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I used to have all sorts of problems. Now there's just the one.

Apr 21 Mad Drunk Genius commented on What People Are Saying About Ijeoma Oluo's Rachel Dolezal Story.
I don't enjoy Charles Mudede currently as a writer because he seems to have gotten lazy & click-baity.

But according to Ijeoma Oluo, he puts a lot more effort into his editing, so for that alone I'm glad he's stuck with The Stranger: having an eye for stories & how to help other writers turn their stories into the best version possible.
Feb 23 Mad Drunk Genius commented on Guest Editorial: It Is Dangerous and Irresponsible Not to Fight Trump’s Xenophobic and Islamophobic Agenda.
We ought to do absolutely everything we can to resist a fascist like Donald Trump, except vote for or contribute to or otherwise support the only alternative to stopping him getting into office in the first place.
Jan 13 Mad Drunk Genius commented on Attorney General Cracks Down on Landlords Who Ban Felons, Citing Disproportionate Impact on Black Renters.
'To avoid discrimination, according to the AG's office, landlords must first consider what a felony conviction was for, how long ago it was, and what the applicant has done since before rejecting a potential tenant.'

That's eminently reasonable and useful in a colorblind way of making sure people who've served their debt to society can live and work normally to return to being productive members of society.

Even if you're a conservative who doesn't want to acknowledge the disparate impact on black Americans in particular, you ought to want anyone who went to prison to be able to look forward to having a decent home and life they care about preserving. Otherwise they'll always be forced to live a slum or some area where you're marginally connected to productive society and far more likely to return to criminal activity when that's what's prevalent socially and economically around you.
Dec 6, 2016 Mad Drunk Genius commented on Twenty Years of Tini Bigs.
If it were a new bar coming to Seattle, this article would be about how classist, misogynistic, and horribly unhealthy cigar bars are.
Aug 18, 2016 Mad Drunk Genius commented on Why Nate Parker Should Never Have Made The Birth of a Nation.
Wait, how is someone acquitted of a crime 17 years ago supposed to go about living the rest of their lives? Never produce any artistic work? Never be involved politics? Never work at any job? I understand if it's Bill Cosby who has shown himself to be an unrepentant serial rapist and never faced legal prosecution for his crimes, but for one accusation he was acquitted over? What if he'd been convicted and served a sentence instead? Would that make it OK for him to ever make films again?

I'm not trying to be hyperbolic, I just literally don't understand what sort of society these final two paragraphs are asking for.

'Though its director was cleared of the charge of rape, the incident is far from over. It is and will always be a part of his life. This, I think, Parker and Celestin, failed to understand and appreciate. Because if they did, there's no way they would have made The Birth of a Nation. They would have reflected on the bad thing that really did happen in the past, looked at the story they were developing, and seen clearly it was not going to work. And fact they went ahead with it only shows how men often fail to grasp the seriousness of this kind of crime. No matter what the ruling was in this case, the woman stated the sex was not consensual. We need to always keep that in mind.

'My recommendation is that the studio pull the plug on Parker's film for the sake of the dead woman's family. They have suffered enough, and one of its creators was actually charged with sexual assault. And this person is evidently still close with Parker. All of this is just too fucked up. The studio should absorb its losses and look elsewhere for young and talented black filmmakers.'
Jul 22, 2016 Mad Drunk Genius commented on The Green Party Responds to Dan Savage, Says He's "Dead Wrong".
@2 had a great early post. My biggest problem with #BernieOrBust people and the Green Party in general is that they don't seem to want to recognize how many people don't agree with them and therefore don't realize what actual options there are.

It's fine that you think that veganism is the only morally right diet for a person to have, but most other people don't feel that way (yet). That means when everybody gets together to vote on which catering menu is provided, the choices you have are between the vegetarian menu and the one with lobster, veal, and foie gras. You may continue to criticize the vegetarians and try to move more of them over to your beliefs, but if you, the vegetarians, and pescetarians don't pool your votes to get most of what you want, you're all going to be eating blood sausage together.

You're going to have to eat, and I don't see how you can feel morally superior for choosing something you knew from the outset you were never going to get instead of getting the closest thing to what you want that's available.
Jul 7, 2016 Mad Drunk Genius commented on Furious Police Officer Speaks Out: "How Dare You Stand Next to Me in the Same Uniform and Murder Somebody".
Where are the so-called 'moderate' police officers denouncing these killings by radical law enforcement?
May 5, 2016 Mad Drunk Genius commented on Clinton Campaign Accidentally Makes Pro-Trump Ad.
To Donald Trump's supporters, those ads are everything they like about him. But this is just the beginning and didn't go back any further than the start of his campaign: a greatest hits of (some of) his most offensive statements in the past year when he was running for president. People laughed off some of the outrageous stuff earlier when he was viewed as a carnival barker; hearing them again reminds you that the man saying this could be the next president of the United States.

Later, I'm sure ads will go back in time and chronicle some of his Howard Stern interviews, the lawsuits against him, his bankruptcy, and most racist and misogynistic views.

But this ad was to all of the 'reasonable Republicans' who didn't vote for Trump, and still view him as at best the lesser evil. If Clinton can de-motivate those people into staying home rather than casting a vote for the GOP nominee because he's such a horrible person, that means she's winning, and helping downballot Democrats, too.

Apr 20, 2016 Mad Drunk Genius commented on On National Weed Day, Another Protest Against the Central District's Uncle Ike Pot Shop.
@Spiffy D: That liquor store has been there a very long time, and definitely goes to the point that Secrest was making about no one having a liquor store open near a school in Upper Queen Anne, or whatever.

But I agree that it's difficult for me to take seriously their complaints when a bar and liquor store have been there so long, apparently at no danger to church-goers or children, and the prospect of stoned gentrifiers (and tourists) is a lot less worrisome to me that those same people after a shot or five.

There's been lots of stories about this dispute and the liquor store has been brought up, but I can't remember them ever addressing why they weren't protesting it before. Their original protests are what reminded me Ike's was there and to check it out in the first place.
Nov 5, 2014 Mad Drunk Genius commented on What Everyone Who Runs City Hall Secretly Thinks.
What the hell is going on at The Stranger for everyone to be jumping ship?