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11:32 AM yesterday in-frequent commented on Trump Supporters Panic; File Lawsuit to Stop Recount.
i called but got a voicemail tree. what options are recommended? i want to repost but make this easy for people.
Nov 3 in-frequent commented on Seattle High School Teacher Gets a “Teaching Moment” After Wearing Blackface.
@13 - generally confused. the stranger article is not an editorial, it is only reporting facts. it actually supports no view and makes no judgement, but lets the story and those quoted speak for it/themselves. what part was filth? the facts? the stranger reporting on facts that happened? even if you don't like what happened -- maybe especially so -- wouldn't you the reader want the facts reported? why would the stranger be ashamed of reporting these facts?
Nov 3 in-frequent commented on Seattle High School Teacher Gets a “Teaching Moment” After Wearing Blackface.…

i'm guessing he thought that the mask made the difference, and with some masks, like the one i linked to above, i can see why there could be gray area at times. he seems to have had no ill-intent, and is handling his apology well. but that doesn't mean his actions didn't hurt or harm others. seeing the picture of him -- he should have known better.
Nov 3 in-frequent commented on Beyoncé Performs at the CMA Awards, Upsets Genre Boundaries and Also Racists.
you keep daft punk out of the death of anything you
Nov 3 in-frequent commented on In Trial of Cynthia Whitlatch, William Wingate Breaks Down As He Testifies About His Arrest: "I Felt Helpless".
i'm a little confused about her defense. is banging a stop sign and glaring at someone while wearing sunglasses probable cause to stop someone to begin with? i mean, i'm not saying i believe her, i watched the tape and i believe mr. wingate. but is she even arguing something that justifies her response to him, a over 70 year old man?
Oct 28 in-frequent commented on Savage Love.
@74 good points. in context, yeah, he should be more understanding it seems. so i guess i'd just say to the letter writer, you can't compare her past experiences with your current and draw the conclusion that you are.

@75 that's a good point as well. it's a trap they both have to get out of before it can get better.
Oct 28 in-frequent commented on Ammon Bundy and "Vanilla ISIS" Crew Found Not Guilty of All Charges in Oregon Standoff.
@21 "your?" ugh. so distraught by acquittal that basic spelling and grammar rules are failing me

@1 agreed
Oct 28 in-frequent commented on Ammon Bundy and "Vanilla ISIS" Crew Found Not Guilty of All Charges in Oregon Standoff.
@16 yeah if your in contempt of court they will detain you. he was definitely provoking them, and he got a great show out of it.

@2 OR ANYONE: How did this happen? I've read a few articles on it, but am still not clear. the offenses were so obvious and well-recorded. was this some jury nullification or what? it's so upsetting that the bundys and all their internet troll commentators have this to hang their hats on now. how did this happen? ugh.

(and, yes, of course i want the government and the prosecution to be kept in check, but especially in light of how black people are treated by the police and the courts this is just so disappointing an outcome)
Oct 28 in-frequent commented on Savage Love.
i think the way WOES wrote his letter it ticked off a lot of people here. and to some degree i think that's understandable. but i don't think he's asking for PIV every night. i feel like he's saying he could have PIV every night, but wants it more than once a week. he also feels like his lady used to have sex more frequently with others. when he says he wants to feel close to her, he may very well mean he feels sexually (or romantically) inadequate because she wanted *other* men more than she wanted him sexually. this is fairly common, and dan often addressed questions where the partner with the "higher libido" feels rejected and develops low self-worth because of the sexual dynamic. so, i feel there's a little more to unpack. WOES knows he feels bad, and maybe didn't write the best letter to express it, but i think he just wants sex more than once a week with someone who has told him that she used to have sex with others more than once a week.

the sleep stuff and porn stuff seems selfish and BS, though, so i'm with you all on all that nonsense.
Oct 26 in-frequent commented on Matt Hickey Arraignment Postponed—He Has to Be Formally Extradited from Nevada First.
maybe they could get him to sign the forms by telling them it's for a job opportunity in the porn industry