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Sep 22 PineStreetBomber commented on Thank Journalists for Your Soon-to-Be Pesticide-Free Pot.
@2 I can't tell if that was sardonic, but if, shucks.
Sep 12 PineStreetBomber commented on Food News: New SLU Hot Spots, More Poke, and Fresh Game Day Grub in Sodo.
@1 So do you also do yourself the disservice of never eating at Il Corvo?
Sep 1 PineStreetBomber commented on The Inside Story of a Pot Shop Heist in Greenwood.
@5 and @8 are spot on. The guard wasn't in on it, but he was off partying with babes and the inside man capitalized on that. The cash on hand was very limited, because (@4) they DO actually have robust cash handling policies and a bank in which to deposit their dough, but the robbers weren't primarily interested in cash. One quote I didn't get to put into this article, that I don't remember offhand, was something from Ryan Kunkel to the effect of "they can resell the product at face value on the black market in non-legal states and until cannabis is legal nationwide, these robberies will keep happening." Essentially, the banking fix is a small piece of the puzzle, federal legalization is—as in so many other areas of the cannabis industry—the most important thing.
Jun 2 PineStreetBomber commented on Proposal to Allow Bans on Pot Shops in Alcohol Impact Areas Is a Ridiculously Bad Idea.
@4 You're getting really deep into the land of hearsay, my friend. Here's the boots on the ground. Yesterday, I was doing interviews at Stash when a gangly looking kid walked in and tried to pass off a fake Idaho ID. Two minutes later, they sent the kid packing and the store's buying manager was making confetti out of it as we continued our interview. Uncle Ike's recently sent me a PDF of seized IDs. Fourteen in two weeks.

They do give a shit, and they're doing a lot more to keep pot out of the hands of kids than the black market ever was. If you're so concerned with kids using pot, and you're so into anecdotal evidence, here's mine: I had an easier time getting pot in high school than I do now as a pot journalist. Now, because I try to patronize legal stores to help make this whole experiment work, I have to take the bus to the pot store. In high school, there was a dealer at my school every single day. Talk about convenient. Oh and he didn't check ID.

Long and short of it is that kids will get pot if they want pot. That's obvious and you've wildly misinterpreted my points if you think I'm saying that legalization will prevent that. They've been getting pot for decades, and legal stores aren't doing much to change that. However, they are introducing a couple more hoops to jump through (buying a good fake, bugging your older brother, etc.). Not to mention a few safety controls on the product. Sure, in an ideal world, kids would wait to smoke until their weird little brains stopped developing. But they don't. If they're gonna smoke pot, I'd goddamn well rather have them smoke something that can pass microbial and occasionally gets screened for pesticides. Harm reduction, baby, get with it.
May 27 PineStreetBomber commented on Proposal to Allow Bans on Pot Shops in Alcohol Impact Areas Is a Ridiculously Bad Idea.
@2 Because there are studies debunking the claim that they have increased access? And that legalizations may have actually reduced teen use in CO?



I think you're right to say that they aren't getting it exclusively from "the plug" these days, and that some legal weed is making it into the hands of kids, but legal weed hasn't been shown to increase the overall amount of pot going into teenaged lungs. Also, I'd like to remind you that the guy in the alley didn't check ID at all, fake or otherwise. Legalization, despite its many problems (of which teen use is a small one at best), is still a major step forward.

The real spewers of nonsense, my friend, are the commenters who get online to denigrate journalists by making whatever claim they want, citations and supporting evidence be damned.
Apr 27 PineStreetBomber commented on Why Are People Still Claiming That Pot Is a Gateway Drug?.
@8 and 17

My suggestion to read Boeri's whole piece stands, but lemme just excerpt this little bit I didn't have room for:

"The brain disease model, which describes changes in the brain during the progression from drug use to addiction, currently gets a lot of attention as a potential causal link of the gateway theory. For example, in a 2014 article, neuroscientist Dr Jodi Gilman reported that even a little marijuana use was associated with “exposure-dependent alterations of the neural matrix of core reward systems” in the brains of young marijuana users. The reasoning goes that this would predispose them to use other drugs.

But other researchers were quick to point out the flaws of the Gilman study, such as a lack of careful controls for alcohol and other drug use by those whose brains were studied. Nonetheless, Dr Gilman’s research continues to be cited in the news media, while its critics are ignored.

In another study supporting the gateway theory, the authors admit to limitations in their study: that they excluded younger cocaine users from the analysis, as well as older cocaine users who had never used marijuana. This means that those cases that might provide evidence of no gateway effect were left out of the analysis.

One the other hand, there’s a wealth of research showing the flaws in the gateway theory. Unfortunately, the common thread among these studies is that much of them come from outside the U.S. or from grassroots organizations within the U.S. that are promoting marijuana legalization."
Mar 11 PineStreetBomber commented on The Fallout from Pestgate Continues, with More Upsetting Blind-Test Results of Weed Laced with Pesticides.
@9 Totally agree, the industry has some crazy issues. As a journalist, the best thing I can do is highlight the most egregious problems. It's triage at this point.

Also, the very first article I wrote on pot was one discussing which pesticides from the PICOL database were concerning. So it's not like I've given a complete pass to "good" pesticides. Pyrethrin/PBO is a serious issue, and Trace found PBO on one of the samples, meaning most likely that that sample was exposed to a fogger bomb during flower. Again, lots of issues, just trying to highlight the biggest ones.

Also, you're dead on about the 200 ppb. Fagras said 50 ppb was the level at which he would be concerned, which is still a relevant fact. If able, I will add in the info about the Oregon limit to the section about the various myclo test results, so as to clearly indicate that two of them would pass. I'm also very on board with thresholds. The pass/fail system ultimately incentivizes cheating, especially when it's paired with lax enforcement. A better system would be to run random, unannounced residue tests on samples collected by WSDA personnel and check for residue. But I don't make policy, I write about it, and I find it very newsworthy to call out existing failures of policy. That said, thanks for being a well-informed, constructive commenter. The discussion that comes out of an article is, in the absence of trolls, often more interesting than the original topic.
Mar 4 PineStreetBomber commented on Gods of Egypt: I’m Not Even Mad.
You are a fucking great reviewer of films, and I hope you keep doing this fresh, surprising, and very necessary shit you are doing.
Feb 10 PineStreetBomber commented on The Stoners Who Called the Cops on Themselves.
@1 Glad I could share the joy.
Feb 4 PineStreetBomber commented on Bill to Allow Pot Delivery Is Gaining Momentum in the State Legislature.
@2 Thank you, I'm proud of the choice.

@4 They don't take credit card payments for pot. None at all. They take credit card payments for PayQwick prepaid cards (basically a gift cert), which they can then use in transactions with pot business like cash. No credit cards are ever charged for pot.