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Apr 22 PineStreetBomber commented on Row House Cafe Owner Erin Maher Wants to Set the Record Straight.
@8 Keep waiting, but in the mean time read what Maher had to say when I asked her if she was indeed a developer in disguise.

"Historically I was a marketing and design consultant, oftentimes serving developers, lenders, housing authorities and other many other industries over the years. I also owned an ad agency in Seattle in the 80's and 90's and I work as an interior designer and art dealer for clients. I am what is called a "place maker", someone who creates spaces where people want to gather. Phineas pulled up an old website of mine from 2000. He didn't look into the site and just saw the word developer and jumped to conclusions. I also owned an ad agency in Seattle in the 90's. I think I told you I used to launch resorts back in the day, mainly in Idaho. Which is what I tried to create at Row urban resort. I've worn many hats over the years. Always in a creative field. I am not a developer, that would be an awfully big pay raise for me. I do not represent the landowners or the developers who own the real estate at Row House."
Apr 20 PineStreetBomber commented on Row House Cafe Owner Erin Maher Wants to Set the Record Straight.
@4 Hi thanks for being a combative dick about it. But talking about development seems to bring y'all out of the woodwork. Agree that he status as a developer is relevant. Do not agree that it invalidates her comments in any way. Also, given the relatively low stakes here and the quick turnaround, I didn't do a full internet stalk. I don't feel bad for being too trusting here, as it ain't exactly Watergate, but I will admit an edit is warranted.
Jan 30 PineStreetBomber commented on If All Trump Protests Were As Delicious As Rough Draft's ACLU Dinner, I’d Be a Professional Protestor.
@2 Thank you! The thing that's made me saddest since the election is seeing all my friends so constantly glum over it. Yes, everything is terrible politically, but there's still life to be lived, drinks to be drunk, laughs to be laughed, etc.
Jan 18 PineStreetBomber commented on Machiavelli: Is It Really So Good or Just a Capitol Hill Nostalgia Trip?.
@3 Yes exactly I wrote a piece about how I find Machiavelli to be comfortingly familiar in hopes of getting it shut down and replaced with yet another soulless ramen joint. You got me! Check my tax returns, I own stock in so many developers. All the developers, actually.

@6 I'm looking to be the guy who writes up the food exactly as I experience it, which is exactly what I did, thank you very much. Also, if you're smart you just eat at the bar so you don't have to wait. No grit required.
Dec 26, 2016 PineStreetBomber commented on Stay Warm and Drunk at One (or All) of These Seattle Fireplace Bars.
@It's curated, not comprehensive. If you want info on every single bar with a fireplace, go bug Yelp about it.
Nov 28, 2016 PineStreetBomber commented on Food News: All of Your Old Favorites Are Slowly Disappearing But at Least You Can Comfort Yourself with Dumplings and Vegan Ice Cream.
@1 I do not promote, merely report the opening of for those who are curious. Personally, I like my ice cream to actually involve cream. Or twee.

@2 and @3 I'm not 25, and I'm a native, but don't you look so knowing and jaded on the internet. Also, I think you may be missing the point of those subheads. They're not intended to bemoan a sepia-tinted vison of "Auld Seattle" so much as to offer a reflection on the endless cycles of development that a city goes through, and the endless complaint they inspire. Do I wax nostalgic about doing laundry at the old Five Point, where it was actually dirty and scary and you had to sit in front of the closed circuit TV to make sure a crackhead didn't steal your clothes? Of course I do. Do I recognize that its update was a natural and inevitable part of the neighborhood's evolution? Duh.

Certainly any city is a Ship of Theseus, but who are you to deny those who have loved Seattle's longer lasting planks a moment to rue their replacement? Also, the places that closed had character, which tends to be loosely correlated with longevity. However, they are by no means handcuffed to one another. There are plenty of dinosaurs that are thankfully now extinct, just as there are plenty of brand spanking new places that already feel classic. To reduce my reasoning to "old = good" is, well, reductive.
Nov 18, 2016 PineStreetBomber commented on Trump Might Not Stop Legalization, but the Pot Industry Might Become Whiter.
@1 and @2…

And if you don't want to take my word for it:…

@4 This is exactly what I'm talking about here. I wish I had some better news for you, bud.

@5 I usually can't even with you "white feelings" types, but today I will. It's not "definitively absurd" or "borderline racist" to acknowledge that structural racism exists, and that it exceptionally prevalent in the cannabis industry. It is, however, borderline racist to do what you're doing, which is the moral equivalent of standing on someone's chest and asking them why they can't get up.
Oct 20, 2016 PineStreetBomber commented on Vashon Island Has a New BBQ Joint Called Gravy.
@1 Belabor: "attack or assault physically or verbally." Which, in an abstract sense (aka exactly the sense I was using it in), is exactly what my mother has done to her knees over a lifetime of mountain climbing. Thanks for taking the time to be a high school English teacher about it though. Hope it was the most fulfilling self-righteous internet commenting experience of your life.

Also, BJC reviewed May'd years ago and loved it. I'll let that stand.…