Jan 29, 2016 SASS commented on Bernie Bros: Same Old Trolls, Brand New Name?.
Ever consider they are the same "paid infiltrators" who put out pro-Bernie memes on Facebook? They are angling for him to be the nominee; Republican establishment thinks he will be easier to beat.
Oct 14, 2014 SASS commented on Penn Jillette, Arbiter of Cuntiness, Is Coming to Town.
That was a pretty lame "article."
Sep 1, 2014 SASS commented on Labor Day in the Bible Belt.
come out, come out wherever you are (Bible belt states) and let's get this concept of natural evolution moving.
Sep 1, 2014 SASS commented on Labor Day in the Bible Belt.
@3 I didn't pick up on Dan speaking disparagingly about porn. You can make any excuses for these stats on gay porn viewings but it always comes back to cowardice or hypocrisy on the viewers' part.
Aug 29, 2014 SASS commented on Please Stop Fighting Over Reclining Seats on Airplanes.
@8 Glad you think Paul is right, but your an idiot. Apparently the airlines believe the recliner is 'right' since that device is present and the knee defenders aren't. BTW, I'm 6' and haven't come close to having my knees crunched. I bet you like your inexpensive tickets as well.
Aug 29, 2014 SASS commented on Please Stop Fighting Over Reclining Seats on Airplanes.
sounds like Paul uses his flight to do his work. Sorry, but I don't do my work on a laptop so I recline when I fly and I don't clear it w/ the person behind me. I just assumed the recline feature was there to use at my discretion.
Jul 4, 2014 SASS commented on Morning News: Zombie George Washington, NPR WTF, Rich Asshole RIP.
CNN headline: "Women on Supreme Court lash out"
Jan 5, 2014 SASS commented on Hunter With Popular TV Show Fired For Saying Something Controversial!.
Thanks Dan for the new and improved!
Dec 3, 2013 SASS commented on The Alleged Victoria Clipper Thief Was Most Likely Cranking a Song.
@2 -- not too on the bow for me, Come Sail Away is exactly the song that came to mind!
Oct 31, 2013 SASS commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mom's Journal, Dad's Porn.
I wish to wrap up this thread, for my part anyway, as it has been exhausting (the feeling I get whenever I tell my story) while at the same time clarifying. Whenever someone comes out of their sexual orientation closet, be they young, middIe age, or older, I feel positive about it. No matter what age they are, that act has forward moving repercussions. As Harvey Milk says, coming out is the most important thing you can do. It always impacts someone else who is still in the closet. America is still very homophobic and it's not just in the church. The church may have generated the phobia but is very much engrained in our society at large. Such deeply rooted biases take generations to change and we are witnessing the turning of those wheels. The best action any of us can take is encouragement when someone comes out, and I truly have felt that in this 'thread'. Whenever one faction of a society is repressed, everyone else connected to that faction is affected, be it spouses, children, other closeted relatives, and well let's just say everyone. With the diminishing of christian fundamentalism, we can look forward to a more progressive, enlightened and scientific approach to understanding sexuality, thereby everyone benefits. Thankyou all for letting me express myself so candidly