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Jun 11, 2014 Eric Reynolds commented on Gary Groth.
Feb 11, 2014 Eric Reynolds commented on Master of Realty: The Rock & Roll Realtor.
There's a "Rock 'n' Roll Realty" in Seattle, I keep seeing one of their hideous "FOR SALE" signs at a property off 65th and 15th in Ballard. It has flames on it and could double as signage for that attorney in Georgia who PWND the Super Bowl.
May 23, 2013 Eric Reynolds commented on Comics App Pulls Adult Content from Apple Store.
@7 is wrong. This was Apple's decision, not ComiXology's. Thanks for writing this, Paul. It's disappointing that Apple is about as conservative as Diamond Distribution was circa 1985.
Apr 11, 2013 Eric Reynolds commented on It's True, Seattle Cabs Suck.
I served on a King Couny jury last fall in a civil court case involving Orange Cab, the driver, and a passenger. The moral of the whole case? Cab companies are scum who will turn on their drivers as quickly as their passengers. It's a game rigged to avoid liability at any and all costs.

This was a civil suit brought by a young man somewhat seriously injured (not life-threatening, but life-altering) in an accident in severe snow conditions as a passenger of Orange Cab. The driver was Somali and had been in the U.S. for less than a year and had never driven a car or spoken english before arriving here, let alone driven in icy conditions in Africa. Yet he obtained a cab license within a few months. The driver fully admitted negligence (in a nutshell, he had no idea what he was doing, was driving way too fast downhill on ice and lost control and 360-ed into a telephone pole); that was not a question. But the passenger was suing Orange Cab.

Orange cab denied both negligence and liability, and it basically boiled down to a case of whether the driver was an agent of Orange Cab or an independent contractor.

Cab drivers lease or own vehicles; the owner of the vehicle pays "association dues" to participate in Orange Cab's dispatch service, which amounts to dispatch computers/meters/credit card processing/and using their "brand". Orange Cab denies any "control" of the drivers, who are free to work their own hours and receive no salaries and pay no commission on fares to Orange Cab aside from credit card processing fees.

However, if the driver was proven to be an agent of Orange Cab, then Orange Cab was negligent and liable for putting that driver on the road given its public guarantees of safe and exceptional service ("Orange Cab: Forget the Rest, We're the Best"). This denial of control on Orange Cab's part and claim to be merely a dispatch co-op was essentially proven to be b.s. via a driver's manual that outlined all sorts of ways Orange Cab could control drivers and their brand via fines and penalties. A manual, ironically, that the driver sincerely claimed to have never seen before, almost certainly because he either had never been given it, or couldn't read it. The driver was as much a victim as the passenger, for the most part.

There was no debate that Orange Cab was negligent amongst the jury, it was just a matter of how much money to give the kid, who had some very minor credibility issues about the extent of his injuries. We gave him about $375,000.
Sep 7, 2012 Eric Reynolds commented on Down and Out in Tampa and Charlotte.
That was great, Paul.
Jul 25, 2012 Eric Reynolds commented on A Few Caveats to The Stranger's Arena Endorsement.
I think it's amazing that something so reasonable that the majority of the public is in favor of, as well as media outlets as diverse as The Stranger and every sports radio station in town, is still met with opposition from certain politicians and The Seattle Times (which seems determined to will itself out of consequence).
Jul 24, 2012 Eric Reynolds commented on Kurt Cobain at the Safeway.
Vaseline and meat puppets.
Jun 28, 2012 Eric Reynolds commented on The New Seattle Ferris Wheel at Pier 57.
I'm happy to hear you think it looks pretty. I do, too. I've heard more than a few snarky comments about it. But how can you hate a ferris wheel?
Feb 21, 2012 Eric Reynolds commented on There Is No New David Foster Wallace.
Great post. This makes me want to read this book more than any of the "This is the new DFW" pieces I read.