Sep 9, 2015 Russell commented on In Food News: Fat's Wings and Waffles Is Open in the Central District, Heyday Serving Burgers in Mount Baker, and More.
Woah. Apparently I need to make a trip down to Mt Baker soon. Also, I adore Gary.
Jun 24, 2015 Russell commented on One of the Sexiest Trees on Capitol Hill Loses Roots to the Construction Boom.
Moved off the Hill years ago and still miss that particular tree, glad it'll be okay.
Feb 2, 2015 Russell commented on It's Time for Seattle to Become a Gigabit City.
I've got gigabit through CenturyLink. They didn't require a voice bundle, but it's ~$120/mo on a 1-year commitment. I'd love to pay less, but it's certainly worth it to me.
Dec 26, 2014 Russell commented on What I Learned from Walking Around Lake Washington in Two Days.
That walk sounds like a pretty nifty idea, thanks Paul.
Aug 30, 2014 Russell commented on Platinum Records Loses Lease for Capitol Hill Location, Seeks New Space.
Those guys are great, one of the couple places I miss having moved off the Hill. I don't give a shit about vinyl, but they're super knowledgable and helpful both selling and fixing pro sound & lighting.
Apr 16, 2014 Russell commented on Variety Reviews the HUMP! Tour.
@3 We all did new releases etc for the tour.

Holy fuck Variety just mentioned something I made, and positively!
Mar 19, 2014 Russell commented on What I Want to Know Is Why You Hate Porn Stars.
Beautiful article, thank you for writing this.

-someone else who makes porn
Jan 24, 2014 Russell commented on Knights of Badassdom: We Waited Four Years for This?.
I think Paul's looking for character arcs in the wrong movie. I went to the screening on Tuesday and had a blast.
Dec 3, 2013 Russell commented on Credit Where It's Due.
I'd love to know why this is a thing. It seems like such a blatantly dick move, that takes extra work on the part of the person doing it.

Last week I discovered that somebody had gone to the trouble of cropping the URL off about a *hundred* of my videos before filesharing them...
Nov 27, 2013 Russell commented on HUMP!.
Aha! Here's what made me so excited about this year: it felt like most of the entries to Hump were really *personal*. Not just a witty idea, but showing something vulnerable and enjoyable and happy.