent" as "that at the time of the act of sexual intercourse or sexual contact there are actual words or conduct indicating freely given agreement to have sexual intercourse or sexual contact."

Notice the word "freely." You can try to make your cheating or pregnant case to a jury, and maybe the jury would buy it. Probably not. But in Matt's case, the consent wasn't given freely. It was given in return for something, to be marketed in a specific way to specific companies. That marketing did not take place, and could not take place, as Matt has fraudulently represented (through Deja Stwalley) the entire situation. Add to this that Matt got (at least two of) them drunk first.

Because it is true that they would not have sex with Matt BUT for the promises made them.

2) Your examples are not lies linked to sex and sex alone. The point of Matt's fraud and identity theft was sex. The point of lying about not getting pregnant? It is made in order to get pregnant, not to have sex. The girl from @1 was a dating relationship, not an instance of sexual intercourse. The damage isn't rape, the damage is dating a cheater, and being a father (and child support). The sex was wanted in both cases. Even if you could find an example linked specifically to sex, rational people are able to see the difference between an insignificant lie and serious misconduct. Matt committed identity theft, created fraudulent consent requirements, lied... I mean, it's really over the top. And you want to say that rational people can't differentiate between what he did and someone lying about a boyfriend?
Jun 16 in-frequent commented on Watch: One of Matt Hickey's Alleged Scam Victims Went on TV Last Night.
@21 that is exactly what @19 said: any misrepresentation prior to any sexual act renders such act a rape.
Jun 16 in-frequent commented on Watch: One of Matt Hickey's Alleged Scam Victims Went on TV Last Night.
@14 @15 - think about it as a theft of money resulting from a fraud. sure, sometimes the perpetrator is charged with both fraud and theft, and sometimes just theft. but that's when you take money from someone. this it totally different. this is taking "consent for sexual intercourse" from someone. certainly the law isn't such that you could be guilty of both fraud and rape in the same way you could be guilty of both fraud and theft.