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Sep 9, 2010 jinushaun commented on Chicago Transplant Derek Erdman on Than Brothers Pho.
Pho Bac in the international district (7th and Jackson) has the best pho. Rich hearty broth, high quality meats. Green Leaf on 8th and Jackon is also a good choice. Pho Cyclo and Thanh Bros are so inconsistent and average and often contains questionable meat quality. Like still frozen tendon and old brisket. I just wish more places had chili oil sauce like Thanh Bros.

And the service at Pho Cyclo is pure shit, but I guess they don't care since they have the best pho on Capitol Hill so the place is always packed. Whenever I eat at Pho Cyclo for the vermicelli bowl, I leave angry. I need to find a better place to get vermicelli bowls...
Sep 8, 2010 jinushaun commented on Truth-Teller Dino Rossi Saw the Great Recession Coming, Knows How to Fix It.
Where was all this talk about overspending and increasing the debt when Bush went to war?
Aug 16, 2010 jinushaun commented on San Francisco Pushes Drinkers in Streets—What's Stopping Seattle From Doing the Same?.
Spend a few seconds in Vancouver and you'll see how much Seattle sucks in terms of outdoor seating and walkabillity. They have the same weather as we do (if not worse), yet they have 100x more outdoor seating than we do!

Even when I was Berlin with their shitty weather, they had tons of outdoor seating with gigantic umbrellas and heated lamps.
Jun 13, 2010 jinushaun commented on Alki > Gasworks Park > Madison Beach.
And Vancouver better than all of them. I think Alki is a wasted opportunity. No tourism infrastructure. Golden Gardens is the best beach in Seattle.
May 21, 2010 jinushaun commented on Bar Exam.
I'm not sad to see the Lusty Lady go. Good riddance. Just because something is old doesn't make it a Seattle icon worth keeping.
May 12, 2010 jinushaun commented on Today in Anonymous Lipstick Lesbian Rage.
Can't say I agree with her outrage. I'm straight, and straight women having bachelorette parties in gay clubs is an affront to gay people. Period. Seattle or anywhere else. She should've had rainbows and triangles on her veil or something. They had every right to be angry, especially when gay marriage is such a hot topic right now. And considering that gay marriage isn't even legal in this state, they had every reason to believe you're straight.

The Seattle gays weren't "pretentious". You were just ignorant or naive to the plight of your own people.
May 10, 2010 jinushaun commented on iBooks Down, Kindle Up.
Who wants to buy books that are trapped to one device? Kindle books work on a variety of devices (including desktop computers) and are therefore the smarter choice.
May 10, 2010 jinushaun commented on Can You Think of a Single, Itsy, Bitsy, Teensy, Weensy Defect In the Constitution as Originally Conceived?.
If the original constitution wasn't defective, then why did we have to amend the damn Bill of Rights to it? (You know, right to bear arms and such) They should've been included in the first draft!
May 7, 2010 jinushaun commented on You Cannot Iron Out These Brain Wrinkles Once They Are Formed.
Yeah, when I first saw that trailier, it traumatised me for days.