Sep 11, 2013 SigLNY commented on Richard Dawkins Is Cool With "Mild Pedophilia”.
The hysteria around "pedophilia" is half the problem. It is wrong and terrible to molest a child. But, we have to admit the the neurotic phobia around the subject, and the way we vilify pedophiles as not just sick and weak people but downright inhuman devils, does no one any service and makes the abuse even more scarring for the victim. I think Dawkins is just pointing out that we need to have a little perspective about hot-button subjects like this before we all grab pitchforks and torches. Plus, there is an English "tradition" of this kind of behavior; a similar scenario to that portrayed in the play "the History Boys." And no, I am not defending pedophiles or pedophilia.
Sep 25, 2012 SigLNY commented on Mitt Romney Is Not Stupid, but He Is Very Unfunny.
Mitt Romney and the Infinite Sadness:…
Sep 25, 2012 SigLNY commented on Mitt Romney Is Not Stupid, but He Is Very Unfunny.
Paul's right. It's OBVIOUSLY a joke attempted by someone with no aptitude for humor. He did go to Stanford and Harvard (earning a law AND business degree) and then was smart enough to make $500 Million and, eventually, become one of the most prominent politicians in America. (He also spends LOTS of time in planes.) While his daddy helped, and though Mitt had all the brakes, it's not like Bush who had a President for a DADDY. Romney is many horrible things - spoiled rich kid, shameless corporate raider, flip-flopping opportunist, emotional automaton, empty, power hungry psychopath - but dumb is not one of them.
May 9, 2012 SigLNY commented on Obama Comes Out for Same-Sex Marriage.
Wrong Dan. It's prudent for the President to formally endorse a State-by-State approach; Obama knows that a patchwork nation-wide marriage policy is constitutionally untenable. This announcement was for America, sure, but it was also for one very special person in particular, Justice Anthony Kennedy. He'll be even more hesitant now to taint his legacy with a regressive vote on civil rights. The President isn't a Emperor, able to rule by fiat, he's part of a system. The symbolic victory, the social momentum it propels, is why this moment is truly historic. Still, the final word on gay marriage, the grand denouement, will occur where this whole movement began, at The Supreme Court with a majority decision written by Justice Anthony Kennedy. It's poetic really.
Mar 28, 2011 SigLNY commented on Confidential to the NYT.
Taibbi would be amazing, but I'd hate to see him become a pure pundit as opposed to the oh-so-necessary investigative journalist he is. Few people are more entertaining to read; and even fewer have as strong a moral compass.
Sep 8, 2009 SigLNY commented on Three More Thoughts on Scary Movies and Then I Am Done.
The first point is the most perplexing. Does this mean that horror films usually ask us to accept murder and death as "entertainment"? Like Busby Berkeley entertainment? Usually not I would think. May I suggest that horror films ask us to see death and violence as, oh, I-don't-know, HORRYFYING! (Hence being a "horror" movie.) Wouldn't most mainstream action movies be more to blame for desensitizing us to violence as death. At least in horror each murder and each act of violence is meant to be traumatic to the viewer. (Of course there are complications to this view but overall I think it works.)
Aug 5, 2009 SigLNY commented on True Forced Loneliness.
I love the Michael Jackson "be yourself" collage he inserts. I hope he is being witty or ironic or something...but I doubt it.
May 5, 2009 SigLNY commented on You Yourself: Part I.
I don't think this holds water. We can imagine a fully realized self without an immune system (say, a ghost) and we can also imagine an immune system existing without a self (a comatose person in a permanent vegetative state). These facts are so obvious that I am reluctant to point them out since Mudede must have a deeper metaphorical meaning to his pronouncement. Is our mental life, that is to say the thing that IS the self, possible to understand in some kind of immunological parallel. Does our psychic space define itself by what it rejects and "keeps out" - the way our bodies can be defined immunologically. I think defining where our physical bodies end and begin is a problem addressed in this post, but our mental lives, our true selves, cannot be understood in the same takes a certain imaginative abstraction to make the link.