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Jul 31 elbowman commented on Mayor Murray Loses Spine, Comes Out Against His Own Committee's Recommendation for Increased Density.
I guess it's hard for readers of The Stranger to understand they are not in the majority regarding how to create affordable housing in Seattle. Nor are they the majority of the news consuming public is this city.

When an elected official gets a clear message from the majority they listen. Ain't politics grand?!

Being annoying goes a long way in any argument, as evidenced by Kshama Sawant, so keep it up. But, unless you get a majority on your side of the discussion you will not achieve your goal, because when it comes time to vote in this country the majority wins.

Most people do not want to live in extremely small homes with no parking and have to drive, bike, walk, or transit down streets so clogged progress cannot be made toward a destination. Most people like to have gardens and views and privacy and space to relax. Cramming more people into less and less space does not necessarily equal lower cost housing or improved quality of life. It just creates more and more stress, congestion, and did I mention stress?

More people read the Seattle Times than read The Stranger. If you never open your eyes to other opinions your view of the world is skewed. That doesn't make you more progressive or less conservative or more correct. It makes you insulated from other opinions, which can be just as correct as your own.
Jun 12 elbowman commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Cyclist Gives Road Etiquette Lesson to Driver, Gets Raged on In Return.
Of course, everyone believes the bicyclist's version of the story since he's the one filing the report.

We have no idea of what truly transpired between these two. There's no mention of the police interviewing the car driver for her side of the tale.

We do know even though the bicyclist alleges he was swerved into and hit neither he nor his bike sustained any damage.

Sounds like a two way road rage to me. Both are probably guilty of some misbehavior.
Mar 1 elbowman commented on New Column!.
Let Scruffles run free! Why continue to support the welfare state for this perfectly able animal? /s
Feb 24 elbowman commented on City Fails to Fix Broadway Cycletrack Smurf Turds, Again.
Waaa....waaaa...wwwaaaa!!! The City is doing more and more everyday to make driving a car painful and make riding a bike wonderful. Quit yer bellyachin'! Soon there will be no cars in Seattle and businesses will be shutting down, since no one can park there. Then let's see whose turn it is to cry. No business, no jobs, no opportunity for you to cry about low wages, when there's no wages.
Jan 6 elbowman commented on Why the Seattle Woman Who Wants to End Mass Incarceration Is Defending Pot Prosecutions.
Washington voters wanted recreational marijuana. They voted for it and got it.

The problem is we allowed the WSLCB to be the regulator of this new market. They are not about regulation. They are about total control. Their only goal is to maintain tightfisted control. They don't care about the potential revenue, or the citizens. Thus, we have 5 recreational stores in to serve a city of 750,000 people. And, the state is realizing almost nothing in revenue compared to what could potentially be flowing into the coffers.

The medical marketplace was here first. It is flourishing. However, the state is not getting it's fair share. So, let's allow a business style regulatory agency to manage them. License them and tax them. All the while open things up so patients can grow their own and avoid the marketplace all together.

Get WSLCB out of the picture entirely. They are a failure and don't belong in this arena.
Jan 5 elbowman commented on Would You Have Voted for Danny Westneat if He'd Run Against Kshama Sawant?.
@5 "I think it's about her being highly intelligent, educated, well informed and can do arithmetic, completely unheard of among present-day pols and newsies."

No, it's about her inability to do anything other than be antagonistic and abrasive.
Oct 10, 2014 elbowman commented on The Mindy Project Goes to Fifth Base (and Drives the Catholic League Batty).
I thought the Catholic youth leagues promoted anal and oral as a way to maintain your virginity?!
Sep 9, 2014 elbowman commented on The Morning News: Drivers Don't Understand the Cycle Track, Customers Don't Want Amazon's New Phone.
@28....Excellent comment!

"$20-million-a-year Bicycle Master Plan." Seriously?! Where in the world does anyone get the idea this issue deserves $20 million/year?

@7 and @19...I think 19's idea of handing out $1000 tickets is great, as long as 7, and the riders mentioned by 3 are among the first to receive theirs'. Bicyclists with these actions earn the reputation they deserve as self-important self-serving individuals with no regard for the public in general. They ride the sidewalks like the pedestrians they are not. They ride the roads like the cars they are not.

Why in the world we think we need to spend $20 million a year for bicyclists, who pay no road taxes, when people are hungry and homeless is well beyond my comprehension.
Jul 25, 2014 elbowman commented on Emerald Queen Casino Cancels Upcoming Ted Nugent Shows.
@11..."Knowing him, however, he might capitalize on this, market it and build his radical right-wing following."

Only problem for him being the ignorant white radical right doesn't have casinos for him to play in.


Jun 20, 2014 elbowman commented on Drunk of the Week.