Jun 24 Rhizome commented on U.K. Votes to Leave the European Union.
@20 Actually the outcome is really just the sad and totally predictable result of ignoramuses voting for something they don't understand.
Jun 23 Rhizome commented on I, Anonymous.
@22 Sexual harassment is not legal in the workplace. If the photo taker was a fellow student maybe there was some code of conduct violation there or something. Kind of sounded like anonymous initiated a confrontation out of the erroneous belief that the photo taker was not within his rights in taking photos of people in a public space without their permission though.
Jun 23 Rhizome commented on I, Anonymous.
It is surprising just how many people are entirely clueless about what level of privacy they are entitled to in a public space.

Some of the greatest street photography of all time (actually probably almost all street photography) would have been illegal/impossible if the photographer was required to get permission from every person in the frame.
Jun 21 Rhizome commented on Donald Trump Is....
Hey if Trump ends up proving by accident that a credible campaign can be run on a shoestring maybe this is just what we need to get campaign finance reform to happen all by itself. So far the campaign is not looking too credible however.
Jun 17 Rhizome commented on The Economics of Our Crumbling Infrastructure.
I don't disagree (entirely anyway), I'm for making the investments and I plan on voting for the light rail expansion. I don't think it is as cut and dried as 'the government is spending all its money supporting ethereal assets so it doesn't have any for infrastructure' however. I'm no expert on economics but I don't think printing money is the same as a government outlay (and the actual bailout was paid back).

But anyway, 40 billion for light rail expansion, or the cost of rail, or infrastructure, projects anywhere in the country is indeed breathtakingly expensive compared to the past, and taking into account inflation. There are various reasons for this but this certainly hinders our ability to keep up with crumbling infrastructure and/or build new infrastructure that we desperately need.
Jun 17 Rhizome commented on The Economics of Our Crumbling Infrastructure.
One thing that is frequently left out when we get the outrage about the bailout is that (correct me if I am wrong) most of the fictional money the government spent to prop-up the fictional economy has actually been (fictionally?) repaid.

Kind of wondering if the fact that just about any major infrastructure project undertaken by a public agency in this country is breathtakingly expensive these days has something to do with why it is nearly impossible to keep up with the decay. What did it cost in inflation adjusted dollars to build a bridge in say 1950 vs. what it costs today? 40 billion dollars and 30 years just to expand light rail. Just guessing but I'd say most of NYC's subway system, up to the most recent additions, did not cost that much to build (in inflation adjusted dollars).
Jun 10 Rhizome commented on Bernie Sanders Should Have Called It Quits While the Going Was Good.
Sanders already proved himself exponentially more savvy than Nader by running as a Democrat rather than attempting a third party run. Nader was essentially a saboteur who's entire campaign was pretty much based upon the bullshit claim that the establishment parties are indistinguishable. Sanders aim has been (or at least was originally) to constructively influence the Democratic party platform and the policies of the eventual nominee. I'd say he has so far been hugely successful in this area and I expect we will see at least two years of a much more progressive Clinton II administration than we would have seen without his presence. It is post 2018 I am worried about. The lazy, perennially whining dipshit faction of the left needs to get out and vote in the midterms.
Jun 10 Rhizome commented on Obama Endorses Clinton, Sanders Isn't Quitting.
@41 Those dudes were impressive. How come no female Supreme Commanders of the Allied Forces attained what they did? Why has not a single decorated female WW II aviator come close to what they attained?

@42 What are you on about there Zoneout? Can you elaborate? We should instead be electing Xenu leader of the virulently benevolent god warriors of Alpha Centauri 5? Or is this a plug for Jill Stein?
Jun 9 Rhizome commented on Obama Endorses Clinton, Sanders Isn't Quitting.
@36 I don't know chief we are so far pretty much entirely lacking in evidence that any of the nuts in your camp have the slightest clue at all what a president ACTUALLY does. There in fact does not seem to be any other issues in this election to you other than drones and 'Wall Street'. Can you explain what Wall Street ACTUALLY does? Can you explain what breaking up big banks is supposed to accomplish? I'm pretty sure you have no fucking idea whatsoever. Has it occurred to you that your saint has said next to nothing about foreign policy and the idea (founded on nothing at all) that if he actually succeeded in getting elected he would immediately yank all aid to Israel and close all our military bases all over the world is completely ludicrous?
Jun 9 Rhizome commented on The Audition.
@18 How much you wanna bet there was nothing wrong with his butt?

Might not be able to bust the fucker but it seems like it should be possible to make it so he has to change his name and move far away.