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Jun 19 in-frequent commented on Police Investigating Alleged Racial Slur Used by Officer Against Black Lives Matter Protester.
though this may seem minor -- one of the larger problems we face is the discriminatory enforcement of the law COUPLED WITH people who say the law is not being enforced discriminately. cannot solve the former without confronting the latter.

so this is a big deal because it shows behind that veil. and i don't know about you, but i would never have to stop myself mid-sentence because i would never say nor think that term. not even under pressure. if he cannot control his instinct, in what other ways is his prejudice affecting the way he enforces the law?
Jun 19 in-frequent commented on Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's Lifetime Movie: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??.
i think it's hilarious and i'm going to watch. i don't expect a "punchline" other than the concept. in fact, i'd think a punchline could ruin it. but maybe there's some unexpected and risky twist that would make it even better. regardless! i'm watching!
May 22 in-frequent commented on Anti-Eviction Activist (and City Council Candidate) Josh Farris Is Being Evicted.
why all this focus on the cocksucker thing? yeah, inappropriate word if said. but it seems like the manager overheard the comment? so, said in privacy and not to his face? and just speculation? does the tenant agree he said this?
May 22 in-frequent commented on Anti-Eviction Activist (and City Council Candidate) Josh Farris Is Being Evicted.
ah, that is just seattleblues. still, slog comments over the past few months have.... changed. i've been reading and posting here, um, infrequently, over the past ten years. i don't know if it's the interface changes, the staff changes, or what, but the comments are not nearly as enjoyable as they used to be. i mean that there are fewer interesting points of view (where's fnarf?), that there is less of community feel, and when there are "debates" they are less civil and informative. now there are mean people with oddly conservative views. it bums me out and makes me feel like maybe the changes in seattle are more pervasive than i'd thought -- not just the rent is changing, but the character and values of our city are changing.
May 22 in-frequent commented on Anti-Eviction Activist (and City Council Candidate) Josh Farris Is Being Evicted.
this makes me so sad. the comments here. how is the tenant being an asshole here?

the idea that 20 days notice is reasonable is wrong. the tenant should protest. and sure, the landlord is acting within the law -- but his action has a direct on other people. treat others how you'd like to be treated and all that. was more notice really not possible?
May 20 in-frequent commented on SL Letter of the Day: You're Dating a Clown. Deal With It..
really good comments in this thread. funny @30. yeah, it sounds like she wants out. and he might be a little manipulative, but having a stripper partner would be a tough one for a lot of us.
May 20 in-frequent commented on Good Morning—Oh Hey Look, It's the Most Beautiful Stranger Cover of All Time.
agreed @4.... so good. i saved a poster of that one.
Apr 28 in-frequent commented on Renee Erickson Eliminates Tips and Raises Wages to $15 in a Move Toward Greater Parity Among Restaurant Workers.
basically this restaurant decided servers making that extra $6 or so dollars an hour was not justified. maybe they are right. so they are having the servers pay for a share of the bump up in overall staff expenses and throwing in some income disparity because cook earning around or over $15 were going to be upset. maybe that is fair. something about it all rubs me the wrong way though.f
Apr 28 in-frequent commented on Scotusblog Is Live-Blogging Obergefell v. Hodges.
i kind of agree with @1. as a religious ceremony, i kind of feel a religion should have the right to choose who it does and does not marry. but because it's intertwined with government policy, it has to be equal somehow. because the state allowed what is recognized to be called marriages, and churches didn't have a problem with it in the past, the definition of marriage has to change in order to be just.
Mar 25 in-frequent commented on Alison Stevenson Won't Suck Your Dick.
There's a couple things I take from it: First, it's good that she's making this clear, because when it comes standard, you should let your partner know that you don't do it. But second, I think the key word there is partner. Letting everyone know is a akin to endorsing it, or encouraging others. Just like Tucker Max. If we are going to judge him for being a selfish asshole in bed, we should judge her. And if we can say what Tucker does is unhealthy because it encourages other men do act in that way (in a way that is actually harmful to women as well as the men who engage in such behavior), then we should say it is unhealthy for her to encourage others to act in such a way. She wants to get on her pulpit and say she's selfish. Okay, I guess, but she doesn't get a pass just because she's "being honest." She should get called out (wanted to get an "out" in there) for selfishness.

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