4:24 PM Rhizome commented on On the Blabbermouth Podcast: Do Trump-Voting Hillbillies Deserve Sympathy?.
Read part of that Frank Rich piece. My thinking is he is creating something of a false dichotomy. Those who listen to the concerns of the 'hillbilly' vs. those who only have contempt for them and dismiss their concerns. It is entirely possible to listen to them and still have considerable contempt for them. I grew up in semi-deplorable country, I'm pretty familiar with their 'concerns'. I find most of the squishy liberal pundits with their tortured attempts at empathy infuriating. At least as big a problem as corruption and plutocratic influence over government in this country is the staggering idiocy of the majority of the electorate. I get why so many on the left don't want to talk about this elephant in the room. Sneering contempt will indeed get you nowhere. Rich is correct that attempting to empathize with the gleefully ignorant is also a lost cause however.
Feb 7 Rhizome commented on Trump's Willing Executioners*.
I would not jump to any conclusion that the entire border control/TSA work force consists of just regular people doing what they are told to do. In my experience there is plenty of evidence that more than a few of them are sociopathic assholes and very likely intensely enthusiastic supporters of Trump and draconian immigration restrictions in general.
Feb 1 Rhizome commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
@48 Oh I'm amazed already, don't worry.

11 days in and we are already absolute pariahs in the international community and Trump is already well on his way to squandering tens of billions and tanking the economy with stupid pointless shit like his cartoon villain wall and random refugee bans. It's going to be tremendous! We're going to win and keep winning.Cuntinator Commingulus is going to finally be able to move out of his mother's basement!
Feb 1 Rhizome commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
Why is it that that I think the commentator anus would be howling endlessly about the unfair and antiquated electoral college if the situation was reversed and his orange fuhrer won the popular vote but lost the EC?

It is certainly relevant that Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. He has the presidency due to the system that is in place. What he does not have is any sort of mandate.
Jan 25 Rhizome commented on Trump Is Coming for Seattle.
@13 Heh? You need to be registered to vote. How can non-citizens easily register to vote? They might be able to pull that off with some elaborate scheme but imagining this could be widespread is indeed bizarre and out-there.
Jan 25 Rhizome commented on Trump Is Coming for Seattle.
So now we have 'major investigations' into completely made up shit? I guess the Republicans in Congress pioneered that with their various Benghazi fishing expeditions.

Maybe someone should give Trump the idea of launching a major investigation of the media's misrepresentation of the inauguration crowds. With so many alternative facts constantly conflicting with actual facts pretty soon there could be so many major investigations the executive branch won't have time to do anything else.
Jan 24 Rhizome commented on The Morning News: Federal Way Lawmaker Calls Protesting Trump "unAmerican" and "unChristian".
@30 I'll agree with that, if we can retire the term 'neo-liberal' as well, another word that has been drained of practically all meaning from over-use.

How about populist, ultra-nationalist, corporatist authoritarianism? In truth that is basically a definition of fascism though, and it takes a lot longer to say it (or type it).
Jan 24 Rhizome commented on The Morning News: Federal Way Lawmaker Calls Protesting Trump "unAmerican" and "unChristian".
@20 Yeah the thing is numbnuts, there's plenty more evidence than this guy's rant that this country could be slipping into fascism, like your Dear Orange Leader's inauguration speech for instance: scapegoating of foreigners, check, authoritarian bluster, check, apocalyptic hyperbole regarding the state of the country and the world, check, nationalistic spittle-spewing, check...In truth fascism is a nebulous term. Interesting article on Slate about this very subject: http://www.slate.com/articles/life/fasci…
Seems to me the best definition here is 'populist ultra-nationalism'. Tack on extreme authoritarianism to that definition (although I would say that is implied by ultra-nationalism). You're free to argue that it would be inaccurate to label Trump a 'populist ultra-nationalist' who also shows many signs he will govern as an extreme authoritarian. As for full-on fascism, we would likely need some sort of major crisis for that to take hold.
Jan 20 Rhizome commented on We Watched the Trump Inauguration So You Didn't Have To.
I don't know, the speech seemed to be missing something. Maybe a couple of qualifiers wherever the word 'people' was used.

"Jan. 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day [ignorant white] people became the rulers of this nation again."

I'd say if anyone had any doubts that fascism has descended on this land the orange one cleared that up for them today.
Jan 19 Rhizome commented on Obamacare: Evil. Less Evil. But Still Evil..
@7 Wait a minute, haven't you been arguing non-stop that the 50% of the population that did not vote are essentially socialists? I thought the story was that the Dems lost because they did not push the progressive agenda of single-payer, free college and the corresponding tax hikes? Stein supporters did not flip the election by their votes but the non-stop barrage of negativity from her partisans and Sanders fanatics on social media certainly did not help in the least.

The health care system is a clusterfuck but single-payer is and will remain for the foreseeable future an absolute non-starter in this country. The only way to get there is by stealth. A public option for Obamacare would have gotten us going in that direction.