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Keekee uhhh... reading Slog...
Dec 17 Keekee commented on Most Major American Movie Theater Chains Will Not Screen The Interview After Terrorist Threats.
Uh. Hello. Rogen was on the Colbert Report promoting the movie on Monday.
Dec 16 Keekee commented on Today's Song of the Day Is the Best Christmas Song Ever Written.
Huh. Well, now I know why I never like anythang Emily recommends.
Dec 8 Keekee commented on Marky Mark Wants His Felony Assault Conviction Wipey Wiped.
What a racist piece of shit he was (is?).
Dec 4 Keekee commented on RIP, Small Faces Keyboardist Ian McLagan.
Time for a new haircut!

Dec 3 Keekee commented on The Morning News: Scuffles at Zoo Board Over Elephants, More Ferguson Protests.
John Judis is old enough to be my Grand Father. He is not my fellow anything...
Nov 29 Keekee commented on The Song of the Day Is Articles of Faith's "Trains".
Lynyrd Skynyrd were also famous for having a three-guitar lineup and, of course, their politics.
Nov 18 Keekee commented on The Rock Show I WISH I Could Attend Tonight.
I can only imagine what you find pleasurable to listen to.
Nov 14 Keekee commented on What Are the Parallels Between Birth Control and PrEP?.
The distinction being that young Gay men are more promiscuous than young straight women.

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