Oct 22 Rhizome commented on Why Do So Many ST3 Critics Want Buses When Trains Would Be Better and Cheaper?.
@11 Why do I think you are talking out your ass? What is a better map than an elongated 'x' when you have an elongated city? What are they supposed to do to improve upon that? I'm all for having a line that crosses from the U-District to Ballard but having a hard time thinking of other routes that would be longer via bus. Capitol Hill to Ballard? Way faster. West Seattle to the U-District? Probably 1/3rd the time in at least 2 different crappy buses. Would be nice to include neighborhoods like Georgetown/SouthPark, put that First Hill station in that was skipped etc. But highest density areas are covered with this proposal.
Oct 21 Rhizome commented on Why Do So Many ST3 Critics Want Buses When Trains Would Be Better and Cheaper?.
@1 Hey good handle there. Bringing up people of color to argue against ST3 is indeed a red herring, and not a good one.

Rail is so exponentially better than buses this shouldn't even be considered a valid argument. One thing Charles doesn't mention here: a lot of people will not ride buses because they simply suck. These are the sort of people who most likely have an alternative: driving their cars. Light rail is unquestionably more effective at taking cars off the road than buses.
Oct 17 Rhizome commented on 41 Percent of U.S. Voters Believe Election Could Be "Stolen" from Trump.
@12 What is 'smarmy condensation'? Is that what collects on the inside of the left coast bubble in which we live?
Oct 17 Rhizome commented on John Oliver Shreds Third Party Candidates Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Joe Exotic.
Mounting evidence that there is in fact a segment of the electorate which has even less of a sense of humor than the far right.

@1 Those earth-shattering emails don't seem to be having much of an impact. I'm still pulling for Vlad and Julian though. I have faith they will come through and save American democracy in the end. Somewhere buried in those treasure troves is the smoking gun: that email where Clinton thanked Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi for his donation to the foundation and assured him that security would be light on that fateful night in Benghazi.
Oct 13 Rhizome commented on The New York Times' Legal Team to Trump: Come at Us. We'd Love It..
'Fearless' might be a bit hyperbolic here. The idea that Trump would have any sort of libel case against the Times is laughable. Of course if he somehow managed to get elected after all this, via the most astonishing political ju jitsu move of all time, all bets would be off.
Oct 10 Rhizome commented on Lindy West on Trump and Billy Bush.
Can we get Seattle Blues back? Even he was less tedious than this Commentator Anus character.
Oct 7 Rhizome commented on Rape Culture Is Running for President.
@41 Wondering how are you and the the likes of Lord Basil doing, huddling together on your last patch of scorched earth as it disappears below the quicksand? Can we get you something? Some water? Some water and a cyanide pill?
Oct 7 Rhizome commented on Rape Culture Is Running for President.
If this recording is the reason for the final implosion of the Trump phenomena it is a very very stupid reason. But, when you are stuck with the flat out stupidest electorate in the developed world (or even the developing world, excluding the Philippines) you have to take what you can get.

@36 You are a paragon of virtue. Your pristine conscience glowing so brightly we are all blinded.
Oct 3 Rhizome commented on The Morning News: Shooting in Pioneer Square, Stabbing in Tukwila, Bertha Makes It Halfway.
Committed Comment Shitter seems to be especially perturbed about Clinton supposedly disparaging those who live in their mother's basement. I wonder why.
Sep 30 Rhizome commented on Trump's Worst Week Ever.
The thing with the skeletons in Trump's closet is that as soon as you open the door you are buried in skeletons. He was apparently counting on the fact that he would get elected before meddlesome reporters and the opposition had time to sort out which tibia goes with which femur.