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codswallower is pretending to work.
Apr 6 codswallower commented on Dems Filibuster Gorsuch; Senate About to Go Nuclear.
So we're going to have an illegitimate Supreme Court justice with a lifetime appointment. This ultimately damages the court as a whole and the judicial branch in general.
Feb 23 codswallower is pretending to work.
Feb 23 codswallower updated his or her bio.
Feb 23 codswallower commented on Trump Is Trying to Cut Arts Funding. But Are You Really Surprised?.
The last Republican appointed CPB Chair Kenneth Tomlinson claimed NPR stations are guilty of "liberal advocacy journalism" and called for more sympathetic coverage of the right of the political spectrum.

Funding from CPB and the UW amount to around 7.7 of the total budget for KUOW. They'd take a hit without that funding but it wouldn't put them out of business.

Without having to worry about Republican lawmakers hovering over their shoulder they might be able to do some real "liberal advocacy journalism."

If the cost of 7.7% of the budget is neutered journalism, is it worth it?

Jan 19 codswallower commented on Then and Now: The Rent Of a Central District Apartment.
Right wing trolls aside, this is one of the problems with the hallowed supply and demand economy. The owners of this building did nothing to warrant the doubling of rent for these units. It's like a lottery win for them. That the rest of us pay for.
Profiteering doesn't trickle down.
Jan 13 codswallower commented on New Seattle Eats: The U District Is Getting Its Own Ba Bar, Rancho Bravo, and RGB.
There's a Rancho Bravo on Northeast 45th St in Wallingford and North 36th St in Fremont as well as the Cap Hill Location.
So you're never too far from awesome tacos.
Nov 23, 2016 codswallower commented on For Clinton, Challenging Election Results Is Challenging the Love of White Males.
Knife to a gun fight should be the Democrats official motto.
Sep 9, 2016 codswallower commented on Standing for the National Anthem Before a Football Game Is The Same As Honoring 9/11 By Selling Soda Pop.
I'm also a foreigner who finds the coercive and compulsory displays of "patriotism" weird and off-putting. Patriotism makes war more likely and civil rights violations acceptable. Plus it makes you look like a dick.
Aug 17, 2016 codswallower commented on The Morning News: City Light CEO Was Under Investigation When Appointed, Excessive Heat Watch Issued.
I wonder if LA will continue to send climate change deniers like David Vitter and Bill Cassidy to congress.

Actually I don't wonder at all.