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May 20, 2011 i'm a lime commented on Cliff Mass in Next Week's Stranger!.
Do you think you guys could start a radio station, while you're at it?
Feb 2, 2011 i'm a lime commented on Merry Groundhog Day, Everybody!.
Recently, I learned that Groundhog day is the traditional day for checking your woodpile to make sure you have enough firewood to get through the rest of your heating season. To find out if this was really true, I asked a couple of old guys who grew up on farms in rural Minnesota if they'd checked their woodpiles yet, and they knew just what I was talking about, then went on to chat about hay bales.
Jan 27, 2011 i'm a lime commented on That Should Settle It.
And of course having children never makes women crazy, causing them to, say, drown their kids one after another in the bathtub.
Dec 31, 2009 i'm a lime commented on "Say your goodbyes, lard-ass, because you're already dead.".
I was really excited after reading the header for this post, thinking that good old Mr. Limbaugh had kicked the bucket. Sigh. Alas.
Dec 7, 2009 i'm a lime commented on The Senate's Stupak Amendment.
I think that the Democrats should say: "Fine, we'll take publicly funded abortion off the table, and in exchange, we want prenatal care, labor and delivery covered across the board, as well as health care costs for new mothers and infants, and full care for low-income children. Oh, and some kind of daycare subsidy for low-income parents."
May 5, 2009 i'm a lime commented on I Can't Stop Drooling Over This.
The good folks at Ballard Bookcase are closing up shop. Or so they said in a letter I got about a month ago. When I went by to pick up a CD shelf, they told me that after 30 years, they were ready to do something else.