Dec 9, 2012 Griet commented on Love and Gay Marriage at City Hall.
Jan 31, 2011 Griet commented on Belgian Boy Growing Up In Ukrainian Orphanage Because Belgium Won't Let His Fathers Take Him Home.
@12: The child's last name is Ghilain, so that's Samuel Ghilain, son of Laurent Ghilain and Peter Meurrens.…

As far as I understand it, and that's not even completely, surrogacy is legal in the Ukraine, just not in Belgium. And apparently that's the problem. They even had a paternity test, but that didn't even help. How this works, I really really don't understand.
Adoption for gay (male) couples in Belgium is virtually nonexistent. In the 5 years since it's been possible for gay couples to adopt only 4 gay male couples managed to do so. They're only elligible for the adoption of Belgian babies (no foreign adoption). There are now waiting lists of about five years to even start the education part of the adoption procedure, so that's another while for the home visits and counseling, and then (thén) you're put on the waiting list for a baby. I think it would take about ten years and even then the chances of being picked are slim.
To be honest, I don't even care about the how and did or did they not make a mistake, and is it ethical or not... I really don't care. All I care about is that there is a little boy in an orphanage when he has fathers desperate to take care of him. And that just breaks my heart.
I also get the impression the Belgian govt (in as far as we've got one) wants to make an example of him. They seem to forget this is someone's life we're talking about.
Feb 17, 2010 Griet commented on Johnny Weir....
Ha, and our resident Belgian idiot skater always claims the more feminine dancers get more points than he does, the butch wannabe in his skelleton costume.
Sep 21, 2009 Griet commented on Pet Shop Boys' Pandemonium at the Moore.
I saw them at Dour festival this summer and loved them. As always.
Aug 2, 2009 Griet commented on Three Shot Dead During Gay Youth Support Group Meeting.
News in now that there were two dead, not three ... Still awful.
Jul 1, 2009 Griet commented on What Obama Must Do.
Well done!
But is there only one gay person in the United States willing to give interviews? Do they actually ever interview anyone other than Dan, or does that just never get shown on Slog?
May 16, 2009 Griet commented on Meanwhile In the Uncivilized World.
Sakis was robbed! Robbed!
Greece is sane and liberal. And warm! Unlike Norway...
People might keep their clothes on on stage next year, and then what will Eurovision come to?
May 13, 2009 Griet commented on Bachelor of Arts; or, On Watching All 72 Hours of The Sopranos From Beginning to End.
It's so obvious how much you miss him from these posts, Sopranos or no Sopranos.

But yes, Sopranos are good. Even though I stopped somewhere in the middle of season 4 and dread starting all over again.
May 9, 2009 Griet commented on On Appropriating Weird Mormon Social Practices for Homosexual Ends.
That's the cutest!
Am I the only one curious about the contents of that third page? Apparently so...
May 6, 2009 Griet commented on Required Reading.
Allow me to quote his fantastic view on adolescents and boarding schools:
"English boarding schools have much to recommend them. If boys are going to be adolescent, and science has failed to come up with a way of stopping them, then much better to herd them together and let them get on with it in private. Six hundred suits of skin oozing with pustules, six hundred scalps weeping oil, twelve hundred armpits shooting out hair, twelve hundred inner thighs exploding with fungus and six hundred minds filling themselves with suicidal drivel: the world is best protected from them."

Stephen Fry is fantastic. He also has a twitter acount, very entertaining to see him write curses down.