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in the past few hours Bauhaus I commented on You Must Watch This 15 Minute Set on Gun Control by an Australian Comedian.
You know, the gun nuts have gotten so weird in this country that I worry about Jim Jefferies' safety just talking about gun control in such an effective manner.

There was an excellent, excellent Frontline this season about the NRA and how it became so wack and so powerful. If you haven't seen it, it's probably available on the PBS website.

I'm amazed that so many important people shiver in their boots at the mention of Wayne LaPierre's name. It's true that the NRA has put people out of office. It shouldn't surprise me, I guess, that politicians put their own re-elections before what's decent and right for the country.
Aug 25 Bauhaus I commented on Lawrence Lessig Wants to Hack the Presidency.
Wouldn't the current SCOTUS shred The Citizen Equality Act of 2017 into ribbons?
Aug 25 Bauhaus I commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Straightish Jocks and the Spectrum of Attraction.
Sounds like a middle age crisis to me. Yeah, uh, don't worry about expanding your definitions of attractive, cookie. Age will force that upon you (so enjoy the trophies while you can - unless you have dough, your streak won't last much longer). Sorry, but a fact of life e-s-s-s-specially in the gay world.
Aug 18 Bauhaus I commented on Whoa, Cancel Whatever Plans You Have and Go See Pippin at the Paramount.
Pippin is one of those musicals that separate the theater queens from everyone else. I saw it in 1972 (or was it 1973?) with John Rubinstein and Irene Ryan, and it bored the piss out of me - well, except for Fosse's choreography. This new production, which I haven't seen but certainly have heard about, is supposed to be a whole new game - like a Cirque production. I might be convinced to give it one more try.

I think, sadly, of Pippin as the musical that killed Granny Moses.
Aug 18 Bauhaus I commented on What You Need to Know About the New York Times' Amazon Story.
...and I kind of like Doug's (#33) proposition. I've worked under some really ugly, ugly people who have said insulting things because they thought they could get away with it. One good pop in the face and I bet they'd never say anything like that again.
Aug 18 Bauhaus I commented on City Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide on Turning the Viaduct into a Park, but Isn’t Happy About It.
Yeah, why is the viaduct unsafe for automobile traffic, but OK for a pedestrian park? Silliest initiative ever.
Aug 18 Bauhaus I commented on What You Need to Know About the New York Times' Amazon Story.
I've always thought Jeff Bezos was a bit wack. Maybe it's the maniacal laugh. The article makes me truly sad though, and regretful for using Amazon as much as I have over the years which in itself is a shame because I've enjoyed the convenience and customer service.

I don't think Amazon is all that unique though in regards to its treatment of employees. I worked in hi-tech before and after the dot-com bubble, and was treated very similarly to some of the tales. You know the type - like when the 5 o'clock whistle blows and you pack up getting ready to go home? And you get, "Where are you going?"

It's kind of infuriating when I read "...well if it's that bad, quit and find something else." As if. There was a time in this country when the answer wasn't run away. Wish we could get that spirit back of changing bad workplaces and introducing safeguards against them. The legal process isn't much help if you aren't a zillionaire. What to do?
Aug 18 Bauhaus I commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Asexual Dom.
Glad you're in therapy, babe.
Aug 3 Bauhaus I commented on The Morning News: Man Drowns at Seafair, Microsoft Invests in Uber, and Howard Schultz for President?.
Virginia Mason may be an above-average health care facility, but after working there for many years I know for damn sure there is one thing it does the best: keeping things on the down low.
Jul 21 Bauhaus I commented on Figs: Masculine, Feminine, or Transcendent?.
@1: Ouch!

I don't know. I guess I always see fruit as feminine.

Brendan Kiley even gets me hot talking about figs. Leave me alone, straight boy!

How nice though that you have a functional fig tree in your proximity - one that isn't urban-contaminated.

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