May 17 Rhizome commented on The Morning News: Chelsea Manning Is Free, More on the Modern-Day Slavery Story Blowing Up Your Facebook Feed.
@5 You tell us Ken. It is your ilk who are generally for indentured servitude for the poor, yes?
May 16 Rhizome commented on The Case Against Impeaching Trump.
This article is mostly exactly right and I don't see where it amounts to putting 'party before country'. It is almost certainly better for the country with Trump in there at least partially short-circuiting the Republican agenda with his antics than with a competent ideologue who would immediately get to work realizing it in all its glory.

That said I would not get too confident that the current level of ineptitude we are seeing can or will continue for 4 long years. Hard to imagine that something is not going to give. Any number of things could send things careening off in a new direction: an international crisis, Trump could basically retire to the golf course, showing up only for heavily scripted appearances, leaving Pence and Bannon in charge (as many expected post-election), he could possibly get so frustrated with this being president business that he quits.
May 9 Rhizome commented on Trump Just Fired FBI Director James Comey.
It will no doubt be some general. The cabinet is already basically a junta.
May 5 Rhizome commented on The Morning News: Maybe Trump Will Get Impeached but He Might Get Fired First, a Man Was Shot in Belltown Early This Morning.
A high approval rate in a land of absolutely astonishing idiots is not much to crow about.

Appalling enough that Trump is somewhere around 40%.
May 3 Rhizome commented on What Is "Free Speech," Anyway?.
Free speech sometimes means speech you don't like. Get the fuck over it.

Way too many 'howevers' and 'buts' here. I don't think anyone is arguing that Berkeley did something illegal, only that the administration was looking for an excuse to censor speech that is very unpopular there. And a public university is not 'sponsoring' speakers invited and paid by right wing student organizations just because the speaking is occurring on its campus.
Protest away. Censorship is odious.
Apr 26 Rhizome commented on Who Said It: May Day Anarchist or Stephen Bannon?.
Mar 22 Rhizome commented on On the Blabbermouth Podcast: Do Trump-Voting Hillbillies Deserve Sympathy?.
Read part of that Frank Rich piece. My thinking is he is creating something of a false dichotomy. Those who listen to the concerns of the 'hillbilly' vs. those who only have contempt for them and dismiss their concerns. It is entirely possible to listen to them and still have considerable contempt for them. I grew up in semi-deplorable country, I'm pretty familiar with their 'concerns'. I find most of the squishy liberal pundits with their tortured attempts at empathy infuriating. At least as big a problem as corruption and plutocratic influence over government in this country is the staggering idiocy of the majority of the electorate. I get why so many on the left don't want to talk about this elephant in the room. Sneering contempt will indeed get you nowhere. Rich is correct that attempting to empathize with the gleefully ignorant is also a lost cause however.
Feb 7 Rhizome commented on Trump's Willing Executioners*.
I would not jump to any conclusion that the entire border control/TSA work force consists of just regular people doing what they are told to do. In my experience there is plenty of evidence that more than a few of them are sociopathic assholes and very likely intensely enthusiastic supporters of Trump and draconian immigration restrictions in general.
Feb 1 Rhizome commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
@48 Oh I'm amazed already, don't worry.

11 days in and we are already absolute pariahs in the international community and Trump is already well on his way to squandering tens of billions and tanking the economy with stupid pointless shit like his cartoon villain wall and random refugee bans. It's going to be tremendous! We're going to win and keep winning.Cuntinator Commingulus is going to finally be able to move out of his mother's basement!
Feb 1 Rhizome commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
Why is it that that I think the commentator anus would be howling endlessly about the unfair and antiquated electoral college if the situation was reversed and his orange fuhrer won the popular vote but lost the EC?

It is certainly relevant that Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. He has the presidency due to the system that is in place. What he does not have is any sort of mandate.