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Jul 20 Jude Fawley commented on Ted Cruz Just Spoke at the RNC without Endorsing Donald Trump.
Weird, I feel somehow proud of Ted Cruz. Maybe I missed my meds this morning.
Jul 20 Jude Fawley commented on Watch: Man Bun with "Socialism Sucks" Sign Explains Economics to Us at the RNC.
Can someone at The Stranger overnight FedEx Sydney a microphone? Maybe the one Kello O used to use for something or other (I vaguely recall that)? I had trouble hearing the interview.
Jul 14 Jude Fawley commented on How Did Cara Joy Clausen Get Jonathan Richman to Play Her Benefit? She Asked Him..
Everyone should see Jonathan live. He's an amazing dude.
Jul 13 Jude Fawley commented on Mr. Robot Is Chilling, Dystopian Science Fiction. Just Like Real Life..
This was a show that I didn't like at first, but by the end of the season it was my favorite show, for many of the reasons Charles points out here.

I am, however, skeptical about the idea that we can look at a typical office and judge whether there has been change or development. Since people are working on computers now, doesn't it make sense that the physical setting would be the same? All that matters is whether there has been software development. We don't need any 3-D hologram technology to demonstrate that there has been fundamental change.

(Of course, one thing people are doing differently from 1999 is surfing the internet at work, which isn't too promising for economic productivity)
Jul 13 Jude Fawley commented on Steven Spielberg + Stephen King = Stranger Things.
Looks kind of cheesy and heartwarmy.
Jul 12 Jude Fawley commented on The Queen Protester of Baton Rouge: An Art Review.
@39 and 48: I'm not opposed to disagreement, but the following quote sounds like classic concern trolling to me (and I quote from @14) "So you are all getting your "tee-hee" fixes at the expense of our professional public servants. That's cruel and childish. We can do better."

This followed by 8 of the following 34 posts (24%) being more from Raindrop, and maybe 20 more being all about Raindrop's comments (yes, including mine!) instead of the content of the post. So, yes, I still consider this thread hijacked.
Jul 12 Jude Fawley commented on The Queen Protester of Baton Rouge: An Art Review.
This thread showed so much promise, and then Raindrop successfully diverted it into another boring trollfest.
Jul 11 Jude Fawley commented on The Queen Protester of Baton Rouge: An Art Review.
This is a great post and some great comments. What I notice is the awkward stance/posture of the cop on the right. It looks like he's being propelled backwards, or maybe the woman has some sort of power to reverse time, so he's gone into rewind? The only thing I can think of is something from The Matrix (the woman being Neo, another Christ figure). The inexplicableness of the action gives the sense that you are in the presence of (true) power.
Jul 7 Jude Fawley commented on "The Double Standard of the Side Hustle".
@11, Sorry, I misread your comment. I read it in the context of the overall post, and it seemed like you were arguing against the basic point, but I see now that that was not necessarily correct. As Rick Perry once said: "Oops."
Jul 7 Jude Fawley commented on Hillary to be Endorsed by Unknown Vermont Senator Bernie Something.
Yet, here you are, still writing about Bernie. Why no focus on what a fantastic candidate Hillary is?