Nov 15, 2013 Irving commented on Illinois Bishop Plans to Exorcise Gay Marriage Out of His State.
Fuck his "redefinition" argument. We have "redefined" marriage countless times since the good ol' Bible days. Rapists aren't required to marry their victims. Polygamy is illegal. Marriage isn't (merely) an economic transaction. Woman are (theoretically at least) not deprived of autonomy once they're married. You can divorce. You can't marry children. Hell, blacks and whites can marry each other (but couldn't in the US before 1967).

Marriage as an institution has changed—or been changed—over and over. The marriage-ruining gays and their advocates are merely pushing for one more change. I think marriage can handle it.
Nov 13, 2013 Irving commented on Kshama Sawant Takes the Lead!.
@16: Your math is off:

"Nice that the vote difference is 41. Since Seattle has a little over 410,000 voters it works out to a difference of .0001 percent. "

41 is .01% of 410,000, not .0001%.

(10% = 41,000; 1% = 4,100; 0.1% = 410; 0.01% = 41.)
Nov 12, 2013 Irving commented on An Incomplete Account of This Morning's Mars Hill Twit-War.
"Driscoll is simply asking us to trust his interpretation of which Old Testament rules still matter. The arrogance of that statement coming from a man who calls himself Christian is, simply, astonishing."

Really? You find this astonishing? I find it typical.
Sep 26, 2013 Irving commented on Jazz and Dance Audiences Are Up (a Little), Theater Audiences Are Down (a Lot).
Are you saying you really don't know what is meant by "live experience"? And that non-theatergoers don't understand it?

I'm a non-theatergoer. I understand it.
Sep 9, 2013 Irving commented on The Chart Thickens.
Agree about K-pop. That's where the real professionalism and unabashed weirdness are. G-Dragon's new stuff, Lee Hi's voice, even the girl group juggernauts. Check it out.
Sep 5, 2013 Irving commented on Australia's Prime Minister Spanks Bigot Pastor.
It's nice (?) to see that religion gets as much airtime in Australian politics as it does here. While I believe that the Prime Minster's position on marriage equality is correct (it's a matter of simple fairness and justice), all the Jesus stuff and the dueling Bible verses are silly.
Aug 26, 2013 Irving commented on Keep It Simple, Sausage.
You people and your meat. "Wild textural journey"? It's just meat, you freaks.
Aug 14, 2013 Irving commented on My Sugar Intake Would Kill Fields of Mice.
I'd think the best way to determine what healthy human diets look like is to examine humans. Instead, they watched what happened with mice and said, I wonder if this would play out the same way in humans. And how do you find out if it does? You examine humans.

Also, HFCS might not be as bad (or as much worse?) as it's cracked up to be:…
Jul 31, 2013 Irving commented on "I Know I Should Boycott Russian Vodka, But What About Russian Dressing?".
I just don't get why the A is upside-down.
Jul 25, 2013 Irving commented on Something You Should Know Before You Go.
Or is the problem that homophobes aren't necessarily _afraid_ of gay people? Fine. I agree it's kind of a silly word. But that's the word we (most of us) have settled on. And admit it: you always knew exactly what everyone meant when they said "homophobia."