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May 1, 2013 deedee70 commented on Savage Love.
Everyone is assuming that the man in the sexless marriage is being honest with the other woman. How do we know he doesn't just say that to get laid? I mean c'mon, he wouldn't be the first guy to lie about how bad it all was at home and she wouldn't be the first woman to be all kind and sensitive about wanting to take care of his needs. Sheesh.
Oct 24, 2012 deedee70 joined My Stranger Face
Oct 24, 2012 deedee70 commented on Savage Love.
@21, so wow, it only took a few posts to make it to a Nazi reference which totally offends any sensible person. Let's be clear, making a reference to a Nazi automatically invalidates your arguments for several reasons: you clearly have no idea of what the Nazi's actually did or wouldn't be bringing them up; you do know and minimize because you lack any empathy; you have some weird anti semitic thinking that makes any atrocity suffered by jews as just minor incidents. And J.G.? Seriously? I can only thing of right wing fundamentalist christians who can compare with the amount of vehement hatred that they spew for anyone and everyone not connected with their delusional thinking especially the homosexual community.

Our current president inherited 2/3's of the deficit so your amnesia applies to current events as well as historical.

Being fiscally conservative was old school republican and they don't exist anymore, being homophobic creeps is current republican and those people do exist, it's spelled out in their platform and ratified at the RNC.

You make only one good point, political views are free but who you vote for has consequences. So kids, if you're gay and you vote republican, you are voting against yourself. It's really that simple.