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Feb 13, 2013 Gomez commented on BREAKING: Oversharing on Facebook Is Bad for Your Relationships.
Oversharing and statements of irresponsible pessimism (e.g. woe is me-ing and blaming your misfortunes on bad luck instead of your own actions) are not necessarily the same thing... though they tend to happen together.
Feb 13, 2013 Gomez commented on To Avoid Rape, "Try not to show fear.".
This post isn't arguing that authorities not do anything about the problem. It accepts there is a clear and present danger from a group of predatory and potentially violent assholes. This is just giving you preventative tips to minimize the possibility that you might be targeted, until authorities can catch the perpetrators.

Don't try to make it out into something more than what it actually is.
Feb 13, 2013 Gomez commented on I Hate the Airline Industry.
They have all the leverage. You need to get across the country in a few hours. They're the only ones who can do it. They don't have to unless they choose to do so. They can charge you whatever they want and treat you, within legal reason, however the hell they want.

You have no leverage other than to refuse to fly. But then again, you're the one who needs help to get across the country in a few hours.
Feb 4, 2013 Gomez commented on Local Coffee Chain Starts Charging Customers a 1.5 Percent "Sick Leave Surcharge".
I never really had a reason to patronize Cherry Street Coffee when there are a variety of superior options with better hours all over Seattle, and I sure as hell have a reason to actively avoid them now.
Jan 25, 2013 Gomez commented on "American Buffalo" at Seattle Rep: So Much Talent and So Little Effect.
IIRC Milam Wilson also directed that Seattle Rep scenery buffet God of Carnage (which incidentally also featured Altweis + his wife Amy Thone).
Dec 14, 2012 Gomez commented on White House Says "Today Is Not The Day" to Debate Gun Control.
Gun control ought to be discussed and improved, but advocates show such ugly and vile attitudes in doing so, inadvertently illustrating the culture of blame, paranoia and hate that produces this kind of violence in the first place.
Dec 10, 2012 Gomez commented on "How Freakin Dare You?????".
Does Marc realize that the photo on the cover is usually either irrelevant to the content inside the paper or tongue in cheek?
Nov 16, 2012 Gomez commented on Stories for Bad Children: Kelleen Conway Blanchard Plus Puppets.
The anonymous rant is especially curious because it targets Annex's community... even though the show in question isn't even an Annex show!

The reason the puppet theatre community and KCB get so much run is because their work is fucking funny, and good. Many working with the puppet scene are talented comedic improvisers (note that a lot of great actors in town are improvisers themselves or started out there), and that talent shows whenever they pick up a puppet and go to work on a new scripted production.

It's no wonder they draw so much interest and attention.
Nov 15, 2012 Gomez commented on Who Do You Want to Run for Mayor?.
With regards to SPD accountability being an issue, no mayor is going to have the stones or the political pull to do what it takes to change SPD or call in the Feds to straighten them out. What's happened with SPD would have happened no matter who the mayor is.

That all said, McGinn has grown on me in the last three years despite any shortcomings. He at least has been receptive to citizen and civic feedback and has altered his approach over time. He's been supportive of the local arts and most of his policies have been useful and more good intentioned than those of the bicycle. (Also, somewhat unrelated, but he lost weight and got in better shape, and anyone demonstrating a commitment to self-improvement wins my respect.)

Now, if Ed Murray ran, I'd face a hard decision. But otherwise I'd probably vote for McGinn this time around... amazing given four years ago I loathed the man.
Oct 24, 2012 Gomez commented on Sunday Morning News.
Wow, you people got a little too pissed off about the George McGovern line.

It's a blip-blip news rundown of multiple stories. I'm not sure why you expected the intern to interrupt the rundown to write a treatise on how George McGovern parted the Red Sea and led the Democrats to the Promised Land. Is this some sort of a joke?