Apr 16, 2011 franky commented on SL Letter of the Day: Have At It, Gang.
fuck the brat. ban the friend from the house (even if your daughter was upset, letting her friend get involved is inexcusable), ban her from the computer. 15 years old is plenty old enough to know that email accounts are private. this affair hurt absolutely no one. chances are it helped keep two marriages together, and was discreet enough that no one would've known had this brat gotten involved. i'd also like to note that the writer has no way of knowing that he left his email logged in. 15 year olds can and will snoop intentionally trying to find dirt if they're upset about ANYTHING a parent's done. discuss things with your wife, discuss things with your mistress, and if need be, apologize to your mistress' husband. i'd probably say let him get a free punch in the face or something like that. but the daughter? grounded. banned from the computer for at least a month, monitored use for a month thereafter. the idea that people are responding saying he has a moral issue are clumping all the issues here together. his affair and his daughter's blatant disregard for both his privacy and the feelings of the other people involved are different things, and should be treated as such. i've seen people saying that the girl's traumatized and things like that. hardly. she saw her family friend naked. racy pictures are racy pictures. she's seen them on the internet. even young girls get curious about porn, i'd wager this is no different. her father's affair was none of her business, and it's not as though she saw them because of "his carelessness" as some people said. she actively pretended to be him. does no one see how monumentally fucked up that actually is? if she'd violated his privacy and sent pictures he already had, forwarding them would've been (something akin) to justifiable. she was hurt and upset. she went out of her way to get fodder. she sought this damage, and deserves to be punished. she likes to invade privacy, tear hers away. door off her bedroom. make her provide you with her passwords. go through her facebook and email. see how she feels. then talk about how "upset" she is.
Feb 12, 2011 franky commented on Palin Wipes the Floor With Santorum.
i can't believe i'm rooting for sarah palin.
Feb 2, 2011 franky commented on I, Anonymous.
"i was supportive and caring but we're not friends anymore so you're an unnatural freak!" THAT'S what's been going on with those transphobic types...
Feb 2, 2011 franky commented on Savage Love.
did that first writer read like an asshole to anyone else? doesn't seem like a lack of interest so much a lack of motivation. standard sex is too much effort so i MUST be asexual! isn't that a lot like saying "that guy has a nice ass, i MUST be gay" and then proceeding to dive into that, no questions asked? unless dan edited a lot out or the writer left a lot out, because there seems to be a pretty serious jump in logic. but that aside, he just doesn't even fathom why fucking "normally" sexual would be cruel. especially since, to be 100% frank, it'd be on him to have the sex. that's not to say the woman can't initiate, but if she wants intercourse he's gotta either get it up or do something else. and doing something else begrudgingly is going to be shit, and if he can't get it up that's right off. at the VERY least, if a woman is having sex "just to get it out of the way" or something, he can take charge and fuck HER, since she doesn't have the biological limit men have. his problem doesn't just inhibit excited lively sex, it inhibit's ALL sex within the relationship. it'd be intentionally cruel to not mention it, and he knows it by merit of reading dan's column. it reads more like a fundie right wing trap "DON'T READ DAN SAVAGE'S COLUMN! IT'LL TURN YOU OFF ALL SEX!" or something thereabouts. maybe i'm just aggravated and reading into things that aren't there.
Sep 19, 2010 franky commented on Another One Who Wants My Job.
he's really rather cute, but for fucks sake all the cuts and angle changes made me want to scream.
Sep 19, 2010 franky commented on I, Anonymous.
it's not even your fucking BOYFRIEND anymore, lady. get over it. fucks sake, anything to contact him to feel superior.
Jul 14, 2010 franky commented on Control Tower.
so then i think the question on readers mind: did you enjoy true blood?
Sep 19, 2009 franky commented on I, Anonymous.
uh, @12, chill. sometimes people can put shit over on you. your lack of employability or whatever the fuck your issue is isn't the fault of meth addicts. i'm a cynic, but jesus. chill the fuck out. only a psycho could make this about how stupid corporate america is. (not that i disagree with that point)
on topic, this is one of the best fucking IA's i've read in a very long time.
Aug 7, 2009 franky commented on Required Reading.
wow. tears welled up right at the end.
Aug 6, 2009 franky commented on Bad Signs.
@6 i love that. it's illegal to lie ON the ballot, but lying about what the ballot IS is completely fine. brilliant.