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  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
  • What keeps you up at night?: light-sleeping toddler
  • What book have you read the most?: Common Sense
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: Their Your There You're They're
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: Much Ado About Nothing

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Dec 5 Allyn commented on UK Bans Production of Porn Featuring Female Ejaculation.
I do not understand the argument about whether or not female ejaculation is a thing - especially when it's scientists and sexuality researchers involved in the debate. What more needs to be shown? Does each person who doubts its existence need to actually see it in person? Are they suggesting that those who've studied its chemical makeup are, what?, lying? mistaken? ignorant?

This is like doubting that the Parthenon is real because you've never seen it yourself, but only in pictures which can be doctored.

Having this skill/curse/disposition/trait, I can assure the doubters that, no, it's not pee. Really. Having used bed pads below me, it's more than obvious that it has neither the color nor scent of urine. Nor does it feel like urination to me and my bladder is no emptier after. How is this still a discussion?
Nov 21 Allyn commented on Is Viagra for Women a Sham?.
"—which is most likely boredom—"

Can you say that again, but louder next time? And repeatedly?
Oct 1 Allyn commented on HUMP! 2014 Festival Tickets On Sale NOW.
@2 Dan will be present and speaking to the audience at the "hosted" shows. "Curated" shows means that he's planned it and he's the official presenter, but a rep of his will be there. I think Lindy did one of the shows I attended.
Sep 12 Allyn commented on Climate Change.
No, the visitation schedule is clear: we don't have responsibility for that for another two to three weeks.
Aug 21 Allyn commented on Everything Is Transphobic (But "Gay Men Draw Vaginas" Isn't).
Front hole.

Does no one understand basic biology? WTF. There are three holes. The front one is *not* the vagina.

My two-year-old had a more comprehensive understanding of her body parts.

Aug 21 Allyn commented on Stanford Student Compares Rape to Bicycle Theft.
@29 "Silly me to try and have a rational argument in SLOG."
As soon as you make one, we can enjoy a discussion.
Aug 21 Allyn commented on Stanford Student Compares Rape to Bicycle Theft.
@6 "the front hole"

...you mean the urethra? How exactly would that prevent...

OH!! Do you mean the middle hole?
Aug 20 Allyn commented on SL Letters of the Day: Who Am I Cuckolding Here?.
If he's been a cuckhold this whole time and scared to tell her his fantasy/fetish, it may explain why he was a surly dick. If she's happy doing the cuckhold thing, then maybe his personality change is permanent. But still, yes, hide money away like @2 says jic it turns sour.
Aug 20 Allyn commented on Photo of the Week: Shirtless in Seattle?.
@35 Yes. Fuck off.
Aug 20 Allyn commented on Photo of the Week: Shirtless in Seattle?.
Wow, Kelly, this is truly offensive - even with @1's "correct" comment, as you state.

Why the invitation to mock? Because she's not a skinny-minnie? Yes, if dudes can go topless, so can women. If a skinny chick can go out in a bra, so can a chubby chick.

Perhaps you were trying to rally us around the "correct" answer - maybe - but this is a truly offensive post.

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