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Jun 10, 2013 You're serious? commented on Watching Americans.
Two quick things: 1. "...learning that there is a war in Afghanistan, a war that's claiming the lives of Americans." Even more shocking to learn it's largely claiming the lives of Afghanis.

2. Thousands of US private military contractors are still in Iraq. They're in the country under the guise of "training Iraqi troops" and protecting the 11,000 embassy employees. Also, drones.

Now, why the alarm? It's because we've never had such clearcut evidence that the government is watching and storing all of our communications. All of us have sent a text or email that we would like to stay private, or made a phone call, had a Skype session or G-chat that we wouldn't want others to know about. We know for sure that our right to privacy has been completely violated.

Wiretappers passed around recordings of military personnel having phone sex as early as 2008 (…). Imagine what they'll do with everyone else's stuff. Also, recordings of phone sex sessions have been played in open court more than once.
Jun 10, 2013 You're serious? commented on I HATE YOU, MONDAY, AND I WANT YOU TO DIE.
Emily Wells.
Symphony 2 & the Click Boom Boom…
Symphony 1 In The Barrel of a Gun:…
Though my favorite song by her is "Passenger."

Or We Are Scientists?
Oct 24, 2012 You're serious? commented on The Stranger Election Control Board’s Endorsements For the November 6, 2012, General Election.
Dear Stranger,

I'm sorry you guys are asshole murder-apologists now. Sad. The shit you said about Obama is pure INSANITY. Yes, he's committed terrible war crimes that were Bush's wet dreams, killed a ton of Pakistanis, vaporized Yemeni CHILDREN, assassinated American citizens, fired upon first responders at drone strike sites, and then bombed funerals and weddings! But it's cool, they're BROWN PEOPLE, and Seattle loves WHITE PEOPLE, yeah? We don't give a shit about people in other countries.

"Sure, there are issues—with presidents, there are always issues—where he's dropped the ball (drones, Gitmo, drones). Those are serious issues. But right now, President Obama needs our help. After all he's done for us, we owe him the opportunity to transform from a very good president into a truly great one in his second term."

"After all he's done for us..." Would that be the part where he gave our taxpayer money to a bunch of corporations so they could continue raping the country? Would that be deporting like a million brown people? How about offering up Social Security like a sacrificial lamb (something Bush could never touch)?

@75 Simpatico.
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