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Jan 28 Sir Vic answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.
Jan 28 Sir Vic updated his or her bio.
Jan 28 Sir Vic commented on Sex Workers Get Shut Out of Seattle’s "Sexual Exploitation" Conversation a Second Time.
Funny how no one mentions immigration reform when discussing this topic. It seems that many of the sex slave rings that have been busted lately have involved women smuggled in from the Far East, Eastern Europe and Africa. Perhaps if the illicit immigration situation were addressed, these "labor pools" wouldn't be so easily exploited?
Jan 26 Sir Vic commented on Sarah Palin Serves Up Thirty Solid Minutes of Word Salad at Iowa Republican Candidate Summit.
@5 Like I've said before: 5 different schools to get a communications degree from U of Idaho doesn't suggest a scholar, or even someone who wanted to go to class. Her active loathing of the teaching profession, despite her parentage, indicates that she really didn't like having to face her own intellectual deficits.
As @2 points out, this is someone with the mind of a failed beauty pageant contestant.
Jan 26 Sir Vic commented on Seattle Has the Smartest Kids Ever, Which Is Why They Delivered a "State of the Planet" at City Hall This Weekend.
Glad to see kids getting involved, but the only thing that is really going to make a difference is if they sign a pledge to vote in every election once eligible, and to only vote for scientifically sound candidates & campaigns.
Smart kids are no match for stupid or non-existent voters.
Jan 26 Sir Vic commented on Koch Brothers to Spend Nearly a Billion Dollars on the 2016 Elections.
They aren't just spending money so they won't have to pay taxes:

They are spending money so they can continue to destroy the environment, legally.
They are spending money so they can continue to underpay their manual labor force, legally.
They are spending money to continue to get sweetheart deals on leases and government contracts, which increases their profit margins.
They are spending money to strangle local schools (charters) and the Post Office (pension), so they can scoop up publicly owned & developed property for pennies on the dollar.
That's the rigged game. Taxes are just the tip of the iceberg.
Jan 23 Sir Vic commented on Anyone Tried Out the Pono Music Player?.
If they were really serious, the Pono would support a USB connection to surround sound headphones and, of course, the ability to play multi-channel audio tracks of varying formats. If you can't listen to a quad version of After the Gold Rush, what's the point?
Jan 23 Sir Vic commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Professional Criminal.
@1 They're actually recruiting the psycho to join the SPD. He sounds like exactly the kind of hot-head they're looking for.
Jan 21 Sir Vic commented on Guest Editorial: Seattle Port Commissioners Turn a Blind Eye to Climate Change.
Is the Greenpeace signature an implicit threat of vandalism and sabotage if Shell's plans continue?

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