3:56 PM Rhizome commented on We Watched the Trump Inauguration So You Didn't Have To.
I don't know, the speech seemed to be missing something. Maybe a couple of qualifiers wherever the word 'people' was used.

"Jan. 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day [ignorant white] people became the rulers of this nation again."

I'd say if anyone had any doubts that fascism has descended on this land the orange one cleared that up for them today.
1:04 PM yesterday Rhizome commented on Obamacare: Evil. Less Evil. But Still Evil..
@7 Wait a minute, haven't you been arguing non-stop that the 50% of the population that did not vote are essentially socialists? I thought the story was that the Dems lost because they did not push the progressive agenda of single-payer, free college and the corresponding tax hikes? Stein supporters did not flip the election by their votes but the non-stop barrage of negativity from her partisans and Sanders fanatics on social media certainly did not help in the least.

The health care system is a clusterfuck but single-payer is and will remain for the foreseeable future an absolute non-starter in this country. The only way to get there is by stealth. A public option for Obamacare would have gotten us going in that direction.
Jan 17 Rhizome commented on The Best "Fuck You, Pedestrians"? Stewart Street and Denny Way.
@10 It was in fact worse before they changed the light. It has improved somewhat. I think just about everyone has been caught not paying attention and ended up stranded in an intersection at some point but the real infuriating things at this particular intersection are: A. Most of these people likely go through there all the time, and yet are too clueless for it to register that once the traffic stops on the south side it is not going anywhere before the light changes. B. Most of the time there are two lanes clear to the right of the turn lane for the ramp and either again we have people that are too clueless to realize this or more likely they refuse to go into the right hand lane because they would then have to take a roundabout way to get to I-5.
Jan 17 Rhizome commented on The Best "Fuck You, Pedestrians"? Stewart Street and Denny Way.
Believe me this intersection is also extremely aggravating to those of us who actually know how to drive cars as well. At rush hour idiots trying to get onto I-5 constantly block Denny, even though there is almost always an open lane to their right. Of course they don't want to go into the open lane because then they will have to go past the I-5 ramp turn around and come back. Tough shit. If you were too stupid to not notice that traffic was backed up when you pulled into the intersection a second before the light turned red, this is your problem not the problem of everyone coming up Denny. Fine these fuckers. $1000 each would be just about right.
Jan 12 Rhizome commented on BuzzFeed Is Bad For Journalism?.
Eh, I'm having a hard time understanding how what Buzzfeed does even qualifies as journalism.

I'm inclined to think publicizing this dossier is not helping the general slide we have been experiencing toward post-fact unreality. Kind of seems like it instead helps the fringe right conspiracy nuts argue that whatever random idiocy they pulled out of their ass yesterday is just as factual as what the 'MSM' publishes.
Jan 10 Rhizome commented on Intel Chiefs to President-Elect: Um, Dude, the Russians Have a Compromising Video of You Being Pissed On And/Or Near By Russian Sex Workers.
@43 Whoa! Don't be too confident about that there. My current prediction is that Trump is going to be basically running a reality show out of the oval office: he'll spend most of his time having camera crews follow him as he barges into corporate boardrooms and forces CEOs to grovel before him. He is concerned above all with ratings.

Pence, well, on the international front, he could well end up more interventionist, more pro-Israel. Here he would most likely be more ruthlessly effective at dismantling the Great Society and New Deal, never mind Obamacare.

The dysfunction coming up, if Trump somehow staggers through his term, might be more beneficial in the long run to civilization, than the efficient destruction that might occur if the Republican Congress had one of their own running the show. I'll have to admit that I don't have a high degree of confidence in these prognostications. I have a high degree of confidence in the prognostication that we are fucked no matter what however (which is still a good reason to not get too wound up about taking Trump down).
Jan 10 Rhizome commented on Intel Chiefs to President-Elect: Um, Dude, the Russians Have a Compromising Video of You Being Pissed On And/Or Near By Russian Sex Workers.
I just can't get excited about any revelations cropping up that could conceivably take Trump down for real. We just end up with Pence. Arguably worse. Certainly not as entertaining.
Jan 6 Rhizome commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
Eh no. Most of your narrative is bunk, and it is not a matter of my superior than thou opinion, it is a matter of empirical evidence to the contrary.

Hillary Clinton's primary problem was that she is a woman. She won the popular vote by a fairly comfortable margin. You did notice that right? The Dem bench was empty and she was the best candidate. No way the 75 year old commie, atheist Jew (who by the way I think is a great guy) was going to draw the zombies out of the woodwork once Trump's surrogates started talking about his plans to 'take away your healthcare' and raise taxes. It would have been a different campaign. Trump would have had to distance himself from Putin so his surrogates could go full on with the red baiting, but Saint B would have lost, and almost certainly lost even the popular vote, as 'fiscal conservatives' would have been highly motivated to take him down.

Clinton was/is overqualified to be president. I think you need to be on some serious drugs to see someone with her qualifications as a 'shit candidate'. Whether she could be trusted to push for progressive priorities is another matter. I'd say with reasonable certainty she would have done so for the first two years of her term. The Clintons have a triangulation problem, and I am none too fond or her husband for this reason, but if anything she has demonstrated marginally more integrity than he possesses.

But of course as the presidential election is now basically the election of prom king/reality TV star, indeed we above all else need a candidate with a degree of charisma. What we absolutely do not need is someone even fringier than Bernie Sanders. Progressive priorities need to be achieved incrementally, strategically, by stealth, in this country, if they are ever going to be achieved.
Jan 6 Rhizome commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
I think you are projecting an awful lot onto 'people who didn't vote'. The people you are talking about amount to 'people who didn't vote who I know'.

Again, we live in a bubble here. If you are not in the habit of venturing outside of it, extrapolating what people think out there based on what your fellow bubble dwellers think is going to give you a very distorted view of the motivations of the average voter (or non-voter).

The views of the deplorables as well as the indifferent were rather exhaustively well covered by several different publications. This coverage certainly did not suggest that the non-voting half of the country is largely composed of lefty idealists who were staying home because their revolution had been derailed. To the contrary the vast majority of them are political naifs, almost entirely lacking any idea of what the most vital issues of the day are, fond of conspiracy theories, and vague ideas like 'they're all corrupt', 'there's no difference between the parties', or 'I'm just sick of all the yelling, the media circus etc.'
Jan 6 Rhizome commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
@32 I don't know chief, but it sure sounds like you are confirming most of what I said. With the increasing devolution towards complete infantilism that is ongoing in this country, personality trumps (sorry) policy, just about every time. There appallingly widespread ignorance about what the real issues of the day are and near total indifference about which candidate can best address those issues. This is not limited to the right. I've been tangling with the Saint Bernie disciples on here for months and, with the exception of Mr. Misanthrope, who has given some indication he is not an illiterate, I have seen practically no evidence that most of the other said disciples even have any idea what Sanders policy proposals were/are (never mind how he was going to ever come close to achieving a single one of them). He was just 'likable'.

Idiots get the leaders they deserve. This country deserves Trump. And yes plenty of idiots voted for Obama. In 2008, you'll perhaps remember, there was economic collapse. The bums were the Republicans. The 'throw the bums out' crowd, the perpetually angry 'independents', voted to, surprisingly enough, throw the bums out.