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Nov 23 codswallower commented on For Clinton, Challenging Election Results Is Challenging the Love of White Males.
Knife to a gun fight should be the Democrats official motto.
Sep 9 codswallower commented on Standing for the National Anthem Before a Football Game Is The Same As Honoring 9/11 By Selling Soda Pop.
I'm also a foreigner who finds the coercive and compulsory displays of "patriotism" weird and off-putting. Patriotism makes war more likely and civil rights violations acceptable. Plus it makes you look like a dick.
Aug 17 codswallower commented on The Morning News: City Light CEO Was Under Investigation When Appointed, Excessive Heat Watch Issued.
I wonder if LA will continue to send climate change deniers like David Vitter and Bill Cassidy to congress.

Actually I don't wonder at all.
Aug 16 codswallower commented on Watch The Stranger Race a Leather Daddy on a Solowheel.
That was beautiful.
Aug 15 codswallower commented on Here’s Some Stuff the Seattle Times Didn’t Tell You About Bill Bryant.
His challenge is to appear moderate to Puget Sound voters while dog-whistling his real values to the GOP base. It's the same strategy McKenna tried and it's not likely to work for Bryant either.

About half the Trump lawn signs in Snohomish county are accompanied by a Bryant sign. (unscientific survey based on places I drive by to go fishing)
Jul 18 codswallower commented on The Morning News: A Diverse UW Freshman Class, Words from the Queen Protester, and Baton Rouge's Slain Police Officers.
Lay off le petit gars. He rid the country of Conrad Black. There's no higher form of public service.
Jun 30 codswallower commented on Paul Allen Donates $1 Million to House The Homeless. But What About His Other Donations?.
Forbes pegs his net worth at $18.1 billion.

Of which a million bucks is 0.0055 %.

So I'm not so impressed.…

Jun 21 codswallower commented on After Desiree McCloud's Death, Bike Advocates Demand Changes Near Streetcar Tracks.
Streetcar tracks are certainly perilous for cyclists. And Ms McCloud's death is tragic.

But private cars are the real danger to bikers. And streetcars remove them from the road.

I'm sorry for her family's loss but taking it out on transit is wrong headed. Most European cities have extensive street car networks sharing the roads with many more cyclists than we have. These cities are much safer for everyone.

The tracks should be crossed at a 90° angle or as close to that as possible.